[Workday Writings] Weekly Big Excursions

My-Yesterday, I completed a big application for a job that I’m moderately interested in, and as a reward to myself, I told myself that if I filled out the application in full, I would spend my-today in recreation. I wasn’t sure that I deserved it when it came time to go, but I went, and I had fun. I’ll plan to make these sorts of weekly “big” excursions in exchange for working throughout the week.

By my estimates, I put in 6.5 hours of job hunting between Sunday and Tuesday.

That’s not a significant amount by any means, but after having my ego destroyed by my previous job, I think it’s important to start off somewhere. I have plans to get my oil changed. That’s not a big excursion, even if it’s a minor journey and a possible big expense. An excursion here doesn’t have to be a total day without job hunting. When I get my oil changed, I also want to go to a library, where I can do some modest job hunting or resume rework, so these are things where I can do one while doing the other. It’s just for my-today, we’re in the middle of a heatwave, so by the time I completed the third pleasurable objective for my-today and was going to get groceries, I was overheated.

These are all logistical explorations rather than excuses.

It is so warm right now that my brain is overheating now that I’m in the writing process. I haven’t been able to record anything because of the same reason. I’ve had fans running the whole day here and it’s still too warm, and on the thrift store run after handing in all of my computer junk, I bought a small fan that’s going to be a good white noise generator in the winter. I’m not sure if I should have went out my-today on this excursion, but having done it, I am glad I did, since it kicked some of the addiction I had toward collecting ties. I still enjoy them, certainly, but I’ve reached my comfortable apex, where now it’s just a matter of finding either cheap ties in any design that seems neat or less cheap ties that elicit certain responses or sensations from me.

I also have a nice tie holder now to hold the ones I want to wear often.

I’m deciding how I want to display the ones I’m not going to wear often in ways that won’t be in the way for the short-term. Some of these excursions will include going out to start selling things, since if my employment will be long, I’ll need to start accruing capital, but if my employment will be short, then this will be the time to check out locations that I might never attend because I’m too busy going to work, exhausted after a workweek, or are only available on certain days of the week. Basically, every week, I’ll plan maybe five days on internal work, clearing out the apartment-mansion, working on particular or specific projects related to job hunting or other things, to then spend the other day or two on external work, where I might drop things off at thrift stores, meet with friends, or explore areas of reality.

This should be good for my mental and physical health.

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Written On: 2023 August 16 [11:18pm to 11:33pm]
Last Edited: 2023 August 16 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]


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