[Sammohini Arc] Talker or Walker?

The cabin of the mid-sized furniture moving truck was nearly uncomfortably chilly on that sweltering Evillian afternoon. The slow traffic moved at a reasonable pace. The passenger, Jane, had her black jeans crossed so she could prop up a technical book about computers, while the driver, Jakov, kept one eye on the road while maintaining eye contact with the other eye.
“That reminds me of this awesome idea I have for the videogame.”
“Oh yeah?”

His focused blue eyes lingered uncomfortably long.

“Da! It takes place in the cave called Špilja and has a person who digs deep.” Jane noticed Jakov made eye contact, so she looked away from the window to make eye contact. “You can choose between two characters, Dječak is the boy and Djevojka is the girl. Both have a slightly different shovel. Dječak has a stronger shovel and Djevojka has a faster shovel.” She wrote notes in her notepad, atop the now-closed textbook.

“This sounds cool!”

Jakov’s shaved head reflected light at multiple angles as it darted back and forth from the road to Jane and back. “There will be enemies of different kinds, from impa to zombiji and dragons, and more! Enemies will leave the gold that the player can use in the town that hosts the cave.” Jane felt motion sickness from juggling looking out the window, trying to make polite eye contact, and writing in her ever-filling notebook.

“Can they drag the enemies up, too?”

She decided to stop making constant eye contact. Instead, she focused on the light traffic. “Da! Leather can be worth a lot of gold.” She then looked down at her notepad resting on her book, resting on her faded black jeans, was a few lines scribbled about the game. “What’s the game called again? It’s a cool idea and I want to write it down.” Her green pen was poised. “I’ll call him Deep Dive into the Špilja. Is not that a great name?”

“It’s cool. Do you have any game-dev experience? I can’t program myself…”

The ambiance of the traffic on the nearly empty highway filled the cabin as Jane tried to spell that. “… … …. … The good weather is nice, huh?” She realized the topic change, put the pen in its place in the center binding of the notepad, closed it, pulled the binding over its cover – a dark green series of circuit boards with a “5” on the cover – and placed it on top of her book. “…Sure has been. It’s been a little too warm for my tastes.”

“You always wears dark and heavy clothes.”

She looked at the worn seams of one of her favorite concert hoodies of the Ketchup Packets. “Yeah, you’re right. So I’ve been wondering about that tattoo on your arm. I’ll see it occasionally. What does it mean?” The tattoo wrapping around part of his left arm was a faded blue shape that had seen significant sun damage.

“It’s a velika zmija. That reminds me of this fenomenalan thing that has happened…”

Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal experiences. Jakov’s name was randomized. Google Translate helped me with his Croation accent, and Character Appearance Generator provided this: Standing short and stocky with pale skin, this man has a focused feel about him. He has dull, small blue eyes, a broad nose, and a square jaw. He is bald (clean-shaven, but can grow hair). He usually wears fine clothes, and a particularly noticeable feature is his freckles. He has a faint tattoo on his left arm.
Inspirations: I wrote the first half – up until Jane decides to stop making constant eye contact – while at the Seattle Indies working on Blah Blah. The game idea was the most cliche thing I could up with there, mixing Dig Dug’s aesthetics with the exploration aspects of Cave Story and Metroid. This is specifically a subtle commentary on the idiom “talk the talk or walk the walk,” or how “ideas are shit, execution is the game,” to quote Gary Vaynerchuk.
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Photos: Seattle construction site, or, that which confines us toward our goals are only tall fences.
Written On: August 25th [1 hour], 29th [1 hour]
Last Edited: September 4th [15-30 minutes]

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