Chapter 1 - Eye
Composed by Insignificant Entity

"Hm.." There sat a man.. He sat, leaning as well, against one of the many giant trees, in the heavily wooded forest. From where he was positioned, he was able to see a good deal of the path that he had already traveled. He traveled in an old piece of machinery, a faded blue motorized truck, which he was using to haul some kiaruppe to the distant town of Akintunde. He would have continued on his travel, but a most inconveniently placed hole tripped the old truck. They were both now stranded, and all he could do was reflect.... "Did I make the right choice?" This thought sickened him, yet there was no cure besides finding the root of this pain. "I mean, I did what I knew what was best. When I first left, I had my whole life in front of me. I could see everything, I could exploit any dream I did so choose. Now, do I long to return? Return to the place that would never let me develop into who I am? Would seeing those same people, with their heartless bodies, fill my own heartless void? Perhaps they were the fuel that allowed me to leave, without looking back. Only now to look back. To wonder what could not have been? To wonder, if they were truly that malicious? Or was it I, myself, who was the source of my pain?" These thoughts faded. These thoughts meant nothing to him. They were not true. They were never real, those people, those experiences. There was no way to prove that anything at all had happened, so was it just that he had peered into other people's lives a tad bit too much? Maybe it never happened. Just a dream, yes. That must have been what it was.. The man continued to think like this, as he stared into the thick flora of the forest. Then. He noticed a cloud of darkness just a ways from where he came. Have they come? Will they take me back, to a place I never have been? This cloud, which now shot out blue light, also spit out something. A human? And then.. vanished?

He looked at the cloud, directly overhead, as it spit him out. While he was inside, he felt nothing. He was nothing. And yet, now he became something. Wind blew from underneath him, and caused his hair to defy physics. He saw green strands of his hair, almost reaching for that cloud, to either side of his face. Then a force slammed him down to the surface. The deep breath which he had held in from when he first started, the breath that he inhaled as he saw her from so far down, as he stood perched on the highest place that he could see, now escaped him. He moved the fingers on one of his fingers, to see if he could still do so. That was done easily. To move his arms around? Done. Now his feet.. No. He lifted them up into the air to see why. "Oh yes." Both of his feet were bound by a blue and white rope, one which twisted around his legs, and made a tail between both feet. This tail, frayed from, he guessed, where that cloud appeared, now hit him in his face. "Damn it." With his left hand, he grabbed the rope that rebelled against him. Using the weight of his legs, he then launched himself into a sitting position. He used both of his arms to lean on, as he sat. The matted hair on his head, an awkwardly bright green colour, cut into the air and then smacked his face. He shook his head, and then shook his head. There was still a bit of doze left in him, but he felt different than he did when he last stood. He felt better, now. Where ever now is, that was.

"You there.." A voice came from beyond an unfamiliar blue object. He then saw it to be a beat-up old truck.
"Sir." The voice sounded louder, and there came a flash of movement which probably was affiliated with the voice.
"Yes?" He shook his head again, and was able to see that that flash of movement was, in fact, a human.
"I.." The standing man looked down, shook the dirt off of his work pants, and stroked his chin.
"You could ask 'Who are you?' to which I would reply 'I don't know,' because I honestly don't know, anymore."
It was an honest reply. He did not know. He knew he had a name, two different ones in fact, but which was his?
"Or you could ask me 'How are you?' to which I would normally reply 'Fine,' but now I do not know either."
Another honest reply. However, he was fine. He had never felt so much more alive in his painfully long life.
"You seem young, sir, and yet, you speak as the old." The standing man said as he walked towards the other man.
"I am neither young, nor old. I am everSOL." This name came out most naturally. Perhaps that was his name.
"Oh, so you remember now, what your name is, mister green haired." He combed back his black hair with his hands.
"This name is most natural to me, mister black haired man who calls me mister green haired." He cracked his mouth slightly.
"Well, if you don't like mister green haired.. what was your name again?" He looked upon as the sitting man tried to stand.
"My name is, it is, everSOL. The Valiant." This is what everSOL said as he stood. But not for long.
As the green haired man stood, his balance was broken by the philosophy that his legs were still bound.
He fell back to where he fell before. When he landed, his green hair intertwined itself with the grass that grew just below it.
"Puh.." Another breath escaped him, except this time, he felt his eyes roll upwards, into the depths of his skull.
"eh.. everSOL? Why are your legs bound by this most strange material?" The man crouched down to examine everSOL's legs.
A breath entered him, and he began to live again. His eyes moved back to where they belonged, back to where he could again see.
"That is easy. I was bungee jumping, and I hypothesize that therein occurred a centralized disturbance in the space-time continuum."
"You lost me there." The man held on to one end of the tail, and tugged on the looser end.
"That you're holding. You see it, right?" everSOL pointed to the man's hands, which both were holding the rope. He was now sitting up.
"Yes, I see this.. Even holding it.... And yet, I have never seen anything like it." He tightened his grip on the rope.
"It is called, I believe, nylon. Tis a very strong material. And yet, do you see that frayed part to your left?"
The man looked over to the tail, which rested to his left. He moved his hand just under the fray, to get a better look at it.
"Something caused that to break. Something unexpected. So, I assume it was a disturbance in the space-time continuum, centralized at that fray."
"What is that 'space-time' thing? I've never heard of such things." The man was truly puzzled. Such words simply did not exist.
"It is a theory where.. umm... spoon." everSOL made the motion of a tiny tool, shoveling air into his opening and closing mouth.
"Sure, what do spoons have to do with what you spoke of?" The man remained puzzled.
"I was testing to see how much knowledge we share. It seems adequate enough."
"Your spoon theory thing. You are the only one capable of understanding it, so now talk of other things."
"It is not actually my theory to take credit for, but sure. What would you like to know?" everSOL now sat, his legs bent and his arms folded inwards.
"Do you need help removing that material from your legs?" The man with the black hair, who now stood slightly further away from everSOL, asked.
"No, I just need to slip the rope off of my legs, and I should be fine." He did so, and held out the rope.
"If you get me to the nearest town, you can have this. It'll impress all of your buddies." The rope shook slightly, as the tail was rather long.
"Along with explaining what exactly you are dressed in. It fascinates my interest." The black haired man took the rope.
"Fine, mister black hair." everSOL now stood, and observed the narrow, yet wide, scenery.
"You have no need to call me that. My name is Vspog. And, welcome to AKIN, alien everSOL."

