Chapter 6 - Vi`
Destroyed by Insignificant Entity

"Sorry, I can't think of anything right now."
"Why not, everSOL?"
"I've been thinking a lot about Tal over the past days.
From when I first met her, in person.
To more recently, when I first met her, again.
But a lot of the thoughts are really scattered."
"Well, that's okay everSOL.
I can take you home.
It's not far for me to drive."
"Thanks Yornaem, but I don't wanna go home now.
All of these nice friends want to hear my stories."
"If you're not up to it everSOL, it'd be okay.
My little brother can drop you off, right Yornaem?"
"Indeed, Maineam.
It is okay everSOL.
Everyone understands."
"I would like to at least say something, though."
"Your voice does sound tired."
"That, and your almost sleeping state, doesn't help."
"Keeping my eyes closed helps me focus better.
You both know that."
"Well, if you're tired, it'll affect the story."
"I know, Th.
Well, how about this..
Ask me about anything."
"What isn't anything?
Is there anything we can't ask?"
"Besides that?
Well, how about the type of stuff H usually asks.."
"H left for, I think Akinnera, with Vspog..
They were.. I forget."
"You're right, Non.
They went to Akinnera, a few Days ago..
That's what 'the time between sunrise and sunset is' right?"
"everSOL was talking about time a few weeks ago.
We can't remember anything, can we Th?"
"Nah, it's just me being around you, little brother.
Don't give me that look Non; it was banter.
Look, I'm sorry, but anyway-"
"I know about Vspog, he's letting me house sit, remember?
From what I recall, he went with H to Akinnera about four days ago.
There were some problems with the Kia processing plant-thing down there.
I think the local intelligence was stumped, so they came up and asked Vspog.
Since Vspog knows a lot about all that crap, heh, they needed his advice.
H also knows about those things, like P-Kia Juice and sheet kiaruppe.
Which is why H went along, but they'll be back in less than a week.
Which will be about five days, I think that's what they said.
Rather than a standard seven days, which is a week."
"I keep getting that mixed up.
So, seven days is one week?"
"That's exactly right, Yornaem.
And one day is around twenty-four hours or so-"
"Um.. sorry for interrupting you, kind everSOL the Valiant.
By the way, how have you been doing after that most unfortunate fall?"
"Oh, hey Goshe.
It didn't really hurt too badly, though I was out for a little bit.
I think, uh, I do recall waking up in my bed.
But, I'm glad I didn't land on Meister."
"Me too, he's still just a small cat, a kitten isn't that what you called him?"
"Yes, Meister's just a kitten right now.
But when he gets bigger, he'll be the best cat around."
"That is not why I interrupted you, however.
I wanted to ask how you were doing, first.
I wanted to ask you about 'anything.'
Yet then Non asked you 'anything?' first."
"Sorry Goshe, sir, I did not mean to be rude."
"You're okay, little Non.
Your parents are quite nice.
So I know you would not be vindictive."
"You wanted to ask me something, right Goshe?"
"Yes, yes.
I wanted to ask you about something you said about Tal.
Tal is your friend from your place of origins, Earth, right?"
"It was once called that, yes.
But then everything changed.
Its morals and even its name.
Tal told me about its new name."
"Well, about what you said.
You said that you 'first met her, in person.'
Then you said you 'first met her, again.'
I am not trying to be rude, so I will ask kindly.
What were you inferring, when you said this?"

The answer is a very long story.
And I really wouldn't know where to start.
But, basically..
I wasn't able to talk to her for a really long of time.
So I managed to forget her.
My best friend, of all people."
"Thank you for the clarification, everSOL the Valiant."
"No problem, Goshe.
But, talking about it did remind me of something."
"Did it remind you of a story?"
"Indeed, it did, Non.
I don't feel like telling the whole story.
But this one 'scene,' if you will, is really clear right now."
"Would you be able to tell this part of the story, everSOL?"
"I think I'm able to, Maineam."
"Well, just tell as much as you're able to.
We don't want to pressure you or anything."
"Not at all."
"Thanks guys, and Maineam.
Wasn't it a smaller group this time?"
"Yes, I think we usually have twice as many people.
Vspog and H are, of course, down in Akinnera.
Kurstd and Sintheya went away for a while....
Aren't they having their first child?
"Yep, they said they'd be back when the baby was healthy.
Or something with more of that keen Gallonese accent.
And there are always a few people that come occasionally."
"Did you still want to tell your story, everSOL the Valiant?"
"Yes, I almost forgot it.
Thank you for reminding me."
"Is there any pre-thought we should keep in mind?"

"Well, this story takes place during that time in my life I mentioned.

Where I wasn't able to talk to anyone - for the longest of times.

Not even Tal, who's always supported, and been nice, to me.

During that time, I worked at this one coffee store.

Coffee is that really strong smelling stuff.

I forget if I talked about it or not.

During that time, most of my day would be consumed with that job.

In some way or another.

Either I'd be actually working there.

Or I'd be on my way there.

The uniform I had to wear was brown and yellow.

Brown like the coffee, and yellow like the cups, I remember.

I always had to work as a cashier.

Which wasn't so bad, because..

