Retro Game & Toy Exchange: Mini Snake Adventure

While many other shops in Seattle, and the thirty plus miles making up the greater Seattle area, either have more unique or exclusive inventories, including venerable Amazing Heroes, eccentric Boba Khan, comprehensive Pink Gorilla, or competitive Another Castle, newcomer Retro Game and Toy Exchange in the Seattle suburb of Renton has some cool stuff. Here’s what I recently bought from them:

Arctic Assault Snake Eyes was a cheap upgrade to one I’d previously found at the bin store without its hands. Classic GI Joe is my favorite toyline so I like this 3 3/4″ scale.

Harley’s Humongous Adventure for the SNES was a game I’d seen advertised in Nintendo Power as a kid. It was reasonably priced, I was curious, and it… isn’t that good. I figured out the controls after some trouble so I’ll give it another go before making a verdict.

Bombastic is a cheap multiplayer addition to my PS2 collection. This also isn’t that good of a game, though its use of dice and the mathematics behind each side of the die is an interesting touch maybe worth some further future consideration.

Predator Blind Bag Series 1: City Predator because you can’t go wrong with Predator.

Dr. Mindbender not included.

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