Chapter 4 - Ivy
Conceptualized by Insignificant Entity

He did not open his eyes. His eyes opened him.

The once light brown haired, but now green haired, man rolled off the right hand and arm of which he lay, sleeping away his life. Although the hand did belong to him, it did not at this moment. It betrayed him with a swell, to which he cast it aside, hitting the cold wooden floor with a mute sound. A silent sound that resonated of pain, but was too numb to pain. He lifted his left hand towards his face, which cheerfully looked back, with a centralized finger clothed in red and four distant fingers, dressed in black, pursuing straightly ahead. It did not betray him, although his right hand did start to regain loyalty to the body of everSOL. He repositioned his body so that the weight of it was not supported by mainly his right arm, which allowed his right hand to fully regain loyalty to the cause. Moving about his head, everSOL observed the room from the polished wooden floor, and then realized that he had been resting on that same floor. As he moved his upper body upward, with his hair moving at a slight lag, and his brain floating off, he noticed that a thick blanket covered his lower body from the visibly cool air. With a swing of his right hand, he grabbed the blanket and floated into a standing position. From where he floated, though his vacant feet still held contact with the chilled floor, he was able to see the room in its entirety. There danced four idle chairs, of teal, red, teal, red, around an equally silent wooden table that flew below a hook-esque fixture that boxed in this room for living in. Behind these fine pieces of furniture climbed a flight of stairs that started in the right manner, but left upstairs in a disappearing manner. That was to his right, but to his left was an open door. Inside the door, a kitchen appeared. Tossing the free forming blanket onto the closer red chair, his brain sank back to him, and followed him into the kitchen.

"This is a very clean kitchen," the man with the oddly patched shirt thought, as he entered the very clean kitchen. In the center of the kitchen dried an island that acted as a table, storage container, and coherently like-minded piece of the kitchen. Circling around the kitchen were equally coloured counters, and wooden shelves that gave the kitchen a feeling that it lacked something. Technology. There appeared a door to his left, which might probably have been there before, but just did not appear in his mind until his realization that this room was not technologically advanced. His feet walked him over to the second door in the kitchen. A wooden door, it was, one which stood out against the white walls in only a plain manner. As he moved his left hand towards the doorknob, he became glad that the knob was not located in the center, because he would not be able to open the door if it were located in the center. With little effort, he was able to open the door, which swung towards him. Behind the door, he was able to see into the outside, through a room of boxed goods, and over a youthful, yet aged, black haired man in blue work clothes. The man who carried a tool over his left shoulder was surprised, his right hand still extended near the doorknob.

The man recovered. "Ah good, everSOL. I'm glad that you are awake."
"Nice hoe you got there, Vspog." everSOL responded in a laughing manner.
"This is a perfectly fine piece of equipment. Hand crafted by the best-"
"That was just a joke my.. friends.. and I used to like saying about hoes."
everSOL noticed that Vspog stood in what appeared to be a storage room.
"Here, let me show you what I've been doing with this hoe." He turned.
everSOL laughed slightly as he followed the man and his hoe at a distance.

