Chapter 9 - Vex
Perfected by Insignificant Entity

"This has been the happiest day of my life."
His friend was softly hugging his right arm.
"But you've been in so much pain since.."
She carefully helped him move his pointer finger.
"I just, really enjoyed having, a friend."
They both lay, one almost immobile, on a hospital bed.

His head shifted slowly on another pillow, and then his body did the same. He did not normally sleep in that position, so he shifted his weight off his left arm, and then began to regain control of his sleeping body. He opened his eyes, and quickly closed them after being bombarded with too much visual information: door, side of the bed, bedside table thing, open door. He opened his eyes again, and this time, he only needed to blink once or thrice before becoming comfortable with his visual surroundings. His quiet and deep breathing was interrupted by a sudden need to widely open his mouth, breathe in deeply, mostly close his eyes, and then exhale with a slight yawning sound. He then realized that he was still reclining on his back, and felt a need to move around. He shuffled the ends of the light sheets with both his feet. After he was bored with this, he stretched both his arms out, and reclined his head in his hands.

A substantial pain!- his right hand. A surprising gasp found its way out of his mouth.

Both hands moved away, and his head fell back onto the pillow.
"everSOL! You're awake! We've been so worried about you, it's good to see that you're awake. How are you feeling on this Day? How does your hand feel; does it hurt at all? Should I get something for you?"
Vispog appeared, with his usual hairless grin, at the door.. the barely visible stairs just behind him.
"Nah. My hand does hurt a little, but I guess I'm okay. Thanks."
His right hand came into view, as the room blurred, and he noticed it was partially wrapped.
"It was a disaster when we got home. Alexandria-n-H have been trying to figure out what happened." He didn't quite hear the names, though they didn't sound foreign. "They said some of the chairs downstairs looked like they had been pushed around; and the table; the table's completely destroyed! It was shattered into so many pieces, and when they found it, it looked like it was thrown into my favorite chair, my favorite!, of all chairs. You know, the cyan one! Uh..! Well, at least the chair's fine; I sat down in it when we got home - the room was already cleaned up before H and I got back - and it doesn't seem to be broken at all, which seemed strange, at first. And, none of the other chairs were broken, even, just the table. It's a real shame."
He felt bad, so he tried to remember what the table looked like.
"I'm really sorry."
It was an insecure table, made of light and smooth wood, and was below average in height. It was also a very square table, as he recalled, which allowed each corner of the table to comfortably fit a chair.
"It's okay everSOL. The table wasn't too expensive or anything - I actually bought it for really cheap from this one guy in Akinnera two Lits ago - so don't worry about it, okay?"
He remembered the conversations he shared with Vispog over that table, enjoying Meet sandwiches and..
"At least it was just a cheap piece of furniture, and not a person; like you, my friend and houseguest, who could not be replaced. I can always buy another table, a better one!, or get Alexandria to locate one-"
The table vanished, and Vispog came back into view, with the mention of that name. It was-
He wanted to sit up.
"Oh yeah, Alexandria is Goshe's granddaughter. Goshe may have told you about her already; like everyone does, he likes to talk about his family. But in case he hasn't; she's a merchant, and a fairly successful one, at that, and she travels around AKIN selling and buying all types of interesting things. I've only just met her, since she usually doesn't travel around here.... but you might like her...."

With that.. his vision suddenly began to drift around the room, and then began to remember happy moments with his friend - his best friend - and it seemed like the persistent words no longer stuck. He didn't want to have that type of relationship with this completely random person, he-

"..Hey everSOL," The man in blue slowly appeared, along with the foot of the bed.
"..AKIN to everSOL," Vispog leaned against the heavy dresser that he barely used.
"..I have this question I was wondering.." The sheets, were brown last night when-

"Do you remember what happened two of your Days ago?" His vision blurred at that inconsistency - it was last night! - then cleared after realizing that Vispog was still talking. "Goshe told us what happened after he found you; that he found you on the ground where the table was, under where it would have been, rather, and that you passed out, or fell asleep or something, shortly after he came down. You also managed to break the lantern you were using, and you also managed to get a really bad cut on your right hand. But don't worry about all that stuff; I'm just wondering what happened to you down there."

