[Sammohini Arc] Transportation an Issue

The small apartment had only one functionless piece of decoration: a gaudy customer service award hanging from a nail that had long been painted into the infrastructure in a prominent spot in the living room. “Employee of the Month: Jane Lanyard, IT.” She couldn’t miss reading and re-reading it as she spoke on the phone with one of the few recruiters that might occasionally reach out. “We know transportation has been an issue for you…[1]”

She nearly didn’t get that award.

The recruiter opened with “an exciting direct placement role[2]” before leading into that passive-aggressive dig, explaining that the role was in a city that was a 2-hour drive away, “and it’s a direct-placement role and they’re quickly growing. Is that something you’re interested in?[3]”

She’d just moved in a few months ago.

“Sure. Actually, I’ve been thinking of moving[4], so maybe I’ll move?” Her notepad was filling up with a few notes about the role as the recruiter talks about the pay. “Yeah, we can’t get you in much more than that but it’s better than- how much were you getting paid before?[5]”

She said the honest number after hesitating.

“I can’t guarantee that you’ll get hired on, but at least it’s a direct placement. Also, to be completely transparent with you, this is an exciting role and they are looking to move quick. The hiring manager is really busy and has got slots filling up fast. What are your openings for Monday?[6]”

She had ten hours of guaranteed pay on Monday.

“…I won’t be able to do Monday. How about Tuesday?[7]” A brief memory of Ricca pulling similar manipulative stuff like this a few months back. “They really want to get people interviewed on Monday. Is there any way you can reschedule your time to make an opening?[8]”

She, similarly, breathed in and out.

“Sorry, I can’t do Monday. How’s Tuesday morning?” “Oh, OK, well, you see, the hiring manager is really busy and looking to get some help in as soon as possible. He’s got slots filling up on Monday. We can see about Tuesday but it might be a stretch.[9]” “Much appreciated, thank you.”

She looked over her handwritten notes:

direct placement
company name: ???
health supplier

it support
70 users, growing
direct placement
direct to hire
6 months
monday –
tuesday –

She figured it was Monday or nothing.

As much as she wanted to get out of furniture moving, she thought to herself as they exchanged concluding pleasantries and accepted an invitation to send along her most recent resume to send along, it was the only work she could find and it paid the bills and debts.

She hung up and looked around the apartment.

It was also starting to become a comfortable apartment. Other than having to sell basically anything of value, other than her acoustic guitar and computer which her friend Sammohini had “bought” from her and donated back to ensure she’d keep them, but other than that, things were alright.

She went back to sleep.

Quotes: These are nearly direct transcriptions from a phone call I received from a recruiter today:
[1] Check out the guilt trip of this recruiter.
[2] Gotta love the advertising here.
[3] I’ve found that unless I’m completely not interested, I’ll still say yes, just to get some interview practice.
[4] Rather than directly trying to correct people like this, I’ve found that it’s best to subvert their expectations.
[5] The debate between inflating your pay and not is a tricky one. I make terrible professional career decisions so I’m not great for career advice.
[6] Now this is a tricky one. To provide more context, a friend of mine that the real-life recruiter also knows sent him along for an interview. He didn’t get it, so they passed it along to me. I knew ahead of time about some of this. When I sent these notes and transcription along, it turns out they pulled the same thing on him.
[7] Not every role has sick pay.
[8] It’s funny how insistent they were to get me in on Friday, here, Monday. My buddy was also invited to meet on Friday, which might have just been a coincidence.
[9] Another guilt-trip here with the “stretch” part.
Sources: My professional experiences dealing with manipulative recruiters.
Inspirations: I had no real story in mind for today, but then I received this call, and this story just came together.
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Picture: Generic picture to save time.
Written On: October 11th [45 minutes, other than the 10-minute phone call and the time spent transcribing the notes immediately after the phone call, so maybe 90 minutes tops?]
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