Rummage Around: Twenty-Five Cent Screwdrivers

When you’re not in a big hurry, and have some general goals in mind, you may find a better outcome than you’d expected. My work bag needed some cross-head (“Phillips”/Thompson) screwdrivers and I figured it would be a good excuse to stop by my favorite pawn shop. I didn’t urgently need more screwdrivers, so happening into a rather new shop at Pike Place Market called Rummage Around – equal parts thrift store, antique shop, and hoarder’s garage sale – was a nice surprise.

  1. I was initially drawn to the bins of twenty-five cent toys in the hallway outside of the store. The 2003 version of Ram Man from the Masters of the Universe? Sold! The Battle Beasts Major Moose (#33) was old school appealing. I had both of these Taz toys growing up, so it’s nice to have duplicates.
  2. Once entering the store, I noticed this deck of playing cards based on the Chinese story Dream of the Red Chamber, and about two feet to the left was the random action figure sitting in a teacup – this post’s feature photo. I have a small collection of playing cards that I started when I was young. Passed on the action figure because it wasn’t a GI Joe and wasn’t articulate enough. The scene perfectly encapsulates the character of the store.
  3. While getting my bearings in the store, a customer asked for pipe-cleaners to complete a wedding bouquet project and after no luck realizing maybe the pipe store would have them, which reminded me that I needed some cheap screwdrivers. I asked where they were hidden and how much: eight screwdrivers at twenty-five cents each? Score!
  4. While looking through the screwdrivers bin, I noticed this fallen fancy bag with Peacocks that probably should be used as a purse or coin pouch, though I think I’ll use this for my video camera bag. If that doesn’t work out, I may use re-purpose or gift it.
  5. Even though VHS tapes are two generations removed in terms of video quality and relevancy, there are two main reasons why I still collect the bulky bedraggled boxes.
    • First, there are obscure releases that might not have made the jump to DVD or Bluray. This Sub Pop Video Network Program 1 featuring Nirvana’s music video for “In Bloom” did jump to DVD, but there are handfuls that may end up in landfills.
    • Second, they’re cheaper than DVDs.
    • Note: Special shout out to Tim for getting me interested in classic movies again. I saw this copy of the 400 Blows on top of a pile of clutter behind the cashier. Although I was ambivalent to the movie years ago, I was drawn to see it again.

What a store! It’s certainly a cabinet of curiosities. I thought on the way home how dangerous a store like this could be to the wallet of a humble collector of many things, especially with an estimated 25% of their inventory being sold every week? I also realized while writing this post that I need a couple more tape measures.

Post Note: A big sign later showed the price changed on the screwdrivers. I’m leaving the title in tact with the old price. Best regards.

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