[Sammohini Arc] Screwed Without Drive

The new widescreen computer monitor arrived the afternoon before Sammohini, the newest member of Eville Medical’s second-level computer repair team, drove to the clinic to install it. She scheduled time in the late afternoon since it was faster to then drive to her parents’s house for the weekend from the clinic and she could drop off the old one next week. As she walked through the clinic doors carrying the monitor box, Sammohini felt nervous.

“Hi! I’m Sammohini, with IT. This is for Deepika!”

Sammohini had rehearsed that line more than a few times on the drive over, since this was her first time in the South Eville Clinic, even though from the highway she would always make a point of looking out for its prominent signage. The reception pointed. “You’ll go through the doors on your left, down the hall toward the back, and you won’t be able to miss her office.”

“OK, thank you!”

She retracted her badge, picked up the monitor, walked quickly over to the doors, and stumbled for a second trying to get her badge again to swipe at the reader. But the badge wouldn’t read! It took two more times before the badge would read. ‘Phew!’ The doors swung inward and she darted inside. ‘OK, I “won’t be able to miss” it…’ she thought and she walked through a small wing of offices.

Festive decorations bordering a door.

A hand-drawn sign with the name Deepika tipped her off and the confident woman sitting behind the desk jetting into the middle of the office looked strikingly similar to Deepika’s profile picture. “Namaste, Sammohini! Right on time! Is that my new monitor?” Sammohini took that as an invitation to walk into the office. “Umm, yes! Is now still a good time for me to replace your monitor?”

Deepika stood up and sat down on her couch.

“Go for it!” Sammohini unboxed the monitor, taking great care to make sure that the screen didn’t get scratched as she assembled the monitor stand, working intensely until she could set the freshly-built monitor on an empty space on the desk. To make it easier, and make sure everything stayed neat, she was going to use the same cable that connected to the computer.

But a connector was stuck!

Tried as she might, the thumb screws that tightened into the old monitor just wouldn’t detach. She even tried twisting the long plastic screws the opposite way to see, maybe, if she’d been doing it wrong. She looked in her purse, which doubled as her toolbag, for anything to help with the screw. Her forehead started getting hotter. A sweat bead dripped along the side of her face.

“Need a hand?”

“Uhh— Y-yes… …I need a screwdriver…”
Deepika glanced up and looked at the monitor.
“Oh, is it stuck? I’ll unplug it from the computer!”
She rolled underneath the table.
“You don’t have to…-”
“Is it the blue one?”
“OK, you’re good.”

They swapped out the monitor without further ado.

Quotes: None. But, I’ve always liked the phrase “you’re never screwed if you have drive.”
Sources: My professional experiences.
Inspirations: I was thinking back to some of the most common types of jobs I’ve done. I’ll always remember one time I went to deploy a monitor and the connector on the old one was stuck. I went back to my car to get some kind of screwdriver, but I had none, so eventually, I just jerry-rigged a screwdriver solution.
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Picture: Generic picture to save time.
Written On: September 29th [1 hour]
Last Edited: October 15th [10 minutes] – If I wrote something a few weeks prior to editing, there will usually be at least one segment that will need some revising, especially if I wrote it on my smartphone. It’s usually minor so if it’s just one word, I’ll leave it in, but here, the phrasing of the direction of movement was clunky in the last two paragraphs.


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