[Sammohini Arc] “What Was It?”

The team’s recently-promoted computer repair technician had just returned from her first urgent ticket. It was a high-priority issue where a computer wouldn’t start for one of the doctors over in Oncology after multiple attempts. The team was short-staffed even without one of their team being out sick for a few days. Sammohini returned with a bit of a sweat to Hank’s desk as he wrapped up assigning out tickets.

“Thanks for stopping over, Sammohini.”

“Oh yeah, sure thing!”

“Since I’m in the ticket now and it was an urgent one, I’ll go ahead and close it out in your name. What was the fix?” Hank swiveled his chair so his eyes went from his computer monitor to Sammohini, her hair curving down and shooting off in either direction somewhat chaotically as she shuffled to make eye contact away from her notepad. “Oh, umm- ah-umm… let’s see…” Her bright brown eyes looked down as she fumbled to get her notepad open. “Oh yeah! It was just a few reboots…”

She realized she could drop the non-technical pretenses…

“So, honestly, the customer was being too little impatient and wouldn’t wait for it to get past the boot menu. It was taking longer than normal, so she was freaking out! And because it kept taking longer to boot up, she kept rebooting it, and maybe because she was doing that so often, it was probably taking longer to load each time. This is just a hunch, so I’m n-not sure if it’s true, or the most accurate way to say it, but if she kept on doing it, it’d probably crap out, right? I mean, it’s probably what is it…?”

She looked up at the ceiling.

“Oh yeah! It coulda thrashed the hard drive! So when I was distracting her by talking with her about something halfway technical-like at first, then and then moved on to talking about one of her dogs, since she has a cute dog photo at her desk, so we talked about her dog until the computer booted up and she was able to get logged in just fine! So that’s my guess! I think that-uhh, the computer was having a hard time loading up, so it just started to crap out more than usual. I guess I don’t know a …smaller-shorter way to say that.”

Hank swiveled back around.

“Cool. I think I’ll just say-it got stuck on boot-up, and I’ll say in th’closure notes if it happens again, we’ll take a closer look. Sound good?” Hank had already began clicking and typing away on the screen and got to the point where he was typing in a large windowed box. “Oh yeah, sure! Thanks for doing the write-up for me. My typing still isn’t that great.” Hank waved away some invisible negative thoughts. “No worries. Thanks for going out there for us.”

Sammohini shaded in the box next to the notes she took while on-site working on the issue and smiled more than a little bit.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal experiences
Inspirations: Based on recent events where a computer took too long to load, which caused the customer to panic, and I began answering just like how Sammohini did here until I realized it was a good opportunity to flex my technical aptitude.
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Written On: November 8th [~1 hour]
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