Chapter 8 - VVV
Conferred by Insignificant Entity

Oh-ran-g. Or-range. Orange. All around, that's all, nothing else. Well there could be other things, but from the way it seemed, it seemed like orange was it. It wasn't just one shade though, there were a few shades probably: slightly darker orange, slightly lighter orange. Thinking with that, there seemed to, in both directions, be a hallway, with no escape, but why escape? There was a compelling force that made it seem that staying there, or in the general area of where ever that happened to be, was better than leaving with saying "I will return" with a smile. There were people around him that might notice if he just got up and left with no explanation or no real purpose except for "just the adventure." Some of those very people that were around happened to be himself: pure, young, Johnny... himself as himself... and of course brilliant the Valiant. The young one dressed in white, with blue shorts, with brown hair, without a fear of imaginary fright. But the other side of himself, not the Valiant, had much to fear including everything that was fearful. Above all else, he feared what others thought when they saw his missing right arm, so he held his left hand over its place. However the Valiant would not worry. He had the aggressive green hair and the in-timid demeanor to ward off any fear. The way he dressed demanded authority to ignore their 'tried and true' and follow reason. Logic and reason were found in cloth fire alone.

"How much time is there left, mister John sir?"
"Sorry little Johnny, I'm not really-"
"An hour exactly."

The saddened man, or to the child with orderly appearance and personality, quite simply 'John,' tried to close the orange hues from his eyes. Then he looked to his left. Nice little Johnny, well he wasn't that little anymore, was in mimick of his hero. Well at least, he should've been, but instead his legs were folded, tucked in in a manner that resembled his own, which confused the not very heroic version of himself wearing a gloomy dark black shirt. Lit- ..Johnny appeared content sitting there; he was kind of daydreaming but not completely lost, because Johnny noticed that he was being watched and smiled rather warmly. Though he could not see his probably empty face, he felt a warmth that Tal, Tal always provided. It was a feeling of great happiness in spite of all the world's wrongdoings that always cheered him. In response to that welcome gift, his body instantly responded with joy, though not flamboyantly, he still smiled. It was a feeling of such joy that he almost relaxed enough to loosen up and put his bare forearm down. He did not. Johnny asked him how old he was but quickly showed a few fingers to represent his own age. He knew Johnny was around five to ten years, but he didn't remember exactly how old Johnny was. He thought about how old he was and tried to say between twenty-five and thirty but the words.. they would not be appearing tonight. Hidden words, where? Orange. Johnny. Boots. The. Valiant. Face.

"They really need to give us some damn food.
I'm not even sure why I signed up to do this shit.
Wait a minute, you're why Asshole. Bring me here like I don't have shit already."

The man was a youthful mirror of what was once his image. With green spikes on his head. With eyes that burned as fire. "Damn it you dumbass old man." The Valiant's shirt, it was his. There was the left red pinky. The faded left green pointer finger, and the flaming right middle finger. "I... am not, an old man." "Old men always say that shit." He looked at the powerful boots of the Valiant. Such blood... power, no old man could wear them, well he couldn't. "Does that mean that I'm old?" "Sure does Asshole, you're as insane as one too. Think about it." He thought about it as the mirror drew close. "When old die, my society profits." "That's not true! Nobody should die! You're just like-" "Silence little bitch. Did not they teach you silence?" A chuckle at how contradictory that- "Laugh at thee? You shall help my society thrive." The Valiant grabbed his neck with both deadly hands. His vision met with the fire that could kill. There he saw white and blue hide behind fire. And then his shell and vision fell down hard. He felt pain, even in the fingers he lacked, and coughed blood. A swift blow to his stomach. "This is for what you did." He saw the reddened boot attack. His legs bent, blood collected and the boot continued. "You took it away from her!" "...Ta l said, that it wa, s o kay." "Her brother saw right through you. Offer your repentance-" A brown flash of noise then entered and exited, took the Valiant and deposited eccentricity.

'Are you alright?"
"he... was ..right."
'What'd he say?'
'He looks hurt.."
'Should we lift-?'
'Check his eyes.'

