[Sammohini Arc] Server of Embarrassment

“OK-lure, when in this console window and connected to this server, simply type in this, this, this switch and… are you paying attention?”
The nervous computer repair technician broke her rhythm of looking up at the screen, looking down to write the esoteric command in her notepad, to look over at the more seasoned computer repair technician, Nils.
“Forget it. I’ll do it. I’ll paste console notes into the ticket when I close it.”

Sammohini returned to her desk.

She had just started to work at Eville Medical a few months ago and everything from computers to professionalism was still sinking in. When concepts were too overwhelming, she’d tense up, often sweating from her forehead if the problem was particularly challenging. ‘What if I’m not really cut out for this work? What else can I do? I got this degree in computers and this is a computers job. I don’t really understand a lot of this… Maybe Jane should be here instead of me… She’d know how to do all this…’

“Doing alright there, girl?”

Her focus returned to the almost-empty helpdesk nest, clustered in a quiet alcove in the IT department of Eville Medical, where she could see her coworker Nessa through the personal mirror at her desk. She blinked a little bit and realized that she hadn’t even logged into her computer. “Uhh… I… yeah…” Nessa swung her office chair over and sat down. “No, really, I overheard some of that conversation. You alright?” Sammohini blushed at the attention and looked down at her knees.

Nessa’s gaze was polite but unwavering.

“I don’t really feel like I’m getting any of this stuff. I mean, I went to school for computers and stuff but uhh I don’t really k-know anything about how to do all of this stuff… it’s like I wonder sometimes if I went into the wrong field, like maybe I should have done something more easy? Like a so-I dunno, what can I do? I mean I don’t ahh, I can uhhh do good customer server… I mean… service I guess. People seem to like me that call in and we’re good friends, right?”

Nessa had a book in her lap.

“Of course! Look, you… might be just too hard on yourself. We- I think you’re doing fine. Who cares if you don’t know any of that server stuff? I’d have no clue! I was a waitress, or I should say a,” she tilted her head, checked the entrance to the alcove, and used air quotes, “server, at Bad Seed not too long ago. I’m good with customers. Computers are weird for me. I don’t like ’em! My boyfriend floated my resume to the agency and I got the job. I feel like a beimaan.”

“No way! If anything, that’s me!”

Nessa smiled and handed over the small book. “Here, this helped me figure out how to deal with people like that. Most of it’s not taking people so seriously.”

The book: ‘Don’t Trust Idiots’

Quotes: None.
Sources: My professional experiences. Linked translations for Norwegian and Hindi.
Inspirations: Career insecurities never really go away, they just hide, or manifest into different avenues. My first few months in my career [and first few weeks of any gig] are overwhelmingly insecure until I remember to quit taking it so seriously. I keep forgetting that………………………………………….
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