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I received an invoice from my web host a few days ago. I was able to check it just now, for me late-November, and I see that my hosting service has switched over to a monthly subscription. I sent them an email to clarify if this is their new setup, and if so, it’s disappointing, but, after I clicked send, I realized: it’s only really disappointing to them since it’s a monthly reminder to consolidate.

This essay will debate the pros and cons of removing my web hosting service.

The domain, betterzombie.com, can be hosted by anyone, and I’ve paid for the domain for a few years into my future, so the domain is secure enough. As for who hosts the writing, it doesn’t super matter to me. I could even go through all of my essays, record video of reviewing them, and get rid of both. I could set up a Google, not sponsored, account that is solely for Google Doc’d uploads of my essays. That would be the cheapest way to go.

So we have three main options:

  1. The first option is to keep paying my current web host at either a monthly rate, no doubt to match other monthly subscription plans, where an “easy” few dollars a month is nothing that people think about, particularly those who have financial hardships, where a subscription of, say, $10 per month is much more appealing than $100 per year, so the business can get an extra $20 per year, let’s say, hypothetically.
  2. The second option is to transfer everything over to the WordPress side of things, which would require redoing all of the media links for approaching 3000 essays. This would require extensive labor time, even if the labor is easy.
  3. The third option is to leave the WordPress side of things in a broken media state and reupload everything either en masse or “going forward” onto a Google account. I could use mine without issue, and it appears that there’s sufficient security measures in place to prevent that from being a problem.

I’m leaning toward migrating everything off WordPress.

This is the irony of capitalism. This might be a part two to “Three Retail Stories,” but, capitalism is almost a little too slick, but I notice changes. I don’t mind a subtle increase in rates, but when you ask me to review my receipts, I review them. Gandi has gone from billing $120 per year for “medium” hosting to $180 per year at $15 per month. I’ve dropped my hosting down to their “smallest” hosting to match that $120 per year, but a slick $60 along with an email back in March where they explained they were changing their rates but the email contained not a single dollar amount clues me into the fact that I must accept that it is better to rebuild than to argue with web hosting.

I have no particular loyalty to Gandi.

Gandi did well by me last year when they had a billing error on their side, causing my website to be nearly deleted, but they made it up to me. It’s unfortunate, then, that they lack the transparency or perhaps even ethics to honestly state how their prices will increase, instead opting to slide the new rates under the rug in an email that does fulfill a probable legal requirement over an increase in rates but does so without actually expressing the change. I understand that inflation is caused by the greed of billionaires and bourgeois, which puts pressure on petty bourgeois like Gandi. I probably would have been more fine if Gandi had written an email stating this fact. If they had stated “we are increasing our rates to match the increase in service costs,” I probably would even be OK with it, but I’ll paste the email they sent me below.

See if you can find the pricing update details:

Dear customer,

For the past 20 years we have been dedicated to providing you with the best tools for managing your online presence. Our platform and offer have greatly evolved through continuous improvements and new features, without additional cost.

What hasn’t changed over the last 20 years is our commitment to serving you, and we will continue doing that every day. As of this year, we will take another step forward by further improving the security of the platform to the highest standards, making it easier to manage your domain, and by introducing phone support to accompany you in the various stages of your online presence.

We remain committed to offering you the largest portfolio of TLDs, customized TLD-suggestions and best-in-class anycast-level primary DNS servers (https://www.dnsperf.com/). In addition, we will step up our effort to unburden you by introducing new managed features such as:

Advanced and easy-to-use account security,
Proactive notifications on changes and important events,
Better rights management,
Easier domain transfers with continuity of service,
New and improved Mailbox :
Increased storage for your mailbox (from 3GB to 10GB),
E-mail back-up and data center redundancy for enhanced disaster recovery,
Better anti-spam and anti-virus protection,
The ability to search your mails,
Stronger email server security.

We also need to inform you of the end of the GandiMail service included with your domain (please note that the GandiMail service will end on November 30th, 2023). You can seamlessly convert to our new Mailbox service. In addition, we will introduce updates to our pricing policy effective July 13th 2023 for all our existing services and the new Mailbox service (EUR USD TWD ).

Please visit our FAQ for more details regarding the management of your current mailboxes and how to convert them to the new and improved e-mail product.

Most of the questions are answered on our FAQ, However, if you still need our support, you can contact us at this address : []

Thank you for your continued confidence and trust in Gandi.net.

I think I see what happened.

Gandi mixed up the email about pricing updates with an email about mailbox changes, or, in other words, did not properly communicate that they were updating their pricing. It’s disappointing, especially because they used to have a “no bullshit” policy. The instant they removed that policy, they instantly went to bullshit, to the point where, in full transparency, I was only able to get good customer service from Gandi because I kept getting the runaround and so I eventually went to the top.

I guess that’s the answer to my question: I’m planning to move.

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Written On: 2023 November 22 [9:59pm to 10:26pm]
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