His eyes opened through the scar of his forehead, behind and out through his brain, past his messy green hair and up all the way until he could see everything. He distantly saw that brown flash concealing the Valiant. His perspective changed, and he realized that hallway was one of many systematically parallel corridors. Those hallways seemed to repeat to- his bare yet scarred legs dangled. The first accident. He wanted to go home where it was safe. That warm embrace. Soft red hair. A dist an t pho to. The t w o  d i d n ' t  n o   T   i c e  t h e  camera  a n d  smiled  r e   a   l i s t i c a l   l   y. He th en could see that he was sitting upright. His vision was then gently centered in two beds. There came two blurry sets of two figures and he focused on the ones that might have answers rather than questions. "Where.. are you?" Two figures faded. "You are here and so is 'who you were.'" The child smiled. "How're you feeling?" His vision felt no gravitational lag. "That.. this photo." His body floated toward a machine. "It's your favorite." It lay between a screen and an uncomfortable chair. "May I see?" His left hand felt the rough yet white border. "..Of course Johnny." The child stood beside the chair. "Would you like to keep it?" The other floated near his hand. "She looks kind." The back had a taped note. "I would but-" This was irreplaceable. "Everything here is just a replication. You can even have two copies, if you want."

"Will they be there when I awaken from this?"
"These are no dream worlds John."
"Then why are you floating LAK?
And upside down at that too."
"Because you feel like this inside."
"But I feel happy on the inside mister LAK."

"When it comes time to enjoy the spifftaculifical Nfhltzln!, a game show with advertised heart, formerly called References, there are two ways it can be actively enjoyed. The first involves buying our products from our one-eight- no wait website! Yeah that's it! The second involves watching our live, yet edited for the illegal censors, television game show, and donating some thirty million Para. Some author got upset that we used an idea vaguely related to his trailblazing novel, so we had to pay fines. Well that and we had to make new signs. We also made some changes to the show itself, since we've only had one episode. If that.. thanks one idiot contestant. So first thing our producer needed to change was that pesky title. Then any unoriginal ideas we may have adversely stolen; I.e. simulated audience. We now have three original hosts. LAK will have more attitude to please our loyal hardapplecore diehard fans, LAKie is too cool to modify, and introducing Orecetaawor. He is a brown creature that is never seen still since he's so very badass! He's always running about with theme music chasing him. But hey wait! Where's my intro? I'm the sexy voice of Nfhltzln!. I introduce various parts of Nfhltzln!, including special advertisements like this one, official Nfhltzln! produce, don't buy bootleg even if the prices are cheaper and the quality's practically the -wait! Wait a minute! You need to know my name! WAIT.. it's.. Alexa-"

Feverous guitar solo.
You want this.
Buy it now-

"It's vaguely passable." The signature pose. "The Valiant approves!" Arms in-timidly crossed. "He likes it!" He walked out. "What do you think little Johnny?" To his right. "I don't really.. hate it or anything like that." The two cheered. "He likes it!" A heterosexual high-five. "The Valiant approves!" They left unnoticeably. "Hey John what did you think?" Orecetaawor slacked past. "I'm tired kid."   "No... I- didn't..'   "But Orecety sir, I asked John." Vision still shaky. 'It's -kay-o John." Table with cup, cup with water. "Have no opinion?" He sat in a lounge chair. "I'm.. not sure." Drink in hand. "You know John, we're all stuck here until at least the end of this episode." The lounger drank. "Why's that Orecety?" Water is better. "Like that chair? Well let's see, for legal reasons." Clock.. 12:47 PM. "What are those?" Lots of orange. "You'll find out. Anyways.. that's why they're pissed at poor John there." -What'd he say? "I'm not ..mad at mister John. He's really nice." A warm smile. "Don't think it's fair at all." The unfair trial. "He needs help. Shouldn't be put out there and insulted and all." A distant warmth. "Tal.. always helped..." A distant smile. "Tal your fling?" He wanted ..home. "This'll be all over real soon. That too long?" He drank again. "I'm stuck on this planet ..AKIN. She isn't there." He smiled a big red grin. "Then just leave." "But then I'll leave my friends." "Who's more important.. them or her?" 'she's.. more important.'

"Time for Nfhltzln!. You too Asshole."
"He's really mean. I don't like really him John."
"But he's the perfect role model for you Johnny. He's so self-"
"Centered that's what. No model for either of you. Now you ..John."
"John's really nice. Would you be my role model?"
"I'd like to.."