From outside of the house, both stood on a finely crafted porch.
The porch, which ended at both sides of the house, now supported a lone hoe.
"Quite a garden you've got here, Vspog." He observed the garden from the porch.
"Thank you. I mainly use it for meals, so it isn't as large as many other gardens."
This garden, which was sorted into fourths, was indeed, quite a garden. A small garden.
The further right half consisted of many tall gray spikes.
The further left half consisted of many small green bushes.
The closer right half consisted of only a few reddish white flowers.
The closer left half consisted of a few bumps shaded light red, dark pink and black.
"I've never seen anything like these before." everSOL looked out into the vast unknown.
"Not even Days? Days are the most popular of these crops." However, it was not unknown.
"I've heard of days. The time between sunrise and sunset is a day." It was both known and unknown.
"No.... a Day is like an Hour, except Hours have a much more sour taste to them." Yet it was neither.
"An hour is sixty minutes, and twenty four hours make a day. It is a period of time, not some plant."
"You're such a peculiar person, everSOL." Vspog laughed, walking off the porch, into the finite known.
"No," everSOL remained on the porch, "you're the weird one. These aren't days or hours at all."
"Perhaps you shouldn't sleep on the floor as much. Here, some look at this taste filled Day."
Vspog crouched over a pinkish red bump, with his hands digging around the soil near by it.
"I can see from here." everSOL could barely see the blue clothed man, let alone the bump.
"No, come here. I want you to see this." He turned his head, and waited for everSOL.
"Fine." The man that was not wearing boots walked into the garden of eccentricity.
Vspog still dug around the soil near the bump, only now the soil was no longer level.
"This is called a Day," he began to lift it from its ground, "fresh out of the ground good."
"Um.. cool." everSOL extended his right hand out slightly and lifted his thumb.
"Try it." Vspog broke off one half of the plant that looked like a pink fishing hook.
"Nah, I'm fine." He waved his hand, implying that he did not want to experience the Day.
"Your loss." The black haired man bit into the tasty plant as he stood slightly taller than everSOL.

This height difference noticed Vspog, chewing the Day.
"Did you notice that you aren't wearing any boots?"
He looked down to see his feet covered in a thick layer of soil.
"No.. I didn't." everSOL did not enjoy it when his feet became dirty.
"I will get you a pan, then, with water in it.. You can sit on the bench."
everSOL followed the aim of Vspog's finger to the silently secure porch.
On the porch, close to the door leading inside, existed a slab of bench.
"I'm sorry about that, Vspog." everSOL said, walking to the porch.
"I forgot to ask you if you had your boots on. So we're even."
As though by a race, the older man beat everSOL to the porch.
"I guess you're right." He now stood on the supportive wooden porch.
everSOL turned around, and sat down at the side closer to the door.
He looked out into the garden, not sure if it was still unknown or not.
"Here comes the water. I'm sorry that it isn't warm, I keep all of the water cold."
He looked over at the pan, lifted up his feet, and waited for the pan to be stable.
The water within the pan stopped shaking, so he lunged both feet into the water.
His body was shocked by the cold. He almost fell over, but Vspog held him still.
"You shouldn't do that. It's similar to jumping into warm water, except, not, actually."
everSOL nodded as Vspog let go of his brown and gray shoulders, and sat on the bench.
The view was actually quite nice from that bench on the porch on Vspog's house.
From it, one could see the small garden, and even the impending forest line.

Both stared out into the view, when Vspog formed a question.
"What? I didn't hear you." He turned, replying with a question.
"I said," he said, not making eye contact, "would you like to visit the tavern?"
"Actually, I haven't drank in a while.." everSOL recalled old habits from his past.
"I'll buy you some P-Kia Juice. I know you'd like it." Though it was just a guess.
"Fine." He looked down at the floating soil particles within the watered pan.
"Shall we leave right now, or wait an hour, or something?" everSOL splashed his feet.
"Why should we wait for the Hours to grow?" Vspog's usage of the word confused him.
"I'll take that as a right now." This use of the word did not confuse the splashing man.
The black pants wearing one lifted both of his now clean feet from the soiled pan.
He noticed that the bottom of his pants were both clean of soil and wet from water.
"What should we do with the water?" everSOL looked over to see Vspog stand.
"I can use it to water the Quarts." The man reached for the pan and lifted it.
"Should I go get ready, then?" He watched Vspog walk slowly into the garden.
"Yes. Just wait in the passenger's seat of the truck. And remember your boots."
"Sounds like a mighty plan." everSOL said, as he fulfilled his part of the might-filled plan.