He summed up enough energy to speak and move.
"I went to go get some water," a short pause caused by his unsuccessful struggle to sit up, "and then something attacked me."

"everSOL, the Valiant, is right. There were signs of some kind of a struggle, but.."
The foreign voice seemed to have came from the door.
"Wha..? Oh. You startled me. I thought you were downstairs with the others; I didn't hear you come up the stairs. We did fix that stair step that was broken for a while there, so you weren't sneaking around or anything.." A person with a long and dark gray coat leaned on the door's frame. "Anyways, he's awake now. He's been wandering around in his thoughts like he usually does, though that's what he normally does, so at least he's back to normal. Good old everSOL, we were just conversing a bit. Would you like to join us?"
He did not recognize the person with flowing black hair that stopped near the top of that coat.
"Yes, yes. I've been eager to meet the great storyteller since I first heard of him."
The person, wearing white socks under longer blue pants than the gray coat, walked forward.
"..Me? I'm, really not that special or, anything."
The coat's right hand, in one fluid motion, cut down his humble words and extended itself in a handshake.
"Nonsense! I've heard many great things about you, all of which I'm sure are quite true; although, you are much more humble than your name implies. I'm glad about that, actually."
In reply, he brought his right hand back into view, to try to shake this really strange person's hand.
The person - whose coat was actually quite detailed, with tall lines of grays running, at various lengths, through the exteriors of buttoned pockets - walked forward, to greet hands. Part of the lighter interior of the coat flapped open, but was then held back by the hand that was not extended.
"I forgot about your hand. I hope it isn't hurting you."
He looked at the hand; the palm of his hand was wrapped in some sort of long, white strip, which was circled in the area below his four tallest fingers and above his thumb.

His arm was


"Oh yeah. The doctor had to remove the shirt you always wear, to examine how bad your cut was, since you have those gloves on your shirt and all. Don't worry, I got it washed for you; should be nice and clean for you now. It's right- well, I'm leaning on it right now, and I didn't even realize it. Oh, and, it's a good thing I had a spare shirt laying around, with guests around and all. I hope you don't mind light blue."

The tattoo..

..on his right arm..

..covering all the scars.

Blue wires and mechanical faces,

meant to cover the-


"Hey.. Vispog

I'm sorry, for being a

bother but,

could I ask you.. something?"

Vispog held the cleanly folded shirt. "Want something to cover yourself with? Of course. Here, I'll give you back your regular shirt, which I must say, has some really strange sewing on it, now that I've had a chance to look at it closely." He watched as Vispog walked to the right side of the bed. "It looks like each piece was stitched twice.." One of Vispog's right fingers referenced the clash between technology and nature, or, the top part of the shirt. "The first was kind of haphazardly done, but not poorly or anything, it just kind of looks obvious that someone stitched these pieces together, which isn't what people normally try to do when they stitch fabric. And then it looks like it was stitched again, but this time, in a more traditional manner, with smaller stitches." Vispog placed the still neatly folded shirt on the tan sheets, within reach of his right arm. "But, I do think you did a very good job with it. It's very sturdy."