Lots of orange. "Where's the action? Where's the show? We'll find them!" The announcer spoke, her voice calm, despite being invisible. "There you were, hardcore gangster LAK!" LAK appeared unchanged: the menacing smile, the red purple, the purple red, two funny ties. "Yo' foun' me! Got'a shoot ma-" "Where IS LAKie?" "Jus' follo' my pimpin' green hands." One circle circled the other seductively. "Just going to use your hands?" Thin paper LAKie, who appeared dead, was found by two very small green floating circles. A brown flash with strange noise passed almost discreetly. "Was that Orecetaawor?" LAKie was blonde. "Runnin's his game." "Then what's yours?" A tacky logo flashed annoying colours. "Nfhltzln! o' course!" Faint audience -screAMs!.. "That answer's correct, Soul Gangster LAK!...' He was fascinated by what he heard and saw on that small orange television set. Johnny was right, it really wasn't great or anything. It was just really horribly crappy. Oh.. no.. wait. He almost panicked. That was a mean thing to think about this unique game show. They were trying to be entertaining. He shouldn't have thought that mean and awful thought. He probably couldn't do any better. The Valiant could, he could do anything and everything; he could even travel the world without getting lost. He could go treasure hunting and find that treasure. But what treasure would that be? Money? Happiness? -Himself?

"Betta be glad LAKie don't slaughter this mo fo!"
"We have enough pending lawsuits already!"
"Whose gonna care?"

"Certainly not any of our fine, randomly picked participants!" The television showed most of the audience with a searching blue light wandering through it. "Whose gonna score?" The light stopped. "Section C Row 2 Seat B." A single cheer. "Miss Justin A-" "Miss Justin A? Whatzup wid dat? Red dat wrong?" "I'm not sure. It's probably a typographic erroneous mistake." "Dat ain't street." "He or she is a police-" "Burn yer Nfhltzln! bootlegs or else!" "-officer from En-faire." The orange television showed a photograph. "She be female!" "We better find our next participant before Street Representing LAK gets confused." The searchlight continued. "Whose gonna score?" The light stopped. "Section D Row 1 Seat J." Another single cheer. "A Mario L." "A? Miss? Mister?" "I was trying to appeal to the street by not saying either. Mario is male." "Dat be street." "He is a construction worker from New." "Got'a rep'rs'nt New.. Whaz the full?" "It's cut off. I'll show you." The small television showed another photograph. "Dat ain't street. LAKie need ta slaughter some ty-pers." "Before it does, we have to introduce participant three, before having to commercially break them." The blue light did not start. "Whose gonna ..start!" The light shifted quickly to make up for lag. "Before the commercials!" "Whose gonna score?!" The light continued. The blue stopped. "Mister Captain E ..Section G Row 1 Seat Y. He's a pilot, and he's from-"

"Tired of being interrupted every minute of your day? Then speak faster!"
"You are depressed. Take these medicines to fix that normal sad feeling!"
"If you're me, you'd buy this amazingly amazing product and feel cheery!"
"With great and fine quality products, ads like ours wouldn't be needed!"
"You want this. Buy it now. Mention code Nfhltzln!, and receive nothing!"
"Every six seconds, you will think about our amazing and great products!"

"Nif-heltz-zelin! is back!" "Now that we've introduced the Valiant, our three audience members turned participants, and some contestants, it's finally time for the action!" "How's Nfhltzln! work?" "Simply gangster LAK. There are three questions that you, as gangster host, will ask aloud. The contestants will then answer with either a yes or no answer. The participants will then answer either yes or no. Each contestant's answer is worth a point value based on how typically valiant they are. The Valiant is worth more than merely ten point, but that was the highest rate we could give. Johnny isn't valiant, but we needed to give him some point value, so he'll only get three points. That leaves this pile of ..loser. See how pathetically worthless he is? He barely gets a single point. We just couldn't see giving our mighty participants negative points for happening to agree with that loser Asshole. Enough with losers, shall we bring with this round's first valiant question?" The television focused on the eccentric. "Does the Valiant like the artform known as pHacking?" The screen showed the word YES in bold green. Next to the Valiant's live video was also yes. Johnny's live video had no in red beside it. And besides a small black box, which he assumed would have been where his picture would have been, was another no. He took his focus off the screen and moved his vision to see where he was suppose to give his vote. A black wall.