everSOL continued to explore, with his eyes, this all-too familiar location, to which he had never traveled to before. The trees reminded him of the trees he had dreamt of so many times before. The air, more fresh than any that could ever be, was cold and yet more invigorating than any he thought possible. The ground, soil and grass alike, was rigid and malleable at once. It easily supported his force against the surface, and yet, easily compacted at the very touch of a finger. It was such serene reality, such an impossible thought, and yet, here he was. For quite some time he had an idea that this place, the one that that Vspog called AKIN, was a reality. He dreamt of it, though he kept it hidden away, and just figured that the idea was just too abstract for anyone to be able to comprehend. And yet, he was not dreaming. He felt the pain of his fallen reality. He felt it again as he tried to stabilize his balance. Though he had experienced physical and mental pain before, while dreaming. So maybe it was just a dream.

The man, Vspog, had already walked to the blue truck which stood before him. He looked over, and asked why he wasn't walking to the vehicle. everSOL's response was as simple as the overshirt that he was known for wearing, an incoherent garble of multiple colours of fabrics, each of whom fit in and yet did not fit at the same time. The response was a shrug, which ushered him to where he needed to walk. As everSOL walked towards the truck, he noticed the cargo that was being held by this blue truck.

"What is this.. crap?" This strange cargo grabbed his attention.
"What a strange pronunciation for kiaruppe. That is what it is, however."
"Ka.. ee.. rup.. pé?"
"That's better."
"What is this.. shit?" everSOL purposely used a different term.
"No, it is not sheet kiaruppe. It was just harvested down in Akinnera."
"Then what are you doing with it, Vspog?" He liked the name, so he used it.
"I'm transporting it north to, I suppose Akintunde, or maybe northwest to Akintra."
"Then what are you waiting for?"
Vspog pointed to the front right tire, which was being held by a deep hole.
"That? It doesn't look that deep." He walked closer to the tire, to see.
"Yeah. That shouldn't be a problem. Get a big rock, or something."
"Why? What are you planning to do with my truck, everSOL?"
"I'm going to lift your truck, then you place some damn rock under that tire. Problem fixed."
"My truck is pretty heavy. I doubt you.."
everSOL began to walk in the direction the truck was facing.
"Where do you think you're going? It's still quite a distance to Akintunde."
"I don't like getting pushed around. I'd rather walk, thanks." He lifted his third finger behind him.
"Look, okay. I just, I'm sorry. Do what you were going to do, okay?"
"Tell me about the crap you have in your truck." everSOL said, his back still turned to Vspog.
"This kiaruppe is some of the finest on AKIN. Not only can you use it for truck fuel, but you can.."
"Tell me what it is, not your pitch. I don't have any currency."
"Oh. Kiaruppe is made from the roots of the Kia plant, which can only grow in very wet areas."
"Continue." everSOL turned around, and walked towards the blue truck once again.
"Well, let's see. Then, the roots are stretched, ground, you name it."
"These do not look like normal roots." He peered forward, at the kiaruppe.
He now stood on the opposite side of the truck where Vspog was. With one hand, he-
"Don't touch them. You're right, they aren't normal roots. They hold well, but poison better."
"So how does one go about cultivating them?"
"Gloves." Vspog waved with his left hand, which was covered by a large glove of a similar colour to the roots.
"Like these?" everSOL held out his right hand, which was covered mainly by a black material.
"No. These Kia Gloves are specially made of treated Kia flower. That is why they are the same brown hue."
"What would happen if I were to consume some of this crap?" everSOL opened his mouth, and pretended to demonstrate.
"Well, first, you would comment on its unique flavor." Vspog started.
"Then you would notice a tinge of burn stemming within you."
"That would be the stuff infecting your throat, right?"
"Yes, but since I've been vaccinated, I would just comment on its unique flavor."
"Vaccinated with L-113R?" That word, well series of letters and numbers, came with a few memories of what it was.
"No.. What ever is that?" Vspog tried to imagine what that was, but it was hard to try to imagine something that was not.
"Sterilizer cure-all. But not the good kind. Heh." everSOL made an X with his arms, and pointed to his pants.
"What?" Vspog did not understand what everSOL was attempting to infer.
"Dot dot dot dot." This was everSOL's response to Vspog's lack on knowledge towards this meaning.
"Well. In short, you would die a very long and painful death. So try not to touch it."
"Fun. So, then, how can it be used for so many things, if it can kill so easily?"
"Well, when, for example, it is crushed. All of the poison leaks out of it, which we call Kia Juice."
"Sounds tasteful." It was an empty commentary, but the thought of drinking modified poison interested him.
"The Kia Juice can then either be disposed of, or if it is quickly purified, it can make a taste filled drink."
"I should try some purified Kia Juice sometime.." He thought it was funny that humans could turn poison to food.
"Purified Kia Juice, or P-Kia Juice as it would normally be ordered as, is served quite often in Akintunde."
"Well then, we should stop fucking around here, and get moving."
He walked to the front of the truck, and looked again at the holed truck.
"You said you needed a rock? Why so?" Vspog stood, also observing most of the tire.
"Well, when I lift this truck, you'll need to place something under that tire, so you can make it go vroom again."
"Now that I think of it, a flatter surface might work better. Otherwise it could flat the tire." everSOL thought of it.
"Good idea. I have a piece of sheet kiaruppe in the back. It's similar in strength to your.. what did you call it?"
"I'm not exactly sure if it's called that, but I said nylon. You'd be better off calling it just rope, though."
"Just Rope.. strange name." Vspog did not realize that everSOL's use of just was not included in the name.
"Yeah, whatever. Let's just get to working on getting the hell out of here."
"Okay. I'll get a piece of sheet kiaruppe."
"Oh yeah, hey. When you put that shit under the tire, tell me. I'm not.." He wouldn't understand, everSOL thought.
"Sure. Here's the sheet kiaruppe. And I'll be ready before you can start lifting."