"Tal helped me."
He shifted his body to the right.
"Ah, I remember hearing about Tal. She's your wife from back on your home planet, right?"
His vision began to wandered.
"She's, my friend.."
Or at least attempted to do so-
"H e y . . . e v e r S O L . ."
His vision stopped blurring.
"Hey, everSOL the Valiant.."
He now focused on Vispog, who wasn't speaking from Goshe's chair.
"Since you're up, why not come downstairs? I'd really like to have a conversation with you."
He was still viewing this world at an angle, the angle of the pillow that he was resting his head on, that is.
"That sounds like a really good idea, Alexandria. I'm sure H and Goshe would like to hear the good news, that everSOL's back to normal. And, it also be would be good since it would get everSOL out of bed. You might get lethargic, everSOL, if you sleep anymore than your usual amount." Vispog stood from the chair with a green shell, with a slight chuckle. "I put your shirt right here, right next to your hand. Don't worry, though, you can still wear that shirt you have on, if you want to. It's too small for me anyways. Oh.. do you need help sitting up, or getting up?"
He barely moved his head, up and then down, the blue, blue pillow.
Just as he tried to say the second part of the word, in his stalled voice that was usually caused by hesitation, he felt both his vision and his body being lifted from that encompassing comfort.
He was now in a sitting position, and felt a person behind him as he barely saw a hand on each shoulder.
"There you are. Doesn't that feel better? Here, I'll give you a shoulder rub.."
He felt guilty from this attention brought by someone he didn't even know, so he lowered his head in shame, and tried to ignore this, but his right arm started to twitch-
"You must be really sore- Wha?! What's happening?!"
His right arm couldn't stop the shaking.
"I, I-I'm, sorry.."
Arm- Left- Tal?
"H! Gram-pa!"
That isn't.. Arms slowing- Leave soon-
"Something's wrong with everSOL!"
Time for leaving- Her middle name- Picture of Tal.

She looked so happy, just as though she were hugging someone with whom she cared deeply for with even a sense of admiration, but all there was, supporting her body like it were a sacred capsule, was-

"e v e r s a l . . . . ever, S O L . . . . everSOL.."
The memory returned to his left arm.
"Vispog.. Perhaps you should recall the doctor-"
He turned to his right and saw, although blurry, a thin kneeling creature.
"everSOL!-" A long arm. "Hm.. everSOL. Please respond if you are able."
The tall human-esque creature in yellow wore a strange yet familiar green hat, one that looked like a-
"Ye, ha."
The creature's face, a simple face with two dots and a mouth, appeared confused.
"I'm sorry, I do not understand."
A noticeable neck.
"Your.. hat."
Slouching yellow shoulders.
"Is that what it's called, a Yi-ha?"
The face peered in, as he remembered..
"No.. H. Your hat-"
He subconsciously smiled, and the creature, H, looked pleased.

"Do you think it's funny as well?"
N o ! - He lowered h i s eyes- N o t that!-

"You did say that's the reason why you bought the hat, didn't you? I mean, I thought it looked kind of funny on you too.." He began to "..probably would look even funnier on me.." calm down after he realized that neither of the three were insulted. "..But I do remember, when we were looking at all the wares Alexandria had in her merchant truck, that you yourself even thought it was. Funny, I mean, but less-"
The creature, with thin arms that, if combined, could be wider than its body, was not speaking.
"I remember that. You know, that hat's design is actually based off of the kind some of the Da wear."
But, past that tall now-standing creature wearing long orange pants, was the engaging open door.
"Really? I, personally, thought it looked like something I'd wear when I'm out tending Days and Quarts. Or at least, I would, if it were in another color. Maybe blue or something."
Past the door were the stairs, of the usual supportive light hued wood, leading..
"The Da usually wear hats like those when they're mining, so I guess he'd be right on-"
A quick flash of yellow.
"I just remembered. Their hats would be much bigger, being that they are much larger than humans, are they not? So, are you sure this is authentic? Oh, I don't mean to invalidate your merchandise in the least."
The yellow drew his vision back into the room with clean white walls.
"It's okay H, you're not human anyways."
A slight chuckle from the woman, with black hair, who sat on the pale wooden dresser.
"But don't worry. I always make sure all of my produce is authentic. Even though I bought both your hat and the two other boxes worth of the same kind, in greens and yellows, for quite the bargain, I had one of my sources check them all out for me, while I was still there in the Dai Region. She told me that they were all quite authentic, so there's no need to worry."
Next to the woman with a long, long coat was Vispog, again leaning against the cleanly polished dresser.
"It's a shame you didn't bring along any hats in blue, I probably would have bought one. I've always been interested in the Dai region. The Illectides and the Da; I've always found their history and technology to be really quite interesting; how they work side by side despite being so different, just everything about them, really. They're almost direct opposites of each other, although, I have met both an Illectide and one of the Da, and I must say, both were quite friendly. Both working together towards the common good-"
The leaning man, also with black hair, spoke vividly while wearing plain blue clothing.
"Well Vispog, you of all should know that the Da are blue.... They like their clothes to stand out.."
He looked down from the dresser.. and noticed that he was still sitting up in that tan bed.
"Indeed.. I know.... I just figured that since they're making smaller versions of the hats the Da might wear.. that they might make blue ones as well...."
He felt like he hadn't moved his legs in days.. so he stretched his legs and body and-
"Besides.. for just t e n P a r a s.... how c o u l d I go-"

