[Downsizing Zeal] Bored Board Games

When I’m bored, if I ever am, I never think about playing board games. If I’m not writing in a semi-professional capacity, I’m working on a large writing project, or decompressing by writing a casual essay here. I’ll do other things, but board games just aren’t something I want to pursue as a professional, amateur board game designer, or even casual player. Maybe if invited? Otherwise, I have no use to keep board game boxes.

I have a few that might be worth selling.

I might only get a dollar or two out of them, though, so how much are the time and energy worth for me to invest to receive potentially multiple dollars for their overall space? Currently, my time is budgeted most significantly toward downsizing the biggest items, since I need to pack even more stuff into my overcrowded apartment.

I could bury a space away for selling items.

Will I open an internet store after I’ve downsized a reasonable amount? It’s a possibility and would help guide this collection of essays into more of a selling angle, which is one angle to go, but… uhhh… this is called Downsizing Zeal, not Selling Zeal. What if I put the stuff I want to sell into storage so that I can sell it off later?

Did that sound as absurd to read as it did to write?

I suppose there isn’t much harm in putting together a sell pile, posting some ads, and seeing if there are any interested buyers. It might make for good stories, because I already donated one round of CDs that hadn’t sold at reasonable or inexpensive prices. I suppose a garage sale is really the only place where it might be easy to sell random junk for a dollar.

I have neither the garage or the selling interest.

Downsizing Zeal, at its core, is assessing what objects I own that own me. If I must rent an expensive two-bedroom apartment just within my means to continue being beholden to objects that I am becoming decreasingly detached to daily then as much of the fluff has got to go as it can so that I can plan for moving out within the year.

Besides, how interesting could stories of bargain bin blowouts be?

I wrote years ago about cool things I’ve bought. I enjoyed the thrill of the hunt, scoring a great deal, and my mind surged with endorphins as I wrote about these few finds. How did the sellers feel? For corporations, nothing at all. Small businesses or private sellers, if they’re anything like me, would be happy to free up their space.

I thought back then: Weird!

Now, if I enjoy writing more than playing board games solo, why would I spend more time than this essay thinking about my ownership of them? I need to give them away to friends. If we play them when we meet, they’ll get more use than collecting dust.

No doubt these board games, personified, are bored.

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Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: I wrote this and Angst Over Downsizing in the same insomnia fury. 
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Photo: I thought I had collected all my board games together, but after donating some and gifting most of these, I found about four more.
Written On: March 17th [30 minutes]
Last Edited: April 3rd [minor edits]
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