The exterior of the blue truck seemed rather ancient. It lacked some of the technological advances that everSOL had come to expect from most trucks, and any automatic vehicular medium, for that matter. But judging purely from what it was, and not from what it was not, it seemed to be a fair truck. He might have even opted to drive a truck similar to this, back when he remembered how to operate a few types of vehicles. But now, he could no longer recall any operating skills, let alone how to drive anything, so he stood at the passenger's side door to the truck, instead of the driver's side door. The door seemed to be unlocked, so he attempted to open the door with his left hand.. and did. The interior of the aged truck did not seem as ancient as the exterior presented itself to be. It had fine, clean seat covers, and the seats were comfortable. He wanted to see if the seats were just as comfortable as he remembered them to be, so he lifted the bottom of his left pant leg along with his boots and foot into the truck, and sat up into the truck. Indeed, the seats were just as comfortable as he remembered them to be, he sat thinking, as he left his right leg out of the truck. Letting his leg dangle outside, he lightly hitting his fingers on the dashboard until he got bored of it, before bringing the leg inside. The force of his arm closed the door, but the force of nothing closed his eyes.

"Sorry I bored you to sleep." A voice said visibly from somewhere.
"Crap." everSOL opened his eyes, and waited for the world to load.
"Kiaruppe?" Vspog now appeared to be sitting in the driver's seat.
"Yeah. Where'd that crap go off to?" He rubbed his unclothed face.
"I would have invited you to come along, but you were sleeping.."
"So you were actually able to get someone to buy that weird crap?"
Vspog turned to the green haired man with a plain and empty face.
"You seem surprised. Kiaruppe is a very sought-after product."
"It doesn't mean much to me, though." His thoughts trailed off..
"So you know how to drive this ancient piece of junk, Vspog?"
"..Ancient? ..Junk? everSOL, this is a very finely crafted work of art."
"Isn't it a rather antique model, though?" He tried not to upset him, again.
"This is the newest in personal machinery. Can't make anything better than this."
"If you say so.." everSOL tried not to laugh at the realization that he knew of better.
"Are you ready to go?" The driven man wearing blue clothes asked in an exited manner.
"Sure, just let me sleep along the way." He closed his eyes to the world, though he could not sleep.
"I wonder, everSOL. Why do you sleep so much?" Mainly, he saw black, but he also saw a bright red.
"Some call it a good habit, others say a bad one. I just have nothing left to do, but sleep. That's why."
everSOL felt a slight force on his shoulder, so he nodded, and let sleep devour him.

There was a vast area of darkness. It spun him around and around and around again, while his feet remained fixed, even if he could not see his feet or his own body for that matter. As he rotated, he began to see a bright light in a fixed position. The light stood, frozen, each time he made a revolution, and as his revolutions stopped, the light became visible. It was not a light, it was a person. A person who befriended him when he could not even befriend himself. He floated closer towards the only one who he had ever truly became friends with. As he did, the darkness dimmed, and a world appeared. What came with this world was a mass of people, identical in every manner, crowded as far as he could see. Every of the mass stood in one direction, behind the man who could not see his own green hair. Some faced the man, others did not. But they did not see the man, or his friend. Those people looked to a general direction where a pattern of sound echoed off of the darkness, in every direction until he too could hear the sound. But he did not hear the pattern of sound that came from behind him. He heard only the sound of the her voice, his friend's voice, in a tone that both panicked and motivated him. From behind the distressed voice appeared a looming figure. The barely human was larger than his friend, himself, or even the whole world. The intimidating person stood near his life, too close to her, and he could not let this foul creature harm the only one that kept him living, although he was not as concerned about his own life as he was about the life of his trusted friend. His eyes burned with such fire that his body shot forward, his feet flung behind him, into the vermin of a human. The creature fell, and was only supported by the darkness which consumed this damnable world. And he stooped down onto the creature, with his left hand covering its throat, and his right arm in striking position. He looked down, through the fire, deep into the fright of the tainted man that had tried to defy the safety of his only friend. This wretched creature began a pity for the safety of his own life. Pathetic, his fingers reasoned, as both dived into the face of the man. The longer finger did not make contact, but the shorter finger struck into the face with a greater force than even the owner of the gouging fingers had expected. The finger squished around the face, with thick red liquid flowing faster onto the face, with every rotation of his finger. The man again looked through the fire to see a monster in deserving pain, with one eye not looking back at the fire. This pleasured the man, so his finger exited the face, without a touch of red coating it, and both hands joined in harmony, around the monster's neck. Death. Death was what this fiend was owed. But just as the fiend joined death and justice, he heard a foreign sound; one that did not take place within the fantasy that allowed him to seek revenge against those who wronged his life.

