Chapter 3 - Third Eye
Drawn by Insignificant Entity

A white imperfection appeared. Not in terms of contrast from a pure white shade. It was flawed in fourths. The black lines that damaged the white split it first horizontally, then vertically, though both cracks merged together before one, such as you, could notice. The thick black lines began to thin, and then fade, as a mouth swallowed that white imperfection. The mouth turned those four blocks of imperfection into four teeth, and straightened them out to give them a nice new home. This flat mouth showed itself to be quite a mirror into the owner of the mouth, as the owner's green face appeared to be just as flat, though not as lifeless, as any spherical face. The owner's green face held aloft an oversized hat which stemmed out at its thin top. It clashed red and purple with purple and red. Just below the hat roamed two black arcs that acted as eyes for it to see out of. It appeared to be smiling. This green smiling face faded backwards, revealing a like-minded suit which, too, clashed red and purple with purple and red. Its unattached hands were small green circles, as were its linear feet that did not connect to a pair of red and purple pants, which did not connect to its purple and red suit.

"Welcome to the exciting new game show.." It flew around a now visible stage, which gleamed of orange.
The floating eccentric creature circled both of its detached hands around a fancy word that acted as a title.
This title now appeared. The lowercase letterings of the exciting new game show did not stand in bold rebellion.
This word - "References" - had a focal on the first, uppercase, letter. It was arranged in strangely enough.. English.
"I am your nameless host, LAK." The red and purple suited maniac introduced itself to be nameless.
"And this is my equally nameless, carefree, multi-coloured, paper-thin 'co-host' ....LAKie."
The floating hands of LAK circled around the figure introduced as LAKie. LAKie seemed rather.. dead.
The sound of many two hands intersecting sounded from in front of the orange-scented stage.
Along with these two handed sounds came whistles and high-pitched screams, calling the nameless name of LAKie.
LAKie bowed, its round de-attached sphere of a head bouncing off the waxed floor.
"Now let us introduce our contestants, shall we?"
A roar of approval screamed from the audience, the audience that sat in front of the orange-scented stage.
LAKie, which appeared as a strong blue colour now, vanished into a similar orange colour to that of the stage.

"Our first contestant is Kid everSOL, a mild mannered child from some small town located a hundred or so miles north of the city of Yesno. His interests include playing video games and severely injuring all of his arms and legs at the driver's hands of a motor vehicle. Ha, I was just joking around with you, Kid everSOL."
"Oh, that's okay LAK. Thanks for having me on the show." Kid everSOL was glad to be on the show, it was his first appearance on a-
"No problem kid. Now our next contestant is pHacker everSOL, an activist against many subjects who lives deep within the heart of the monstrosity that is Yesno. His interests include the act of pHacking, which is breaking into the accounts of website users, adding statements within the coding, and then re-uploading it in order to grab people's attentions. This act has been going on since before these "pHackers" began writing their own messages - often times political in nature - when website hosts would embed advertisements within the coding, in order to corrupt the code created by honest, hard working, young website developers."
"I'm glad you did research of the act of pHacking, LAK. I'm impressed." And indeed, pHacker everSOL was impressed. Most of the time, when there came conversation about pHacking, the speaker would just lie through their teeth some crap about how the art of pHacking was a crime of terrorism.
"I am glad to have pleased you, pHacker everSOL." LAK whispered something as he floated near pHacker everSOL's head.
"Heh. Nah, I'm not going to pHack your shit. Besides, LAKie would slaughter me." pHacker everSOL pointed to the jolly green.. thing.
Cheers escaped the audience at the sound of the nameless name of LAKie. Others, however, cheered for the word slaughter.
"And finally, coming to us live from the planet of AKIN is John Ebersole, whom you at home know much better as everSOL the Valiant. His interests include.. nothing. Now he just works at the red Happy Coffee-Coffee next to the orange, and yellow, Happy Coffee-Coffee in southern Yesno, despite living in northern Yesno, and having a keen hatred towards the smell and taste of coffee. And when he's not working at that Happy Coffee-Coffee, he's at home sleeping away his once glorious life. But I speak truthfully.. this is quite sad." LAK patted everSOL the Valiant on the shoulder, in bitter sympathy.
He nodded peacefully, remembering that while he was bested on Urf, at least he could have some fun on this liberating planet of AKIN. pHacker everSOL lifted his third finger to the audience, to see if the audience would react. It cheered pHacker everSOL on, as Kid everSOL smiled and waved into the camera. The simulated perfect home audience of human beings waved back, emotionless and absolutely.. perfect.