Although there was still light visible from all around, it would quickly fade from the landscape. everSOL stood at the front of the truck, closer to the right tire. He looked inside, to the closed cab of the truck. From what he could see, it looked like there were only two seats within. But he noticed that the back wall of the cab wasn't directly behind the seat, so maybe there was a slight bit of room for storage behind the seat. He looked down to see the black haired man, with his blue work clothes wrinkled, focused on his task. Though his hands did shake, the thick brown material he held down to the ground, which looked almost like wood, could slip easily under the tire, quite easily. everSOL asked the man if he was ready. Vspog replied with a simple nod. The man with the green hair squatted down, searched for a firm place to lift the truck, and found one. He inhaled a breath of refreshing air, and focused all of his effort into lifting the truck. At first, it did not budge. So everSOL focused harder, and was able to lift that end of the truck a good distance. With his two arms supporting a great deal of weight, he did not know if he could hold on long enough for Vspog to give him a proper signal. The truck looked much lighter than it actually was. A gasp escaped Vspog, and everSOL took that as a proper signal. He dropped the truck, and dropped himself.

"The.. the.... let's get going." everSOL could clearly see Vspog's eyes above him.
"I feel.. numb." This is what escaped everSOL's mouth.

everSOL felt his body being lifted up. He looked around to see what was happening to him. That material Vspog mentioned seemed to be supporting the truck well, and he was glad about that. He then saw Vspog's arm come from behind him, and open the truck's passenger door. everSOL used what strength he had left to jump into the seat. He felt the door close quickly behind him, and looked at the stick shift. There came a thought into his brain, one of seeing how the stick shift affected the speed of an vehicle. It was absorbing to see how a small tube of metal was able to affect the overall speed of a heavily weighted piece of machinery. His thought broke as he saw Vspog open the driver's side door, and jump quickly inside. He started the car, put his foot down hard on the gas, and never looked back.

"What about the.." everSOL faintly asked about the sheet kiaruppe.
"We don't need it." Vspog snapped, pushing everSOL upward.
everSOL's body remained in an upward position, though his head tilted down.
He looked down to his dark black pants, and steel painted boots, with empty eyes.
"I'm sorry." everSOL braced both of his arms to his stomach.
"No, everSOL. It wasn't you. There was just something weird back there."
"Wha?" He now noticed that Vspog was full of frantic jitter.
"I.. don't know. Just something I was not about to stick around to find out."
"Oh." everSOL looked out the window, to see that they were still traveling very fast.
"So, about-"

everSOL had exhausted himself from lifting the truck those few moments; he could heard only two words of what Vspog heard. His eyelids were so attracted to the surface, that he could no longer hold them awake. As his eyes closed, he lost feeling to his body, and cracked his mouth open. He dreamt of the one he saw, looking up at him, from that perch high atop the world's being. He began to dream of her.

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Composed, Written, Drawn, Conceptualized, and even Directed by Insignificant Entity.
All is fictional. This novel's contents and life's content alike.