Spoiler Warnings

The Story is my unwritten formally untitled massive narrative.

I’m developing it from the ground up before I begin writing anything related to it. My attempt at writing one piece of the narrative between high school and college, that I called References, didn’t work out because there was too much worldbuilding and character building to do while writing. I still need to dig up that. I’m on weekly schedule to build up the world, in part to encourage me to do so, with the eventual goal of fully writing and publishing The Story or whatever it ends up being called.

Due to the nature of the weekly updates, I will try as best I can to mark when something might become a spoiler, like so:

(Highlight to reveal spoilers: Like this!)

In media, I consider spoilers to be anything related to major plot elements other than the premise and characters. So if I told you what a story were about or its characters, that’d be fine, but I’d spoil something if I said how the plot affected a character. You know, if they die, they live, or they do nothing.

My spoiler cutoff point for The Story is “The Scene.”

Everything before The Scene is background about the characters, context, and other things that if you wanted to go in completely without knowledge might be overly sensitive spoilers. The narrative will probably start around or at The Scene. I wrote one draft a few years ago. I’ll link it later.

I’ll cover some broad ideas after The Scene, which I don’t consider spoilers. I consider those part of the general premise. If a character goes off to war, I’d consider spoilers to be who dies, whereas general locations, overall ideas or themes, and potential characters might not be spoilers. Probably.

If I thought about something at length and wanted to express it, I’ll mark it with a spoiler tag, but I haven’t written any huge plot points or major spoilers yet because in a way that nails those ideas down completely. It prevents the narrative from being flexible. I also don’t plan on accidentally spoiling anything. I don’t like the idea of spoilers being the make or break of anything, but I don’t wanna be a jerk by preventing you the reader from fully enjoying the reading process.

After all, I fully intend to enjoy the creating and writing process!

  • So I’ll go with a Spoiler Warning Scale:
  • Major: Twists, major plot points, character deaths, and et cetera.
  • Minor: Plot points that could give away character intent or directions.
  • None: I mean, unless you don’t wanna know anything at all.