[Sammohini Arc] Remember Your Name

“Thanks for the lesson yesterday afternoon, Hank! I, uhh… have a question for you, if you don’t mind, about…” The recently-hired computer helpdesk technician paused after self-doubt made her realize she’d been rambling. “No worries. Please, feel free to sit down. I’ve got a minute. What’s up?” She looked around, found the guest chair in Hank’s cube, politely sat down, and flipped open her large notepad to a section that had a circle around it.

She quickly re-read the question.

“So, umm- you were showing us the QIT system and there was a particular part in it that I didn’t understand about assigning out tickets to various teams. What did you mean by TOC?”

“Oh, sorry I wasn’t clear on that.”

“No-! It was my fault for not understanding because I’m a recent college graduate and I haven’t worked anywhere this big before, and I want to make sure I do well here, and uhh…”

Hank leaned back in his chair and smiled.

“Thanks for giving me context about yourself. It means Troubleshooter On Call. The intention is that every team should have a person that manages the team’s ticket workload.”

She quickly wrote notes on what Hank was saying.

“Oh, that makes sense! It’s like load balancing!” Hank smiled. “Exactly. Part of the TOC’s job is to make sure to advocate for more help if we get like 50 tickets at once.”

“That makes sense!”

“We used to have a real problem with people getting tickets when they were out of office because someone had worked with that person once, asked for them, and the ticket went to them.”

She continued writing notes.

“This was more prevalent before I joined the team, but I’ve seen it elsewhere as well, and there’s an easy answer to that: everyone has their “favorite” person they want to work with.”

She flipped her notepad over and continued writing.

“It’s a bit of an honor, I suppose, until you’re out of the office and it’s an emergency, which is why Linda asked me to include that in the training. Thanks for asking.”

She stopped writing and looked up.

“I appreciate your time yesterday and just now as well! Hopefully it wasn’t stupid or anything like that! I know that it can be if you get asked all sorts of simple questions…”

“The only dumb question is one not asked.[1]”

Hank looked through a drawer. He found a little notebook, with the branding “EVILLE MEDICAL” and the hospital’s logo embossed in white leather, and handed it over.

“Here.” She took the fancy notebook. “Oh, thank you!”

“You’re the first person on your team to have stopped by and ask about anything. Most people don’t care. That you stopped by and wanted to learn means that you should be rewarded.”

“Oh, thank you! I-umm… I just want to do my very best!”

She continued looking over her new prized work possession before looking up at the frazzled computer repair technician.

“I’ll remember that, and your name, Sammohini.”

Quotes: [1] This is one of my favorite quotes in general. Embarrassment in social situations, be it looking like a fool for asking questions or looking like a fool for talking to someone, prevents us from learning and growing.
Sources: My professional experiences.
Inspirations: A conversation I had with someone I’ll be working with at a current gig. I went more dialogue heavy on this one than maybe I should have – part of that might be because I still don’t have a good diagram drawing for the IT Department within Eville Medical, and part of it is subconsciously that many of these ideas will change later before their final iteration.
Related: Somewhere in the Sammohini Arc of “The Story.” This is within the first few weeks of her technical support career at Eville Medical.
Picture: Generic picture to save time.
Written On: October 13th [1 hour]
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