"Now that we have been introduced to our fine contestants of everSOL's past.. let the game show begin." LAK centered itself at the front of the camera.
LAK continued to smile its insane smile, as the wandering sphere-esque hand of LAK circled around the now dark pink head and body of LAKie.
The rounded sphere of a hand, owned by LAK, then returned closer to the arm of LAK, from which it strayed away from. This was the signal.
"Yes, fans of the References game show. The moment you've all waited for.." Appropriately, the signal was named 'the signal of doom.'
The now cyan head of LAKie fled from the now cyan bodied LAKie. And flew up close to the camera, where the head of LAKie exploded.
"But sorry, no fake ketchup blood. LAKie drank all of it." The studio audience, in an almost harmony, a sigh in their empty sadness.
They would not be able to be splattered with the fake ketchup blood. A true catastrophe, except, the head of LAKie did still explode.
This event still caused a large amount of excitement from both audiences. Everyone can enjoy the explosion of the named head of the nameless LAKie.

"Shit," everSOL awoke from the exciting new game show called References, and tried to make sense of the.. dream?
everSOL was now in a semi-well lit bedroom, complete with bed and walk-in floor space, helping the title of 'bedroom' be more realistic.
Light made its valiant entrance through a lone window appearing to the opposite side of the door, located on his left.
"Hmm.. that dream was...." He looked around the room, attempting to remember where everything was located.
everSOL searched his memory banks, trying to remember the perfect word to summarize the eccentric dream.. and did.
"That dream was spifftaculifical." He laughed slightly as he thought of how utterly stupid the word sounded. But it was a fun word.
And at times, it was the only word which could summarize an emotion or an event. Which spifftaculifical did with that event.
With that idea out of his mind, he sat up in the bed he occupied. He shook his head and noticed around the room he also occupied. Again.
"So that part about Vspog and.. AKIN was it? That happened?" He ran his covered left hand through his green hair. And cracked his neck.
He swung his legs from underneath the white sheets he slept under. His warm feet made contact with the cold wooden floor.
They did not make a very good couple. The floor wanted to see other feet, when all his feet ever wanted was to feel needed.
Standing now, his eyes searched for clean socks. But there were no clean socks. He then looked for the socks he wore. None.
"Dot dot dot dot. No socks?" everSOL walked to the door. The lantern monitored, still off, the room on its small table.
The door opened at the twist of his hand, it swung inwards, and he stepped out to the exterior, cheerfully.
As he stepped toward the top stair, to descend into life anew, he heard the sounds of interior bickering.

"Did I do my family right by coming here to Akintunde?"
This is what everSOL heard, as he stood on the top stair.
"I suppose it doesn't matter now." everSOL crouched down.
As he did, he noticed Vspog sitting in his favourite teal chair.
"They're both.. gone." Vspog continued, not aware of everSOL.
"It probably was.. my fault." everSOL moved down a silent step.
"They would have been much better off in Eville." everSOL continued his quiet descent.
"Why did I take them here?" everSOL was now half way from the top and bottom.
"If only I-" everSOL became sickened by the path of Vspog's conversation.

