[Sammohini Arc] Some Passive-Aggressive Punkery!

“What a passive-aggressive punk!”
“I hate when people act like that!”
The windows were rolled down in the muggy cabin of the Sneaker Transport moving truck, letting in an ambient traffic rhythm for the two furniture movers to listen to as they complained about past jobs. Andrius, a former minor-league athlete nicknamed “43” after his jersey number, drove while Jane, a former computer repair “Doctor” as they called her, reclined.
“Woah… that’s it!”
“Lemme tell ya…”

Traffic came to a stand-still.

“Speak your truth, sister.” “My last boss when I worked at the library was this real passive-aggressive …punk! She was absolutely terrible! I ran around fixing stuff all day but she’d think I was screwing around and look for anything to call me out on. She’d keep digging into everything, and why? Just to prove a point! It made my skin crawl whenever she was nearby or even seeing her name! What a creep!”

No vehicle was moving on the highway.

“Been there, done that.” “How’d you deal with it? I just kept ignoring it until it boiled over. I bet that’s why they laid me off rather than that new guy they hired in! He was just such a brown-noser, always looking for ways to please the boss. Never did any work, didn’t know what he was doing, kept screwing up on even the basics, and was passive-aggressive, too!”

Their truck finally moved about ten feet.

“Sounds like a pain.” “Yeah, they’d always say really rude things, too! Stuff that HR would never be able to do anything about! Stuff like how I’d need to check in for this, make sure to run it by the new guy first, and how if I didn’t, I’d lose my access to certain servers and stuff. It was super annoying! I’d have to dot every I and cross every T every day. Couldn’t do anything!”

Another ten feet, or maybe, three.

“Yeah, that sounds rough.” “So I’m kinda glad I’m outta there, to be honest. I was paid more, sure, but the level of stress I was puttin’ up with just wasn’t worth it, ya know? Like in my work, I’d write emails to customers, and she’d read over everything and critique why I asked this, tried that, didn’t try this, or just tried to take everything apart unnecessarily! Ugh! I hated it!”

The stop-and-go traffic dislodged ahead.

“At least Deadlift isn’t like that.” Andrius hesitantly picked up speed to match the flow of traffic. “Yeah… Thanks for letting me vent, Andrius. I’ve been complaining to you a lot.” Andrius patted himself on the shoulder with his free hand. He was wearing one of his old light blue jerseys. “No big! That’s what …buddies are for, right?” Jane sank into the over-sized seat.

She put her hands in her hoodie pockets.

“Yeah, I guess so, but still, it’s not really that nice of me.” Their truck chugged along to their exit. “All good, Doc. Sometimes, you just gotta vent this stuff out.”

Quotes: None
Sources: My professional experiences. Character Appearance Generator [condensed] for Andrius: Standing tall, this man has a plain feel. Wide brown eyes, big nose, square jaw. His short, styled red hair. Wears sporty clothes.
Inspirations: I have had, now, two managers that have acted particularly maliciously like this. Jane’s boss, whose name might be some cartoonishly alliterative made-up name, is the summary of all of my bad bosses and then amplified to near impossible odds.
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Photo: Seattle dichotomic water-front
Written On: August 27th [1 hour]
Last Edited: September 6th [30 minutes]
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