[Sammohini Arc] Peanut Gallery’s Commentaries

What else’s on your mind? We’re still, like, 30 minutes to base.”
The two furniture movers, driver Andrius and passenger Jane, were over one hour later to their anticipated clock out time, already, and traffic on the E100 was just starting to loosen up on the formerly blazing Evillain summer afternoon.
“Can I tell you about this one time that really got me fuming bad?”
Andrius looked over, his foot firmly on the break.
“Sure thing.”

Jane breathed in deeply and then out.

“So, this one manager stopped over once. He wasn’t one of the big wigs or anything, but everyone seemed to treat him that way, because he was one of these new guys there to help improve operations. He had this issue with his home network talking to his work laptop, so, of course, it was our issue and my fault since I built his laptop.”

Jane clenched her hands at her knees.

“So he stops over to complain. He wanted me to call up his service provider and troubleshoot the issue with him after hours on a three-way phone call. Not only would it have been late into the evening, but it wasn’t even our equipment! It worked fine on a few other networks, but that one? No… and it was my fault it wasn’t working. I tried to be nice but I was getting impatient.”

Andrius nodded and said “umm hmm.”

“So I tell him that it’s likely an issue with his home router and that the reservation pool- uhh, there weren’t enough connections open on the network device, and that he’ll need to tell his provider that, since, oh yeah, I asked him to gather some information and it had these addresses that say it’s in a special offline mode.”

“Drew told me a little about that once.”

“So I’m like, ‘you need to tell them to release some DHCP reservations for your device,’ all the while Miss Boss Lady was sitting at her computer listening the whole time, because he storms off dramatically and she’s all like ‘you really shouldn’t act that way to customers, it looks bad on all of us,’ with the new guy sitting over there looking up his personal email on company time!”

“That’s rough.”

“So I tried to explain the situation but she just kept talking down to me right there, making me feel like garbage. She told me to go back over to apologize and to schedule time off-hours to fix the issue, and in a weak moment, I said, ‘no!’ I said, ‘I’ve done nothing wrong! He wants us to fix his personal equipment and that’s against policy!’ Well, she sent me home without pay and I was written up the next day for insubordination.”

He quickly looked over to smile.

Jane was tearing up. “Thank you for sharing, Jane. That must have been a difficult experience and she certainly didn’t seem fair. Not everyone is like that.” Andrius returned his eyes to the road.

“T-thanks for listening…”

Quotes:  None.
Sources: My professional experiences. No really, Jane’s manager is a combination of two managers I’ve had, and this specific scenario is how I imagine the active-aggressive manager would have handled the situation over the passive-aggressive manager, who said nothing as this happened.
Inspirations: The compulsion to write about more of my general experiences not covered by any NDAs.
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Written On: September 9th [30 minutes]
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