[Downsizing Zeal] Anyone Want This?

I recently inherited a Clutch Discord server. The old server owner was going to delete it until I offered to take over and manage it. Over the past few days, I’ve added, removed, and changed around enough settings to expand it into a general music discussion server. As the idiom goes, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. I think about that when donating things or throwing things away. What if no one wants this?

It would have been fair to delete the server if none of the three active members cared.

While consolidating content, I found some semi-private conversations from former members. I suspect that this server was started by some friends and had a brief period of some prosperity before all of those friends except for two left. I deleted almost all of those conversations. The old server owner had wanted to delete the entire server, so they weren’t concerned with keeping those messages. I may go through the #general chat and delete the old, unrelated materials, or, does it particularly matter?

I should also mention that I have a general Discord, as well.

What I enjoyed most about the process of taking over this server and turning it into something that could see a resurgence with its wider scope is that I’ve learned about Discord bots. This is something I had noted as wanting to do in the Better Zombie Discord server as early as late 2018, and so in some instances, picking up the trash of others can help lead us toward our own treasures.

For the moment, I like the idea of running a music server.

It was tricked out with a few things that early Discord servers got for free, such as server roles that would increase automatically as people post. There are bots that let you “level up” but they don’t grant you different server roles. What this server did was, as you talked, your role changed and so you went into a different role category. It’s a fun idea that unfortunately costs money now.

I applied Clutch’s gold and red color scheme as a gradient to those roles.

If you’ll excuse a bit more Discord meandry, I also changed the logo.

I wanted to keep the Clutch logo but since I was expanding the server’s focus, I figured I’d change the text to say music. I told friend-of-the-website Collector about this and asked if he was interested in helping out.

This was my design, based on the existing typeface.

I like Collector’s much more so that’s the current server icon and leading picture.

In some respects, I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t have seen that message from the old owner? The server had been idle for a while, to the point where its icon wasn’t in my top listings, but I still liked having it around when I felt like talking with others about Clutch. It might be cool to expand it out to talk about more music. But let’s say that nothing happens from it. The time I put into it over the past week was decently intellectually rewarding, since I fulfilled some lingering thoughts about how I wanted to manage other servers, and it provided a worthwhile chance for me to expand my skills.

If the server remains near-vacant, it’s not a burden to maintain.

I suppose the old server owner had gotten to the point where the server had become mental clutter, but it’s not that way for me. I feel it has potential. It’s like when I’ve collected items from the trash. My old apartment complex wasn’t strict about dumping, so I was able to fill my apartment with functional furniture from the trash. An old TV stand became my dresser in the old apartment then fulfilled its duty as a TV stand at my last place before I broke it down during the move. Until COVID, if there was a clean cardboard box in or near the recycling, I’d take it with me. Why not? I have boxes galore now, but I’ll use them all to donate things here soon, so they’re only temporarily wasting space.

If these once-recycled cardboard boxes serve no further purpose, I’ll recycle them again.

For me, I felt bad when I donated things before moving into the apartment-mansion because it meant that I hadn’t fully “used” the item. What if no one else uses it to its full potential? That’s a fate that the items I donate will have to undergo. I am not their keeper. If I owned something that has no value to anyone, including myself, then as I did with that old TV stand, I destroyed it. Someone possibly could have used it, but the logistics involved were too difficult to coordinate. Sometimes, it’s OK to destroy or delete the things in life no one wants, which is a statement that’s easy to take out of context, so let’s phrase that differently.

Your trash might be someone else’s treasure, but that isn’t your responsibility.

I don’t throw away objects that I think can be reused. If it has no reusability, then I throw it in my trash bag, and throw the trash away in the dumpster so that it can’t easily be dug through. I’ve seen some tempting items over the years that might almost make me jump into the apartment complex’s dumpster, and for others, that’s a great pursuit with some money. I figure that if the item has some reusability, I might do what others have done, and place the items outside of the dumpster.

In that way, it’s like offering that Discord server to anyone interested.

Let’s say someday I’m no longer interested in being this Discord server’s owner. If there’s no one else around to take the mantle, I might end up deleting it, too, but until then, I’ll consider it a hobby server to try out bots and commands within.

Plus, the cool logo makes it harder for me to consider deleting.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Here’s something I haven’t admitted before. I like to write about pictures I’ve made like this so that way I can save them on Better Zombie and then archive them in my Better Zombie files folder. I had these images in my Better Zombie upload folder for about a week and today I completed a majority of the public-facing work, after doing the back-end stuff, so I figured, why not write this essay comparing digital clutter with physical clutter?
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Picture: Thanks again to friend-of-the-website Collector for the image assistance.
Written On: 2020 October 12 [5:06pm to 5:45pm]
Last Edited: 2020 October 12 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]


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