This one time, I met a person while I was cashier-ing.

She walked in through the door, while I was tending to a customer.

I said hello, because that's what I was suppose to do.

Normally people would just say hi back, without really meaning to say hi.

But this person said hello, waved, and even looked at me.

I already mentioned that the person was a "she," I guess.

Well, when she looked at me, it wasn't like 'you die now.'

It was more like she actually 'smiled' - warmly at that.

I hadn't felt that kind of 'warmth' in a whole long time.

I felt kind of embarrassed, she probably meant it for someone she cared about.

And I didn't even know I knew her, so I did feel embarrassed.

So I looked back at the customer, and the customer was all like 'are you there?'

That made me feel even more embarrassed.

I apologized and asked the customer what they wanted, again, I think.

This upset the customer, who then repeated what they said.

I didn't want to die, so I memorized the order.

I went over and made the order.

I forgot what the order was after I made it.

I got back and carefully set the coffee order down on the counter.

The customer took the coffee, put some money down, and left.

It was a dollar, or two Paras, too short.

The people who barely paid me didn't like that.

People there would pay too little money if they didn't like the price.

I used to do the same before this all happened, but that was behind me.

It would upset me sometimes, too.

But anyways.

There were now three people in line to be served.

Nuthin much to talk about with the first two people.

The third person in that line was that person I saw entering.

She had this really nice looking red hair.

And she wore a really clean and white kind of thick looking shirt.

I asked her what I asked the other two people, 'what would you like?'

She said 'to talk to you.'

I really got kind of nervous.

She then said that I was okay.

And said my name.


It was on my nameplate though, so it wasn't that dramatic.

But I still felt scared.

Since no one ever wanted to talk to me then.

Except to yell at me or give me an order.

That made me scared when anyone would speak to me.

She wasn't yelling at me.

Yet, I feared.

I apologized for my flaw.

She said 'no, I'm sorry John, I didn't mean to startle you.'

From her tone, it seemed as though she knew me at the time.

Though, at the time, I didn't know she really did know me.

I was going to ask about her order.

But she already started to say her, well, request.

It didn't sound like an 'order.'

It sounded more like a request.

People would say things like 'get me an..' or 'I want an.'

But she said 'may I please have one of those?'

She pointed at one of the cookies near the register.

I found it and opened the thing with the cookies and stuff.

I placed the tongs over the one I thought it was.

She nodded and smiled with that same warmth.

It made me feel happy, inside.

She asked me about when I got off work, while she got out the money.

I didn't know.

She helped me by asking if I got out at the closing time.

I worked until the store closed.

I think I told her that.

She said 'in about an hour?'

I didn't know.

She told me that the store closed in about an hour.

I didn't really pay attention to the time.

There was no one else in line.

She looked around, to see if there was anyone waiting in line.

I still had that large cookie in the tongs.

I realized it, and felt embarrassed again.

I put the cookie into a sleeve and gave it to her.

She smiled again, but it didn't look forced or anything.

She handed me the money, and asked me if it was correct.

It looked correct, though I did have to make sure about two or three times.

It was correct.

I was finally able to ask her something.

'Why do you.. want to..

Talk.. to..


I really felt stupid for asking that.

I thought it sounded stupid, even.

She didn't seem to think I sounded retarded or anything.

She said 'because I would like to be your friend.'


'Is that okay, John?'


She nodded.

I didn't know I knew what a friend was.

She then said that we could talk more about that after my shift.

And asked me if she could sit down at one of the tables.

I nodded.

She smiled and went to go sit down.

After this, my memory fails him.

The next thing I remember is standing in this alley.

I, the person I was just talking about, was there too.

I had just crouched down to pick something up.

I remember what it was, though it wasn't something important, John.

I then stood up, and she hugged me.

And then I or she or he or really she said 'thank you ev





the n


no th ing."



wa n t

to go o.."

"I opened his eyes from his monologue speech and I saw his huddled corpse surrounded by his crowd of friends without my best friend and he needed his best friend not because their best friend wasn't there but because- Stop it. I'm sorry- You need to stop that. i'm sorry- No failure, you need to stop your lies, now. im s orr y- Stop whispering, thief. ia mtr ying- Stop stuttering, nameless filth. iamsoorryypleaseeSSTTOPimsorrypleas- Quit crying you worthless shit. yo uuareh urti nga ndhi tti ngmeii iii- DO WE NEED TO START THIS LESSON AG-"

"..john. John."

"T al?"

"John! Are you okay, you're crying.."

"ii im iss y y ouu. aar ey oouok ay?"

"Yes John. Now that you're back in my life, I am overwhelmingly happy."

"yyo uar rehap pppy?"

"Yes, John. I am happy and safe. Please don't worry about me right now."

"iin eeeeed dtoo. wh att iifyu oge tther t?"

"If I get hurt, then I will recover. And then we will be fine."

"buu ttyoo uran-"

"I know I am, John honey, but I'm one that's fine right now."

"re re rea llly?"

"Yes, yes. When you're done there, you can come back. I promise."

"But, until then, I'll be fine. Please trust me."

"iiw illt al."

"I will Tal."

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