"I'm sure you did what was best for them." everSOL spoke with truth.
Vspog became surprised, not knowing that everSOL was behind him.
He turned toward everSOL. "How are you sure? You didn't even get to know them."
"You seem like a nice guy, Vspog," He spoke from the bottom of the house's stairs.
"From that, you probably wouldn't do what was worst for them." everSOL concluded, with a step forward.
"I cared for both of them.. and now they're gone." Vspog's fatigued face looked downward, and watered.
"Could you tell me what happened?" everSOL sat in the red chair he enjoyed yesterday. It was still enjoyable, even now.
"Well, I lived with my wife.. in Eville, until we moved to Akineon where, where.. my baby girl was born." Vspog then paused.
"Why didn't your wife give birth to your baby where you were? This Eville place?"
"Give? Why would my wife give birth?" Vspog began rubbing his watered eyes.
"Because that's the way it works. You and your wife.. 'ahem.' Then later on, a baby comes by."
"Ahem? Oh.. The old birthing procedure. You wouldn't be familiar with the new procedure, then."
"I'm not much interested in this new method. Please continue, though." everSOL was interested in this story of ..Vspog's.
Vspog continued. "We decided it was best to stay in Akineon, since Eville has always been known for having polluted air."
"I see." everSOL reclined in the red chair, which had no accompanying leg rest.
"Since we moved housing, we also had to find new jobs. I worked for one of Eville's largest newspaper companies.. My wife was of high rankings in the Evillain Military. Needless to say, there was not much work for an article proffer or a military strategist in the small town of Akineon. I was able to find work. Some decent work around town as manual labor worker. But she wanted to stay at home, since our baby girl was still so very young, and I had to be out working so much. Which was okay. I still got to see both of them after it was dark, when I would be able to come home. They even made sure I was ready for work, complete with meals and support, when it was light out. It was quite hard, but they made it bearable for both them and me." He smiled slightly.
"Sounds like most households to me." everSOL meant 'most households' to not mean his own.
"We stayed in Akineon until our baby girl was able to start learning how to write Akinese.."
"Akinese?" This term was foreign to everSOL. It seemed for once, he was the one asking.
"That is AKIN's written language, everSOL. While our baby girl was learning to write Akinese, we decided it was best to move south into the heart of Akin Forest. First we moved south, past the port town of Akinios, to the rich town of Akinence. Everything was much too expensive in Akinence, so we moved out of the heart, to Akintra in the east. Akintra ended up being the direct opposite of Akinence, except it seemed that security was not a very high priority in that town. We continued on, to this nice town of Akintunde." At this point, Vspog's eyes had not watered in quite a while. Perhaps talking helped him feel better.
"Why Akintunde?" This town didn't seem that special to him, which prompted him to ask just what made this town special.
"Simple. There was a good job available here, working at the Armor Shop. Mainly polishing equipment, when it needed it."
"Then why are you picking that root crap now? Wouldn't that take you down to.. that one town?"
"Akinnera. Well, working at the Armor Shop was a dream to me. I did still have to work, which was not a problem for me. But I only had to come in when I was needed, for things such as polishing armor, tending the store, and such. As such, I was able to be there for my family much more. I was even able to help our baby girl learn Akinese, and.. But...." everSOL lost eye contact with Vspog, who, as his words faded, held his head down towards the floor.
everSOL stood. He wanted to pat Vspog on the shoulder, or at least do something, to help his now crying friend.

Vspog looked up quickly at everSOL. "And now they're dead, everSOL. It's all my fault."
The force of this statement caused everSOL to fall back down into the chair, irregularly.
"Damn.." The arm of the chair collided with the lower part of everSOL's back, causing him to fall into the chair even more.
"They would have been much better off in Eville. If only we had moved back home instead. You would have been able to-"
"Argh. Damn you Vspog.. can't you just stop blaming yourself for one fucking minute, and just tell me what the hell happened?"
everSOL was now positioned with his back curved over the armrest, his hair stood downward. Which wasn't exactly "nice feeling."
"Don't get angry with me, everSOL." He felt his upper body being lifted out of the curvature.
He lifted his head to see the top of his shirt and a side of Vspog he had yet to see before.
"My.. back is angering me." everSOL pointed to the collision of his body and the firm chair's right arm.
Vspog pushed everSOL to the center of the chair, with help from his free right arm, turned, and walked.
"Where do you think you're going? It's still quite a distance to Akintunde." Vspog stopped.
"That's what the Vspog I know told me as I walked away from him. You remember that?"
"You still have not told me what you're dressed in."
"You still have not finished your damn story.."
"I am going off to sleep, everSOL. We are not going to be talking about this anymore, or again."
He used his antagonist, the right armrest, and his protagonist, the left armrest, to stand upward.
"Like hell you are. You're going to sit, and we're going to finish this conversation. Now then, please sit."

everSOL put his right hand on Vspog's shoulder, which still did not face him. There came a silence. Then Vspog's hand came up and over his shoulder, and grabbed everSOL's arm. He then pushed the arm off to his right, stepped aside, and pushed the one with green hair away from him. everSOL spread out his arms and tried to prevent from falling too hard, but a force pulled the back of his shirt from hitting the floor. This caused him to make a choking sound, so he grabbed the neckline of the shirt, to enable himself to breathe.