Some faint voices.
From the television.
They were hyperactive.

To his right, to his left. He tried to move his arms, but could not. The right still was not there. The left arm did not respond. Nor did his legs or body, for that matter. He could move his head slightly, but not far in either direction. All he could do was watch the screen and wait for the show to end. "So that leaves our participants tied at ten points! How could those two miss such an easy question? It's like asking 'is "John" stupid?' Maybe they just like being idiots. What do you think hardcore LAK?" "Day be wastin' da street's time. Our hardcore audience, along with LAKie.. wood slaughter 'em!" The now green, thin as paper, figure appeared on-screen. Its back was arched with long though motionless arms. A brown noise flash of noise ran in front and behind LAKie. "Is it time for the bonus round already Orecetaawor?" The television screen, hidden under some shelve type space, panned back to show a view of the stage, where brown flashes made a pattern. That pattern appeared to be 'Yes.' "The bonus round works a little differently this time. One random question will be asked, with each contestant writing an answer, and then each participant will choose one contestant's answer. Sounds simple enough?" The screen flashed an Orecetaawor-ian brown, with bonus round spelled with many duplicate LAKie figures. "Da qes'tin be: What does Orecetaawor's unique name mean?" "Feel free to answer during these-"

The sounds of one country's culture. "Come on down to this really huge sale going on right now!"
The sounds of mechanically driven noise. "There's this new club and it's like so in! Let's go there!"
The sounds of the nostalgic sound. "This product's made me feel like a kid again! But legally aged!"

"Niff-helltz-zellin! is back!" The logo returned, with the same strange theme music. LAK continued floating above the audience. "Does our hardcore audience remember Orecetaawor's challenging bonus question?" "Dat waz soo fast dat yes." "Just in case, our question was: What does Orecetaawor's original name mean?" The modified question was shown on the concealed television. "I sed you-to-the-nique." "No you didn't, you said 'unique.' Let's see how each of our three participants voted." LAK floated around the first participant. "Justin da cop, how'd ya vote?" "I voted for the sexy Valiant!" It showed the Valiant's cheering fans. LAK floated to the second participant. "Mario da plumb- rather.. construction worka, how'd ya vote?" "I guess I voted for that little kid then." LAK floated to the third participant. "Da street know how ya votin'. Da street know yad vote for the mighty Valiant." "But Captain voted for the Valiant." "We no dat, but ya gotta go wid loser." "But Captain voted for the Valiant!" Captain E stood from his chair. "Wad if dat loser answered correctly? Let's all see!" The screen showed scribbles next to his black box, the word ore next to Johnny's, and the Valiant somehow typed in 'specific letters from local area network, minus the k.' "The Valiant wins! What is da prize fo' Justin, da winnin' participant?" "She wins a hard back copy of Sonsai's References!" "What a read- Da street's fav'! Here's their commercial!"

A soothing yet classical musical assortment. "If you could read the one piece of literature that has been the inspiration for some of the most entertaining television programs in the history of entertainment, would your life be the same after reading it? References the novel, written by the world famous author Tsumar Ohr Sonsai, has inspired the most entertaining programs in the history of known entertainment. Available at all fine book stores, except for one."

"Dat was hardcore!" The television played no theme music, although the hardcore soul gangster LAK did stand in front of the Nfhltzln! sign to remind everyone what show was on. "We wish the best of luck to Mister Sonsai. Don't sue us!" "Ya still street, pimpin' Tumor Oar." "Now that Orecetaawor's gangster soul bonus round is through, shall we now start round two?" "Dat sounds street." "So this second question will be similar to the first question right? Though it's not the same question, it's the same type of question, isn't that right, soulfully hardcore LAK?" The eccentric's face, which featured a large oversized smile, filled the screen. It then went back a ways, since that was probably too close. "Dat be right." It looked unfocused. "Well then ask the question already." The television focused. "What style of literature does the Valiant completely hate?" "That's not the question gangster LAK." "That's what it.. say on dis." "It's not in the yes or no question format." "Wait a minute.. dat question be da wrong one. Da qes'tin be: Does the Valiant like the literary style called poetry?" The television screen showed the answers. Next to the Valiant's live picture, in green letters, was a no. Wasn't no suppose to be red? Next to Johnny's was another no. Next to the black box where his face would have been if he weren't such a troublemaker was the word poetry. "What an idiot! Dat ain't even an answer ...stupid!"