He looked to his left, to see if he had interrupted the conversation. The tall creature continued to speak vividly with the two humans, glancing at either one who was speaking, but not down at him. He looked forward. The two who were both speaking and facing the yellow creature hadn't noticed his somewhat slight disruption. He looked to his right. Just below a window that still brought in light, next to a smooth wooden table that leaned against two white walls while still being slightly taller than the bed he sat on, and in what looked to be a very comfortable green chair, was a man with completely faded black hair, which was actually a light gray, dressed in lighter and paler greens. The elderly man watched the conversation between the three. He wanted to speak with the polite man, who happened to notice.

The man who sat closest to the window spoke in a noticeably faint voice.
"-No need for those. I am usually able to sustain wearing only shorts."
'How are you, everSOL the Valiant? Do you need anything?'
His eyes focused on the chair and the sitting man while he gathered..
"-Besides, Yul is much colder in other regions. It's quite pleasant here."
'I want, to talk with you Goshe, sir.'

"-H is right! On average-"
'Excuse me." The old man's voice was still quiet, although a well-placed cough did help. "I'm sorry for interrupting your conversation, and especially for interrupting you, Vispog, but, it seems everSOL wants to talk to me about something. I don't mean to shoo any of you from the room.."
He looked down; it wasn't that important.
"Oh, it's quite alright there."
He looked to his left; Vispog wasn't leaning there anymore.
"Could you give your ole grandpa a hug before going downstairs?"
He looked to his right; but could still barely see what was meant to be a private, although light, hug.
"It's okay everSOL.."
He looked up; the grandchild of Goshe stood before him.
"Don't worry about what happened earlier, I understand what you're going through. Just promise that we can have a conversation or two, when you feel better, okay?"
He didn't know exactly why, or what, but he was fine with that, so he nodded.
A familiar sound, the door closed.

"So, what did you want to talk about, everSOL?"
He shifted his legs so it would be easier to converse.
"Well, I guess, I.." he continued, "I wanna go back home."
His legs slowly fell out of the tan sheets as he spoke.
"Isn't this where you live, the place you call home?"
He still wore that same dark black pair of pants.
"I guess.. I mean, I'm sorry but, I wanna go back home. My real home. Well, Tal's home, actually."
Goshe rubbed the chin of his somewhat wrinkled face.
"So, that means you'll be leaving Akintunde?"
Goshe gathered the effort to stand upward.
"Yeah. I'm sorry. I think it's better; I don't feel.."
The elderly gentleman patted his left shoulder twice.
"Don't worry, everSOL. I was just lucky to have been able to meet you."
The elder did not have a cane, but stepped back, and held the chair's arm.
"You could always come along. I don't know where to yet, but.."
Goshe returned to his chair with much less effort.
"I probably wouldn't go, even if I weren't-"
Goshe reclined properly, resting his hands at his knees.
"-Anyways, Akintunde is my home, as it always has been."

He felt something; an urge to get out of that bed and do something.
"Everyone here has been so very welcoming; I wish my home were here."
He tossed the heavy covering of the two thin blanketing sheets to his close left.
"But," he too rested his right hand on his knee, while his left hand gathered support.
"I must leave now. And then return, after a short time, as I need to use the new bathroom."

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