Chapter 7 - Vie
Bloodied by Insignificant Entity

A main, dreary backdrop. It was a forested area, where an old cabin waited in a silent comatose. There was a small lake behind the cabin, with only indifferent forests surrounding the cabin and the lake. It was late in that year, and the cabin had not been used since its warmer days that year. During that warmer time, one male and one female spent a short time in that cabin. These two friends paid that short time in happiness. And in their solace, they enjoyed that simple life.. without electricity, and working stoves. Now they returned to this cabin during this almost frozen state. Fog loomed in the air from memories past. They arrived by car, a gray car, which the friend with black hair drove. They only planned to stay there for a few days. However, this time they brought along a friend, a female that was a few years older than the other female, who now sat in the back seat. She was inaudibly upset with the male and female because she wanted to have a closer relationship with the male; she wanted to be Ins, that obstacle. Only, she could not be her, because he cared too much for Ins. She tried to mask this discontent, and the marching cold air allowed her to look upset toward the lack of heat, rather than the lack of ..heat. The cold car, an older model that was starting to show its age, slithered up to the cabin. The radio finished playing a decrepit round of the only music within range, before the driver turned it off to save their ears from that-

"Goddamn. Wasn't that shit horrible, Ins?" "Your fault for not getting a better model." "Yeah. I wasn't about to live without cable." "All you do is watch sports. That's on basic-" "Hey.. we're here to get away from that stuff." The female sitting in the back got out of the car. "She's right. Sorry Del." She smiled at the driver, Del. "So, what do you think of my dad's place, Esc?" Esc was now standing outside his car door. "Woah! I didn't see you! I thought you-" "Oh. Sorry Del. Here, let me get that." She opened his door as Ins had trouble. Del got out of the car and noticed Ins. Del ran over to help her out of the gray car. This upset Esc, who wasn't thanked for her effortless. - The three now stood at the front of the cabin. Del had his arm around Ins. Esc stood on the porch of the cabin, near the door. Del and Ins walked over to the cabin door and he opened it. He let Esc and Ins enter, before he entered and closed the door. - The interior of the cabin was small, but kept and tidy. Dust had scattered itself lightly amongst most of the furniture while it was abandoned, including the couch that tried to warm itself against the empty fireplace. There was enough room for three people to live comfortably. - Later that night, Del and Ins sat on the couch that sat before a controlled fire. The body of Ins was now cuddled in the arms of Del, who rested his head on hers. Esc put a small piece of firewood onto the fire, and sat next to Del who had less room to start with.

"The fire's dying." Ins woke down to his voice. "Time for sleep already?" She yawned innocently. "You already went to sleep Ins.." A current invaded her thoughts. "Should we do something else then?" The boy jumped at her response. "Heh. Hey Esc, we're going to bed now." Del helped Ins stand. "Okay. Night Del. And you too." What was her name again? "Night-y night." It didn't matter. "I'll let the fire die out, then go to bed." After you're asleep, of course. "Sounds good to us, good night Esc." After the two went off to ..sleep, Esc put another piece of firewood in the fire. This time, she waited until the fire grew low, which generously gave both of them enough time for sleep, then went outside. The freezing mountain air entered and exited her body without gaining heat. She walked to the car- The keys unlocked the- She opened the truck and found her beautiful knife. She packed it late, when her lover and that- that - no she wouldn't get upset now - were sleeping the night before. It was hidden in the First Aid kit, a most unsuspecting location for death. She took it out, and stroked the warm steel without cutting her skin. It was not meant for her death. Oh no, with this she would now be able to live in peace! But fingerprints- Not good- She wiped it clean with a spare rag that the knife helped her find. The knife possessed her with a vindictive smile. It was now time for revenge. She walked inside with anger and revenge in each footstep.

She now stood just outside their room. Not by tomorrow! Inside, there would be two beds; one for both of them, and one for her, without him. She wouldn't have minded anything, just as long as she could be near him. But no! It was too late now! They weren't going to let her have her fun with him, so a change in their plans was needed. She carefully opened the door. A most drastic change in their plans, indeed! Inside, everything was as expected. She stood before their bed; they were sleeping too close. Her bed was not disturbed from when she made it earlier that night. That did not matter, it must still burn! The knife drew in stray light, though it thirsted for more than just light. She obeyed the knife, as they both wanted the same thing. The knife walked her to the gap between the two beds. The knife and the possessed stood on top of discarded clothing and loomed over the sleeping female, whose yellow hair she could barely see around a lusting revenge. The knife then-

A scream.
This room.
The bed.

just happened?
"Hm.. everSOL sir, what's wrong?"
He felt the room spin.
He felt the dark room spin.
Was it his room?
He felt his head spin.
He felt his floating head spin
"everSOL sir?"
His mouth would not stop.
Then it did.
"This isn't Maine.."
"Is this home?"
"Yes, everSOL sir.
This is your room."
"Is it?"
"Yes, it's me, sir, Goshe.
Meister is here with us."
As though by cue..
Meister made no sound.
"I guess he went back to sleep."
"Where is he?"
"Right here.
I'll turn on the lantern for us."
A flash.
Light suddenly splashed into the room.
The whole room was now flooded with light.
His eyes drowned.
He shook his head, and the light dimmed.
"I'm sorry, sir.
This lantern seems to have different lights."
The light dimmed once again.
He could now see.
He was sitting on his bed.
He felt the top brown sheet.
He looked for Goshe.
"We're over here, sir."