"Not even Nfhltzln! is idiot proof!"
"Dat 'John' be stupid and idiotic!"
"You're right LAK, he's a loser!"

"Well since our resident idiot is so very stupid, we'd rather not spend more time acknowledging his existence then absolutely needed!" The square television showed his picture, with an arrow pointing from idiot. "Dat be street!" The picture had scribbles all over. "Well soulful LAK, it looks like that idiot took up a good portion of Nfhltzln!'s valuably entertaining time. Should we get round three out of the way before we have to end Nfhltzln! for the evening?" The small television took away that picture and replaced it with LAK's green smiling face. "Dat be da best idea today." LAK didn't have big black scribbles over the half archs that acted as its eyes. "Hardcore gangster LAK, we almost forgot! Since we were talking about that idiot so much, we forgot to mention the scores! What do the scores look like?" One of its small green ball hands stroked the hat of LAK. "In dat round, da first participant di'n't get it. Da second and da third did. It be tied, Mar'o an' Cap'n gots tweny tree. Jus'n got ten. Dun worry Jus'n, ya ain't as stoopid as 'John'!" "That's right hardcore street representing LAK. I knew that we forgot something." "Wanna get tree outta da way?" "You ask you soulful gangster you." "Da qes'tin be: Is the Valiant the perfect role model for society?" The screen switched to the answers. The Valiant answered a green yes. So did the small black box. But not Johnny. "It appears that Captain E won! Congrats to ..Captain."

"Dat be it for this week's-"
A rumbling to the booth's side.
"showin' of Nfhltzln!. Hope ya enjoyed!"
The black disappeared to his left.
"Stay tuned next, for an exclusive-"
He could see Johnny throwing something.
"interview with author Tsumar Ohr Sonsai!"

A loud sound. The eccentric floating creature that was trying to be hip floated quickly across the stage in a panic, as the credits rolled on television, but he barely even noticed that. "..Close the curtain!" Johnny was standing on his seat. "Are you alright, mister John sir?" He wasn't sure. Johnny jumped onto the orange shelf in his booth, and then extended his left hand. "We need to leave right now!" The screen showed a darkening orange game show stage, which was being closed by a thick black curtain, though the studio audience could still be partially seen. It then changed to some commercials- "The exit's over.." He looked up- "It's okay Johnny. The show's over." LAK floated beside Johnny's head and was equally sized, its detached pants, hat and all. "But you're going to hurt him!" "It was all for show Johnny. I'm sorry about all that stuff that I said." A brown figure meandered toward them, his large body still quite fluffy. "He's right LAK, that wasn't fair." "Asshole deserves it." "No he doesn't!.." He felt tired, and looked down. He could move his left arm. He lifted and opened his hand. The words that were written on his palm so very long ago were still there, clear as this.. Past his palm, on his forearm, was the photograph of them both. It showed him, relaxing in a large green chair, with his friend. His friend too was sitting in that reclining chair along with him. She looked peaceful and naturally happy. He was smiling in a similar-

"I see you found the photograph. ..The other is in your pocket.."
"..So he's not a bad person?.."
"..LAK's completely harmless. Too book learn-ed.."
"I... remember this."
"..Should get down from there... Johnny.."
"..John.. you too."

Johnny was sitting on the shelf. His vision was moving away- cough. 'Are you alright?" "I'm just moving your seat back, so you both can get out." The black was gone to his left and front. All around him, he noticed what appeared to be a small stage, which wasn't orange. The motion stopped. "Where are" The floater appeared. "We're still on the show's stage. Here.. follow me." There was a lot of space between him and where Johnny was. To his right, he noticed two booths that looked like that one. To his left, he noticed the small floating figure. "Down these stairs." Below the figure was a useless set of stairs. "No one ever uses them but.." That voice faded. "You can go first John sir." He moved his arm and torso in an attempt to stand upright. It was hard. "Would you like me to help?" Johnny offered his left hand again. He extended his own left arm, and Johnny helped him to stand. "There you are. I'll go first." He followed the youth down the very few steps, after a pause. He could see the exit sign, which contrasted its bright red with the dim lighting of the stage. "This is small.." He looked across the gray stage. "You're right John. Everything looks much bigger on television, especially the sets." He looked at where he sat. "..Why were you being so mean?" "I'm really sorry-" He saw the Valiant waiting on his booth's shelf. "-I shouldn't have, it's what they expect from me." The Valiant jumped.