It was the sound of his own voice, streaming out an endless scream, one which did not even pause to take a breath. He tried to close the stream of inaudible shouting, but his mouth would not close, not even with the aid of his hands that would have taken off his tongue just to stop the stream. He then felt a freezing sensation burn the face he could not see. It extinguished the fire that had consumed his emotions, and allowed him to open his eyes. At first, when his eyes opened, he had to look through a thin layer of anger which still burned within the fire of his eyes, but he was eventually able to see his fully clothed body sitting in a closed compartment. Through the windows in this compartment, he saw individual people looking into him around the circular area that inhabited them. He looked over to his left, and saw an exhausted man with a fretted face and an emptied pail, which still had a small ring of water floating inside of it.

"Ah." The man said as his whole body breathed, "Good. You've awakened."
He bellowed something in the same loud voice that, before, he could not stop.
"You need to breathe. Just compose yourself, and breathe, everSOL."
The man who named himself everSOL, began to breathe once again.
The man disappeared, and in his disappearance, he heard him call out.
"Everything's fine, everyone. He was being consumed by a horrid dream, but he's fine now."
The people who had been minding at him no longer minded him and returned to their lived lives.
The man returned, only now without the emptied pail, and closed the door as he sat into the truck.
"You're safe now, everSOL. But are you okay?" The man handed everSOL a cloth to towel his face.
"Tal.. I miss her so much." Not just the thrown water that dampened him was in need of drying.
"Is this Tal your wife?" He patted the shoulder of the man recovering from the horrid dream.
"No. Not at all. She's just.. my only friend." The man buried his face and green hair into the green cloth.
"I, Vspog, am your friend. You know that, right?" everSOL's face was still engulfed in the cloth.
"I.. I just.. couldn't help her. I wanted to.. murder that bastard.. but all I could do was.... watch."
Vspog attempted to speak, in between the crying man's stuttering, but was interrupted each time.
"I, I did knock him over, but.. then... then I was being dragged away.. She was so proud of me, but I-"
"The both of you are safe now, right?" He was able to gather the courage to speak loud enough to interrupt him.
"Um, I think I'm okay. And.. Tal. She was really happy the last time...." He began to cry into the moistened cloth.
"So that should be the most important thing, then. Right?" Vspog asked, still trying to be a comforting person.
"I.. still need revenge from that bastard.." everSOL began to rub his eyes with the soft, yet green, fabric.
"Both of you are fine, though. Why do you seek revenge, then?" The blue clothed man asked.
"I don't.... I don't want it to happen.. to her again." He did not, and would not let it.
"That's a very valiant thing to say, but are you sure you could protect her?"
"She was the one who started calling me.. everSOL the Valiant."
"So you weren't trying to be arrogant when you said that?"
"She used to say that I was her.. valiant hero."
"I'm sure you still are, mister Valiant."
He could not respond.
Or forget.

The man with red cloth circling the lower half of his patched shirt cried with even more pain.
He remembered everything. He remembered how she visited him when he was dead.
He remembered even before that, when he was full of life. And how..
How the world died, and then how it painfully murdered him.
How she had been the only one to even see his corpse.
And how she carried his life back to his body.
He was then able to respond. "Home."
He did not care about himself.
He wanted to go home.
The only home he..
lived for.

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