He looked to his right. An old man sat on an over-stuffed green chair. He tried to remember why they were there. Umm.. two days ago was it? Or was it three since she talked to him? After that, everyone was worried. He felt really bad about that. They knew that it would happen again. Getting all upset and shit. So they suggested he take a rest for a while. Goshe volunteered to help everSOL housesit. So he brought some stuff, including his own chair. Until then, everything went without incident.

"Hey Goshe?"
"Yes, everSOL sir?"
"Thanks for being here.
You didn't have to be here.
But I'm glad you are."
"Thank you everSOL."
"I feel really thirsty..
Can I get some water?"

The old man nodded. The man with green hair swung his legs out of his bed, and stood. The old man held out the lantern as the old man's young kitten continued to sleep with its blue fur slowly bobbing down and up. The standing man, whose shirt represented a clash between nature and technology, kindly took the lantern, and nodded his head to thank the sitting man, who nodded back. He then walked around his bed, and opened the door with his left hand. A slight rush of cold air said hello to his face. And then that cold air said goodbye, as he closed the door, and walked down the stairs.

He did not notice anything out of place, though he did feel as though the room was different than before. At the bottom of the stairs, he wondered why. The chairs were in order. He walked over to the front door. Vspog's shoes were gone, but his shoes were still fine. The door was closed and locked. However. Last night, he distinctly remembered closing the door to the kitchen. He remembered hearing that thud sound that the door made when it closed. Well, he could go check it out anyways, to see if anything happened. Maybe it just flew open, or whatever. He was on his way there, for the water, anyways. He shifted the lantern from his right hand to his left-
and a shadow under the door shifted.
The door was open inward, but..
that wasn't suppose to happen.

He jumped to his right, to stand in front of the door. He used his right foot to kick open the door, and something big quickly jumped through the door. Whatever it was knocked the lantern out of his hand, mostly shattering it. He now felt a dark figure pinning his body against the cold floor. But just enough light was visible to see that the figure had a rather large knife. The knife- He used both of his hands to grapple the figure's arm. The knife fell- It fell near the flickering lantern. He knocked the figure away from both. He then tried to quickly crawl over to the- Knife? Lantern? No sight or stabby thing? What to use..

He felt his leg being pull- He thrust his right hand into the dark. Pain! He could barely see the knife, but now it had red. His red- dragged. He felt and heard air escape him. He felt a force pinning his neck down. He couldn't- he gabbed upward. Anywhere. Nothing. He twisted his arms behind him, and caught the pressure on his neck. It seemed too smart to be an animal, at least. He struggled to at least get a breath of air. He let go with one arm, and started to hit the pressure. Hit- Hit- Nothing. He tried to twist his entire body. It worked! The figure fell to the left and it knocked into the center table and a chair.

He breathed in.
And stood up.
That damn figure.
He couldn't see it.
Was it still there?
He kicked where he thought the figure was.
"Fuck you!"
He kicked where he thought the figure was.
"Why the hell are you here!?"
He kicked where he thought the figure was.
No reply.
He kicked where-
His foot!

He tried to shake loose, but he could not. He tried to shake loose, but he fell on his face. He tried to shake loose, but his foot still did not respond. He felt a negative current flood his mind with pain. His leg- his leg was lifting itself? He turned his head and could barely see the outline of the figure. It was darker than the walls or the chairs. The figure was standing, and though it had the outlines of a human, it was lifting part of his body off the ground by just his leg. He used his spare leg to kick at the figure. But the figure noticed this and grabbed his spare leg, which made lifting easier. He was being moved-

But his upper torso was still on the ground. He could see the knife and lantern fading away. He grabbed for the table. More pain. The chair then? His left hand grabbed onto the chair. He pulled on the chair with that arm. His body began to resist against the first force. He started to pull his body toward the table. The table- He could hide under the table- Maybe that figure would- would it? The resistance of his legs stopped. He began to feel them again, though he probably couldn't stand just then. He crawled under the table. It was just small enough for him to uncomfortably hide. He brought his tired body in.

The underside of the table was clean. No gum residue or anything. Was this where- Well, he couldn't stay there for long. The figure might find his room, and try to hurt his friends. He couldn't let- He shifted his body so that his back was supported by the floor. With his remaining energy, he pushed the table up and near where he thought the figure would be. He heard a sound. But the table fell back down. More pain? Why- His head rolled over to investigate. His right hand- It was twitching- He saw the table leg- It- It was mutilating his hand. He wanted to go away. Anywhere. He didn't want the water. Nothing.

The pressure then resided.
He could still feel its print.
The table started to move.
The table started to lift up.
It crashed against one of the chairs.
He tucked his body and looked up.
He could see it looming above him.
The knife was already stained with-

..stained with everSOL?
"Are you down there?"
no, don't- go- go back.
"I heard a noise."
no- "Why is your lantern-"
He tried to focus.
"Goshe! Run. away.."

A very loud clamor occurred near where that figure probably was. Then the sound of a door- Then..

He felt scared.
"What happened?"
He now saw Goshe.
The light was dim.
He closed his eyes.
"Are you okay?"
His hand twitched.

He then realized why he had that dream. It wasn't a dream. It was a warning- But why was it for later?

He felt sadness.
Why now?
Why not later?
There were still-
People to live for.

That name. That name was why he was there. To remember that name was why. Now was he would return.

"Who is that?"
He tried not to breathe in-
what might have been his last breath.

Well, soon he would return. First he needed slee-

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Destroyed, Bloodied, Conferred, Fought, and even Perfected by Insignificant Entity.
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