He watched the Valiant land from the unimpressive distance, in almost awe.
"Thought I was gonna get hurt? What an Asshole. I'm leaving this shit stand to go back online."
The Valiant passed through them all, intentionally passing directly to his left. The Valiant then spit at him, but accidentally missed.

"I don't like him at all. He's really mean.." "I heard that." He looked ahead, and noticed the game show's sign being lifted up, into the ceiling, by thick ropes. A person in full blue clothing, moving a stick along the floor with some stuff on the end, was at distance. "Hey that's Vispog!" His arm waved. He walked past the contestant's booths and past that thing Johnny threw. "I'm just a simple maintenance technician; I'm not Vispog." He stood a ways from the man in blue. "But you look just like him." The man continued his stage maintenance. He realized was probably being bothersome, and turned around. Everyone was gone? "They all left through that exit. You kin just go right through, there's no alarm." Why did they-? "Umm.. thanks sir." He started walking. 'No problem John.' He made it to the exit. There were two doors under that bright red sign. Left or right? Tal was right-handed, so right then. He stepped to the right and pushed the door with his arm. Lots of orange. It wasn't blinding, he just wasn't used to such an array of- "Hiya mister John!" The youthful Johnny, who still wore that white shirt that he used to wear frequently, sat in a reclining orange chair, his hand waving. The entrance closed. "Wanna sit down?" There were about three big chairs. The seat ahead, in the middle, was not taken. "It's okay John. That booth was probably really congested." The red and purple wearing creature - wearing two ties on either side, each with alternating cyan and brown - floated around near the untaken chairs. "I kinda want to go back.." The walking started. "We can wait here for a short time and then I'll take you back home. How's that sound?" The walking finished. "I do wanna go back home, but.. I guess that'd be okay." "Well then John, please sit down." He held onto the chair's backing and slowly spun until he sat. "May I ask why we're waiting?" The small being floated at left. "You may ask." "Umm.. why are we waiting here?" The strange creature floated its two circle hands close to his head. "Imagine if you will that my two hands are your two homes. The home you have on AKIN." The right responded to that statement. "And the home you have with your friend Tal." An equal response with the left. "They are far apart like so." Both hands dispersed. "You want them to be one." Instead of becoming one larger hand, the two rotated. This was complicated. "I think.. I should understand this." The hands continued. "Shall I explain?" "I guess so." "What do you like about you home with Tal?" "I like Tal. She makes me feel really happy." "Do you like anything else there?" His head hurt. Violent memories flashed. The orange returned. "This hurts.. LAK." He stopped looking at the hands. "You're being mean to my friend! Leave him alone!" He was right. To his right. "I suppose I shouldn't have asked him that question. Come follow me."

"..Am I going, to go.. home?"
"Yes of course. You still need to decide which."
"Do you.. think I should do ..what you said? About the homes?"
"Pertaining to combining your two homes? It would be a wise decision."
"I don't.. know how ..I could. Something like that.. would be hard."
"It's easier than you might think. Just follow me. You too Johnny."

There weren't doors in this hallway. "May I ask you something John?" Just one path with paralleling orange. "Of course Johnny." The opaque creature lead both mirrors. "What happened to your right arm?" He looked down; his legs still walked without effort. "I'm sorry for asking.. I shouldn't've.." He looked right. "It was okay to ask me. ..My arm should still be there. I don't know why it's gone." A strange though thoughtful voice backtracked. "It's quite simple. You identify your right arm as a prime example of your friendship. John is beginning to remember why." He looked down and realized that his left arm hadn't been covering his missing arm. "So his arm isn't there because..?" His hand wandered into his pocket. "John should tell you about that." There was something in that pocket. "You can tell me later if you want to." That replica photograph? "I don't think it looks weird." He pulled the photograph out of his pants pocket. "I was just worried about you." The photograph made him feel happy. "Thank you Johnny." The picture looked identical on both his forearm and on the photo. "The picture on your arm looks like that photo." He was right. "Why is that?" And not to his direct left. "It's a tattoo.." He tried to remember the events surrounding that tattoo. "Most of those seem scary looking. Yours isn't scary looking at all." He remembered that his right arm did have a scary tattoo covering it almost completely.

