[Sammohini Arc] Working While Sick

The computer repair technician was typing an email before hearing…




“Yeah, I’m back,”
Sammohini’s colleague at Eville Medical, Hank, had a crackling voice,
“our Wilesware-“

A violent cough disrupted the phone conversation.


Sammohini saved the email, locked her workstation, and rushed over.

disinfectant soap,
trashcan between his shoes,
and Hank huddled over the trashcan.

Depressing the mute button, “so our W7000Ks have a- hhoughhh!”

Hank coughed and spit out a large amount of yellow phlegm.

Sammohini watched him throw the phone receiver on the table, sigh, cough into the trashcan until his throat was clear, grab a tissue, wipe his hands and mouth, get some disinfectant soap, apply it to his hands, a little over his short beard and mouth, and grab another tissue to clean off any infectant or disinfectant. After sitting up unnaturally straight in his chair, wheeze a little, loudly verbalize a sigh to clear his throat, breathe in deeply, and after hesitating, he picked up the phone and resumed. “Ughhhh, yeah. Sorry I couldn’t get the mute button on time for that one, guys. I was doing fine this morning, nothing more than a little more of a cough than normal.”

sat up straight in his



“Yeah, good call… … … … … …

… … … … … … thanks for understanding… … … … … …

… … … … … … later…”

Hank huddled over his trashcan again.

“Please rest for the rest of the day.”
Their boss, Linda, suddenly appeared beside her.
“I know that you are always in a hurry. Not anymore for today.”
Hank turned around to face them, his face red, before turning back around-




He sighed.
“Yes, ma’am…”

“Sammohini, can you bring him to Urgent Care?”
She stood straight.
“Yes, ma’am!”
Gut. Gute besser soon.”

Hank stood up



“Oh, I know! I’ll get the wheelchair in the breakroom!”

Sammohini walked quickly through the cube farm hallway to the break room. Their teammate, Nils, was in the breakroom with a coffee and sandwich. “Hallo, Sammohini.” She spotted the wheelchair and unfolded it. “Hey, uhh, oh, you’re on break.” He looked away from his portable videogame. “Åtte minutes. Need help earlier than that?” “Uhhm, Linda and I’ve got it, but thanks!” He returned back to his videogame. “Kul, good luck.”

She rushed through the hallways.

Returning to the hallway of the computer repair technician area in the department, she could see Hank and Linda were joined by two members of their department, an application support member, Hella, and Ciera, a project manager. “-it doesn’t look like an infection. He only has to drink a lot of Wasser for a few days and then he should be fine.” “Agreed.” Sammohini moved the wheelchair into Hank’s cube. “Oh, good timing. Hella checked over Hank. He feels besser now, but I will still send him Home. Can you bring him to Veda’s Car? She should arrive within minutes.”

“No worries!”

Hella helped Hank into the wheelchair.

“Thanks… …

… …everyone.”

Quotes: None.
Sources: My professional experiences. Although I didn’t specifically encounter this sort of event while working for the inspiration for Eville Medical, it’s an amalgamation of enough events I’d seen to where it’d be plausible. Hella and Ciera were randomly generated names.
Inspirations: What do you write about when you’re feeling really sick? Also, I’d noticed many of my short stories started off with – “quote” description “quote” – so I wanted to mix it up with something experimental.
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Photo: Debris in water.
Written On: August 18th [2 hours, 20 minutes]
Last Edited: August 19th [5 minutes, to clarify the location]
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