Legality and Privacy

Though specifically addressing situations and authorship surrounding “The Story” and all written work surrounding it, this also addresses all written works contained on the website herein referred to as “this website.”

1. Non-Disclosure Agreements
All written works that appear on this website have had any specifically identifying trade secrets redacted. Information is genericized over years of industry work. Even behind the scenes conversations held in fictional stories fall outside any reasonable non-disclosure 0agreement because the specific locations or conversation items do not center around proprietary information.

2. Privately-Held Information
No information will be revealed that constitutes trade secrets. The understanding of this specifically relates to processes solely done in one company or industry.

3. Confidentiality
Stated directly, “The Story” shall not violate these terms: “Such information includes, but is not limited to, patent applications, secrets, trade secrets and information relating to such matters as research and development, manufacturing methods, processes, techniques, chemical composition of materials, applications for particular technologies, materials or designs, vendor lists, customer lists, management systems, financial information, sales and marketing plans, pricing, know-how and information relating to new products.” “You agree not to use, directly or indirectly, for your own benefit or for the benefit of any other person, firm, corporation, business, enterprise or entity of any sort, whether or not affiliated with you, any confidential information or trade secrets disclosed to you or observed by you during or as a result¬†of your performance of services.” This is particularly prudent because “no equipment, supplies, facility, trade secret or proprietary information of any company were used, and which was developed entirely on the person’s own time.”

4. Inspirations
Though occasionally, items may appear to have been references to recent events, in all actuality, all fiction and nonfiction posted on this website are amalgamations of past events, usually exceeding 3 years, inspirations, if not complete fabrics of imagination.

1. Names
All names are fictionalized. No characters are solely based on living or deceased characters. As such, any coincidences should be considered merely that.

2. Trademarks
When possible, any trademarked information or branding will be genericized or relabeled to something more suitable for such situations.

Any disputes over any matter on this website matter should be promptly communicated to: [noemailaddress].