[Sammohini Arc] Server Farmer’s Crops

Deep within the heart of Eville Medical buzzed its technological brain. Under tightly-controlled temperatures, ventilation, and humidity, protected from fire, electromagnetism, and other physical vulnerabilities, the large room housed myriad marvels of technological teamwork. The rookie computer repair technician followed the senior networking administrator’s lead, through a complicated entry procedure, before arriving at their destination.
“OK, so ya needed ROA-3074 patched for Cardiology. One moment.”
“Wow, this is so co-ol…!”
“Oh, you’ve never been here?”

“No,” she gulped at the thought of looking embarrassed, “not really…”

The stocky administrator smiled. “Well! Lemme give ya the tour after this.” His hip-length hair followed his jump to the supply rack. “I think this’ll require a ten-footer! What do you think, Sammohini?” The somewhat fashionable technician looked over the meticulously braided yellow network cables in a slight daze. “Umm… uhh… I dunno, Blueberry…” The network admin jumped back with a coiled yellow cable, his white lab-coat briefly flapped open to reveal a tomato being thrown at a comical clown.

“Here! This’ll be plenty.” He tossed over the yellow ring.

“Oh, cool. This is a lot longer than what we use out on the floor…” He pushed his hair back. “Yep! A twelver should do fine. I’ll give ya the brief rundown of what we’re gonna do then. First, we gotta look for ROA-3074, which should be on this rack here… ROA-3050… yeah, then, OK, you see ROA-3074 here?” His well-tanned finger pointed to a label and an empty hole on the monolithic arrangement of cables and buzzing devices. “Umm… OK, yeah! I see it now. Plot- I mean- ports 73 and 75 are used, but not 74…”

“Plot? Like a plot of land?” “Heh, yeah, I guess so.”

Blueberry turned away from the server rack and faced Sammohini. “That takes me back! I grew up on a farm, back home in Direlands. I wanted to get away from all that, so I got my Scribewise D certification after moving here-” she briefly looked around at the server room, down at her flower-patterned blouse, and made eye contact again- “this is certainly easier than digging irrigation channels in the middle of a blazing summer-” “Oh! I know how that’s like! Yeah, it’s nice being inside on days like today!”

The room’s air filtration system was buzzing loudly around them.

“Yeah, I’ve never liked being out in the sun.” Her short hair bounced as she remembered something. “Oh yeah! I have a 3 o’clock meeting with Linda. What time is it now…?” He brought out a pocket watch. “2:44. I’ll take care of this. Go ahead and book 30 minutes- no, one hour, on my calendar later on this week and I’ll give you the tour. I’ll email you once this’s patched so you can test it. Good luck!” Sammohini made sure she had her notebook before walking away. “Thanks, Blueberry!”

Linda’s office.

“I hope it was not too funny in there?”
“No! He’s nice, and we both grew up on farms.”
Gut. People misunderstand Bearach. He is sometimes too shy.”

Quotes: None.
Sources: My professional experiences. Many netadmins are anti-social, but get them on a good topic, and they’ll talk for days.
– Random generators.
– Y/N decision maker.
– Server room and farm best practices.
– Blueberry’s randomized appearance
Standing short and muscular with dark skin, this man has a shy feel about him. He has tired, big brown eyes, a narrow nose, and a cleft chin. His hip length, thick, black hair is styled with a fade. He usually wears inappropriate clothes.
Inspirations: Never heard the term “server farm” until recently, and just kinda ran with it after plugging in “crops.”
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Photo: Some flooring somewhere.
Written On: August 25th [2 hours, 40 minutes]
Last Edited: August 25th [same time]
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