Yard Sale: Project Motherboard

The sign from the road caught my eye. I hadn’t seen any garage or yard sales on craigslist in the area, I wasn’t on a strict timeline, and I needed to check my map app for directions. Two other signs guided me through a friendly neighborhood to a quiet upper-middle-class cul-de-sac. I won’t always stop at a garage sale. I’ll usually glance over the sale and park if there’s anything that catches my eye such as cool or interesting items, toys, tools, or in this case, thin rectangles holding videogames and movies.

On the walk to the sale, I noticed a box in the driveway with some random computer junk and another box of unsorted PC games off to the side, though my focus was on a table just before the garage with an assortment of reasonably priced Amaray videogame and movie cases.

  1. Demon Stone (PS2): I like to try random Playstation 2 games, though I may end up selling this after playing more, because it reminds me of an unpolished fantasy-styled Dynasty Warriors.
  2. Ghosthunter (PS2): Aesthetically average with a good introduction to its plot. I’ll play this more first before Demon Stone.
  3. Pan’s Labyrinth (DVD): “Yeah, I’ve never seen this. I’ll try to borrow it from the library but even ten years later, there will still be like twenty holds on three copies.”
  4. The Princess Bride (DVD): I don’t own the Dread Pirate copy of this movie.
  5. Shaun of the Dead (DVD): Strangely, never picked up a copy until now.
  6. Riddick trilogy (DVD): Haven’t seen any of these movies. I’ve heard good things about Pitch Black, so I figured, “I’d buy that for a dollar!”

We struck up a conversation, first about Pan’s Labyrinth, then about PAX. I asked about the controversial zeitgeist No Man’s Sky. My theory is that the advertising department latched on to the game too quickly resulting on selling an incomplete product. Their theory, as they sorted out and priced the PC games, was that the game didn’t have enough developers to polish some fundamental flaws relating to inventory management and repetition. It still looks interesting, so I may try to find a way to play it while the iron is still hot, or maybe I’ll check it out on discount in a few years.

The PC games were tricky to price, “since the product keys might not work anymore.” “I bought a digital copy of the Orange Box that’s attached to my old, locked, Steam account. I’d buy a copy just to have the box. I think it’d be fair to price at a dollar as long as you say that the product key might not work.” I gambled on a copy of Bioshock in the sorted batch to play and a project NVIDIA nForce 780i SLI motherboard “that won’t POST.” Challenge accepted!

Overall, it’s nice to check out the occasional garage sale. (I think their sign restricted the space for “garage.”) Sometimes, there’s nothing, but other times, there are great deals and friendly conversation.

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