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The idea for “The Story” popped into my head during my final year of high school. Between high school and college, I attempted to write “The Story.” After a few weeks, after giving it a solid go with enough experimentation to still inspire me today, I became overwhelmed with how involved it became. I also hadn’t planned it out well enough, so I scrapped it.

Here it is, unedited:

  1. Chapter 1 – Last modified 06/24/2003
  2. Chapter 2 – Last modified 07/01/2003
  3. Chapter 3 – Last modified 07/17/2003
  4. Chapter 4 – Last modified 08/15/2003
  5. Chapter 5 – Last modified 09/16/2003
  6. Chapter 6 – Last modified 12/28/2003
  7. Chapter 7 – Last modified 12/31/2003
  8. Chapter 8 – Last modified 07/27/2004
  9. Chapter 9 – Last modified 09/20/2004 [final chapter]

I suppose I only wrote chapters one through five during that summer. I spent that winter break and I suppose my next summer break writing. When I eventually do a read-and-comment through, it’ll be interesting to see what I remember and what surprises me.