"What would your family think of what you've become, Vspog? Or shall I tell them, myself?"
"Silence, you incompetent fool." The black haired man removed his grip from the thick shirt.
everSOL swiftly moved his hands out, and harshly fell on both of them.
"Uh.. getting beat up by this guy can't be good for my self esteem-"
"....Estene.." everSOL saw, from underneath his left arm, Vspog fall to his knees.
He pushed himself over, so that now he was turned on his back. Away from that violent man.
"Estene, my love. I.. I have lived my life.. in vain." everSOL looked over to see the violent man's tears.
everSOL thought to himself that 'love is such an archaic term.' But then, he remembered, Vspog.

"Is Estene your wife?" His right check was still on the floor, but even at that angle, he was able see Vspog cringe, and nod.
"Then why do you squirm at her name?" everSOL then noticed that the room was not as bright as it once had been.
"When.. Estene and.... Pers, my baby girl, died.. I cried out their names until.. I couldn't anymore."
Vspog repositioned himself, and folded his legs in, so he could sit down on the floor, near everSOL.
"I don't want to ask what happened to them.. you seem very hurt by it, Vspog." He looked up at Vspog, whose face he could now see, again.
"Thank you. I suppose it is best to tell you, though.. Once, they were just fine, but then while I slept, I was awakened by Estene. She told me that her hands hurt, and that she hadn't even done anything to cause it. I wasn't able to respond that well, but I did tell her to relax, and that she would be fine."
"I would have said about the same thing." He slowly lifted up both of his thumbs toward Vspog.
"Hmm.. And then, when I awoke again, I checked on her. Both of her hands now had a slight green tint to them, and it was the same case with Pers."
"Did.. did you contact any doctors?" everSOL looked at his own hands, though they were gloved by cloth, and wondered about his own hands.
"They called it.. I think, Nain Syndrome." Vspog rubbed his rough chin.
"Nain? You mean the musician?" He recalled a guitarist of Green Tentacle.
"I did not ask. At the time, I was much more concerned about my family."
"Oh, sorry. Please go on." everSOL did not mean to pester about the name.
"The doctors said it was in a late stage of the disease, and that there was nothing we could do. They reassured Estene, Pers and I that it was a rare enough disease to where everyone else was fine. Even I, apparently, was fine. But I did not much care for everyone else. I wanted my family to be fine."
"So, I'm fine.. too?"
"I suppose you are."
"At least the doctors told you it was in a late stage of the disease, Vspog."
"Why is that important? It just means that they were late in the disease."
"That means that you were not the cause of the disease, because if they were in an early stage of this Nain Syndrome, than they would not have had the disease long enough to be caused by the town of Akintunde. So, they would have died of this terrible disease regardless of what town you resided in." everSOL breathed a sigh of relief, once he realized this. He was now free to live in Akintunde.
"I never thought about it like that. Thank you, for easing my mind, everSOL the Valiant." Vspog began to stand.
"Just remember that you did what was best for them, regardless of what happened." everSOL stretched his legs.
"I will. I am beginning to understand why you are called everSOL the Valiant.."
"So am I, Vspog.."

He looked up at the standing blue clothed man. "Now you're off to bed?"
"Indeed, the room is dark. Shall I help you to your feet?" Vspog offered his hand.
"Would it be okay if I stayed here, on the floor?" He put his hands behind his green hair.
"Only if you want to." Vspog withdrew his hand; now both were at his side.
"Yes, I would like to." everSOL relaxed his body upon the stiff wood floor.
"I shall get a blanket for you, then." Vspog began to walk to the darkened stairs.
"Much appreciated." everSOL watched him climb the stairs, from his reversed view.

As the ever-slightly aged man walked the stairs into the next story, and fade into the darkness that enveloped that second story, everSOL began to feel his eyes betray him. They were loyal at first, but then they began to close on him. He tried to keep them open for viewing; no matter how much rubbing he did though, the eyes still remained fatigued. After he could no longer see Vspog, in theory or in reality, he lost his ability to see the world for what it was.

He did not close his eyes. His eyes closed him.

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