[Downsizing Zeal] Clearing Inventory Stack

How does one avoid the clutters of life when there are so many cool things to collect or acquire? The easiest answer, externally, is to not collect everything. Internally, however, this is a difficult decision because what it requires is, among other things, the discipline of letting go with the item, both physically and psychologically. Questions about potentiality might enter the mind, as it clouded my judgment, until I decided to digitally clear my inventory.

In the MUD ENDLESS WAR, there are hundreds of items to acquire; as three examples:

!inspect apple jack figure
It’s an MLP figure. She’s a dirty southerner.

!inspect bone
A small nondescript bone. Traces of fresh slime in it indicate it must’ve belonged to one of the city’s recidents.

!inspect dragon soul
A fearsome dragon soul, pried from the corpse of a Green Eyes Slime Dragon. It’s just like Dark Souls! Wait… just like Dark Souls??? Maybe you can use this for something.

Some can be used to smelt into other items, others can be acquired from hunts or farming, and others are display-only items, like the MLP figure collection. Early one morning, after a !goto the bazaar, I looked at the !menu and found a random MLP figure for sale, so naturally, I bought the whole set. The flavor text is like what you read above. It’s nothing fancy, and I’ve gotten a laugh or two out of them, but they’re not particularly special to me or anything.

Then I lost Pinkie Pie somewhere along the way!

I think I know roughly how I lost the figure, but I wasn’t able to reacquire the same one. I could have waited the few days, or whatever, until the figure reappeared in the bazaar, or, honestly, I decided that it was time to digitally clear the clutter that had naturally accumulated in my inventory. I don’t know if this is something that happens to everyone or specifically to people like myself that tend to hoard things. Maybe it’s my inclination to not throw things away or recycle them until they’ve proven themselves no further redeemable value.

I have a peanut butter bottle that’s going to the recycling can.

It’s going, but empty yogurt containers are staying because I might be able to reuse the yogurt containers whereas I can’t reuse the peanut butter bottle, but maybe I should consider both to be recycling? It’s a difficult balance for me to attain even now, which is why writing essays like this that may seem trivial can be helpful, because they help me figure out the nuances of why I act in certain ways. I keep things with usefulness, as I suppose we all do, but I think decreasing my clutter will mean increasing my threshold for usefulness. If, before, I would keep an item if it had at least 10% usefulness to me, now maybe I could say an item should be at least 20% useful

I decided, well, since I didn’t have the complete set, why not give out the rest?

I kept my favorite character, Applejack, and my second-favorite Fluttershy, but have since given out all the rest and there are mental and physical freedoms from letting go like that. I kept the flavor text, so I can always refer to anything specifically, or I can search for it if I really want/need, otherwise, it was fun seeing the reactions from others as they received their unexpected gifts. It’s unexpected perhaps because ENDLESS WAR has a competitive edge, so people want to be competitive and edgy, but there are enough nice people in the game to make it worth playing. The in-game inventory system is still a mess, but, it’s a low-priority issue.

Out-of-game, I have my inventory listed out into certain categories.

I don’t fight in this season, so I have speed-based equipment.

[Key Items]
Game-specific items.

These are three items that I keep for highly-specific reasons. The aforementioned Applejack figure, a pickaxe, and an item that does something silly in-game.

These are items that I’m not sure what I want to do with, so it’s good to keep them listed separately, so I can think about them as I, say, wait for a page to load while I’m looking over at the list.

Everything else.

Even through a busy day of playing ENDLESS WAR, mainly to take my mind off of spinal pain after going out to the dentist and back – which was enough stress to put undue pressure on my back, I ended the day with no additional digital or physical clutter. In-game, that was through carefully considering that I didn’t want to take on more than I could chew, so I didn’t, and I gave away things as I realized I didn’t need them.

Out-of-game, I declined accepting another my dentist’s promotional pen.

I have hundreds of branded pens and thousands of idle pages, so why not use them? Through this pandemic, I’d rather write my grocery lists on physical paper so I can keep my phone in my pocket, write notes on paper, and throw out the paper when I’m done. That’s been helping me strategize upcoming grocery trips. As I use these pens, I’m also realizing that it’s OK to throw away the ones that don’t work so well, as I did earlier this week with one attached to a mediocre memory.

I can still those proximal memories, if I wanted, without the pen.

The pen I trashed, the pen I declined, the figure I lost, and the figures I handed out… these all represent slow steps in my recovery from an addiction to clutter. It’s like how physical therapy might seem trivial to people in good physical health. The more we accept that our realities are finite and can be stretched to match how we perceive our situations, the more we can define for ourselves how clear we want our inventories to be, whether in videogames or real life.

I’ve cleared my inventory stack well enough.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Here is my full inventory list, in case you were interested:
pair of 3D glasses
VR Headset
varsity jacket
wedding ring
SlimeCorp Pin
Slime Poudrins
key to Sol’s house
apple jack figurine
Проклятие Троцкого Bane of Trots
fluttershy figurine
Seeing this list a few times per extended play session, but extended several times, led me to downsize to the degree I did.
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Picture: Screenshot but then scrunched down to fit my usual size perimeters.
Written On: 2020 June 30 [5:555555am to “[Donate] Everything else.” at 6:29am then from 10:09pm to 10:25pm]
Last Edited: 2020 June 30 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]


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