[Sammohini Arc] Password Reset Laughs

“IT, this is Sam!”
“Hello, my name is Dr. Hardman. I would like to re-configure a password for my account.”
“Sure thing, doctor! Just let me just get some information from you so I can verify your identity before I reset that password for you!”
The recently-hired, entry-level computer support person typed away at her keyboard while talking on a wired headset.
“Why do I need to do this? Cannot you edit my password promptly?”

“Well, umm… it’s… uhhh… corporate policy.”

She took a deep breath. ‘These were the worst phone calls.’ She thought to herself. ‘People having bad days are just grumpy about something or another, and after venting for a minute, they’re usually fine! If they’re grumpy about how they’re trying to do something, and the computer acts weird, it feels great when I can fix it. And we might have a really nice conversation! But the ones challenging policy? They’re the tough ones! Because “You should be accurate in what you are saying to others, otherwise you are having trouble…” as Dad would always say.’

“Oh, ok-ok, then. OK. What do you need from me?”

“I’ll need, uhh… to log into our user verification system to generate some security questions for you to answer for me over the phone. T-These were the ones that IT got set up for you when you enrolled in the system. Maybe, uhh, if you don’t remember any of them, then I’ll have to… check in with my lead to see what, umm, I can do to, umm, get you squared away, so I can confirm you are who you say you are, which please don’t take any offense to that, doctor, with all due respect, and then we’ll get you back in the system in no time! Sound like a plan?”

“Yes-yes, please let me know what I need to do.”

While Sammohini was talking away, the rookie phone support member clicked on her computer screen. She logged into the user verification system, Qcheck, and generated one of the pre-selected security questions that could later be used to remotely verify the identity of someone. “OK, Dr. Hardman,” she said without cracking a smile even though she wanted to, “what is the name of the golf range where you won your first tournament?” “Oh! Location of Foxborough Golf Range. It’s the best fun and I’m really happy to win! Thank you for a good memory!”

“Ah, that’s cool! That sounds fun. Where is Foxborough?”

They talked for another few minutes about the city of Foxborough, and the less technical aspects of golf, while Sammohini reset Dr. Olubunmi Hardman’s password. “T-thank you, Dr. Hardman, this was a really nice conversation!” “Also, Sammohini, I enjoyed chatting today. The next time you go to Eye Center, please say hello. I’d like to meet you!” “I can’t quite get away from the phones too often, but I most certainly will try! Have a wonderful day!”

Sammohini had a smile as she took the next phone call.

Quotes: None
Sources: My professional experiences. The doctor’s name randomly generated by Behind the Name. Dialogue verbiage refined by translating a line of Dr. Hardman’s dialogue from English to Yoruba and back, with the same process for Sammohini’s dad and Hindi. I’ll do this more in the future, so I can write dialogue that’s less like my own… Security question format provided by random internet searches.
Inspirations: Remembering password reset calls and their security measures.
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Photo: Just a mostly-clear summer day.
Written On: July 6th [2 hours]
Last Edited: July 10th
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