"They aren't that bad I guess. Some are scary, but that's kind of the point."
"Why did you get that one?"
"So I could keep this photograph wherever I went. I did have others that covered-"

"I present you, fine young gentlemen, with our destination!" There were no significant markings on either orange parallel. "Where are we?" The incomprehensible creature turned in response. "At our destination of course Johnny!" Still nothing different. "We're here already?" Two circles collided with the orange. "No wonder you two were confused. I didn't unlock the door yet." And with what seemed like trickery, a darkened large orange rectangular section seemed to slide into the left, hiding beneath orange and two hands. "That's kinda weird." There was a discreet blue box with two small green little indents, located near the area that apparently turned into a familiar looking door. "..This is ..home!" The home-esque area, which was concealed by that orange, had the mirror appearance of Tal's house's front door. "This is home!" He was drawn to the door: a white door, surrounded by white painted wood paneling, red wooden numbers, and below 234 was a planter with bluish flowers. "You've forgotten already? This is a replication.. a copy." Three young flowers. "But.. everything here is so real." The middle flower was the smallest. "It's suppose to be that way." The flowers shifted. 'It's getting windy. Would you like to come inside?' He looked around for her voice, but just found an open door. "Where are you..?" Something flashed quickly. "Right here John!" Tal faded into his youngest mirror. "Come on John, let's go inside!"

Inside the door was a hallway.
The hallway wasn't like the orange that was outside.
It was familiar, it was nice; it was home.

"It's.. good to.." This wasn't home; Tal wasn't here.. "This is not your home John. This is a-" He stood on a woven mat. "copy.. I know." The mat held two small shelves, on either side. "It looks like you will be going home sooner than I thought." Past the shelves, with neatly placed shoes in them, he vaguely saw the two figures. "To your left," both were at the end of the small hallway, "isn't.. Tal's room." His legs responded. "We were here," past the shelves, both legs moved, each leg slowly increased in speed, until both ran, "just earlier today." Both legs stopped at the two. "There you are!" Johnny did not face either door, instead he faced the floating creature that acted as a tour guide. "You know where this door doesn't lead to right?" He looked past his younger self. "It doesn't lead to friend." The closed door. "Actually it does. Eventually of course." Johnny walked over to the door. "Beyond this door, a long journey awaits you John. You will have to leave Akintunde-" Johnny opened the plain brown door. "I thought this room just led to a bathroom." Johnny walked inside. "He took all the mystique out of saying that.." The floating oddity came into view. "Let's get you back before they worry too much." The floating oddity disappeared into the dimly lit room. "Sir.. why is it so dark?" There were only outlines of objects in the room; the large bed, parallel to the screen and chair, an open door with lights on past the bed.

"John has to go to sleep now little Johnny."
"Do we have to leave him alone like this? Shouldn't we stay?"
"He will wake up with friends, so don't worry."

"See ya later!" The youthful mirror, hair in shades of light brown, entered into the room's only exit, only to disappear. "Good luck ..everSOL." He could start to see around the darkened room, even with no exterior light source. Sleep sounded good. Of everything in that mirrored room, the bed seemed the most detailed. Soft white sheets. The first sheet, with fluffy texture, lifted quite easily, though it was quickly thrown aside. His body relaxed. Shoes or boots, painted light gray, were still on. Cool comforting air. Then with effort, the left came off as well. Both held guard. His faded socks, below pant legs of a darker than any black, felt quite muggy. Socks as well? A thorough shot of pain came from his stomach, which felt as though he were kicked by something. It was soft. His legs tucked, his vision hid under the sheet, and though he could not see, he still wished that the thick pain would leave. The bed comforted. Though the pain still held on, the relaxing hold of the bed helped the fight. The pain lessened. He could again move his body, so he partly uncovered the sheet, and then shifted. He stretched out. With a feeling of great relief, his back sunk into the bed, and his head found a nice place to recline. It felt nice. He inhaled a fair amount of the room's air, paused and exhaled, and his eyelids began to descend. A relaxing feeling. An itch plagued his left side, so he slowly moved his right- 'Oh.. there it is-'

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