[Downsizing Zeal] Five Listings? None…

I have five items I want to sell to clear out some space out of the apartment-mansion, but because they are five different items, I, of course, have posted none of them. Have you ever tried to do five things simultaneously? The most we can do is multi-thread [or doing one action, then quickly doing another action] and not multi-task [doing multiple disparate activities simultaneously]. For posting things online, you can’t multitask. You’ll post nothing.

The problem becomes figuring out which item to start posting.

I have an arbitrary list for the five items I want to sell based on their ease of mobility. One is an old laptop that might not be desirable but might be a fun project for someone. Next are two Intellivision consoles and games. I have some untested Apple hardware next, and rounding out this batch of five, are two untested Atari 2600 consoles. I have no interest in the videogame consoles, unfortunately, so they just take up space.

But still, I want to post everything at once.

What I’ve found is that when I post too much at once, I have to juggle the incoming emails, contacts, and figurative stovetop burners in use. I can do some juggling. My brain doesn’t operate in single-thread thinking. I can explore myriad disparate ideas near-simultaneously, I just like to phrase it like this: I can write this essay, pop over to a Sober Living essay to write a sentence, jump over to my Album Review Game to prep an album review, but I can’t write in all three at once. I prefer to write one at a time, but sometimes, it just makes sense to take a quick mental break from one to go work in another for a spell, then to return fresh.

With these listings, I just have to organize the photos I have then write the postings.

For my first few postings, I just wrote them on my smartphone as I published to each selling app, but I think this time around, I’ll write the ads with a bit more intention. Everything that sold was primarily because of good photography and everything that hasn’t yet sold that I’ve listed did not have good photography, but still, good advertising copy goes a long way. Writing something to get a potential buyer interested, or at least seeing the ad, can help.

Especially since I should make sure to write “AS-IS.”

Unless I can verify it works, like the Intellivision consoles, then the buyer should assume the risk of buying it. I’m not going to submerge the item in water and then sell it, but if it was already like that when I acquired it, then it’s not my problem after we’ve met and transacted some money for some object[s]. I know there’s buyer’s and seller’s remorse. I’ve already mentally parted ways with these items. I would have no regret over selling these things and never being able to acquire them again.

They are objects of which we have infinite.

I can find entertainment more potent than these. I have worshipped other neon gods for years without a single prayer toward these shrines of another deity, so why not offer them up to others to cherish? I don’t want to destroy any of these since they have monetary and cultural value. Maybe not to the degree of, say, a priceless artifact representing some society in all its grime or glitter, but still, these items should be either sold or downsized with levity.

But, not too much levity.

I don’t want this to be an overly-complicated, convoluted process. I want to get rid of stuff from my possession, not create a marketplace where I can try to justify hustling to make some side cash. It’s not profitable enough. If I got all this for free and sold it for a massive profit, then yeah maybe, but at most I’m breaking even based on the moving labor and storage costs.

Now all I want is some stories to tell and maybe some cash.

It’d be nicer if they went to a good home, but if I have to bring any of these over to the local computer recycling company or thrift stores to clear them off my plate, unfortunately, that’s going to be their destination after a few weeks of being posted. I had some magazines that I couldn’t sell or give away, so I donated them. I could have taken better photos, but it was an additional box that was cluttering my physical and mental space.

What’s the use of trying to get top dollar for maximal effort?

I prefer the middle ground of minimal effort for minimal reward. I could work higher-paying jobs but that means more stress. I could try to shine up these objects to get the most value out of them, but for one of those Apple computers, I don’t have a monitor, so short of finding one to use for testing, all I can do is power it up and make sure it doesn’t grind on me. For the buyer with a proprietary Apple monitor connector, yeah, that computer will be great.

For me, it took up a shelf for almost a year now.

Before that, it sat in a basement for years, unused. It deserves better than that. However, unless I start incrementally, no matter what order as long as I start with an order – there is no perfect order – then I should start to see progress. This all might have seemed obvious. If it was, I wouldn’t have been in this trap myself. I did well at first. I think the problem was I collected too much stuff to sell at once without actually completing the process. Even now, even when I’m downsizing, I’m still hoarding and still coming to terms with my hoarder mentality. I need to learn to just let things go. I should think of them like these essays.

Once I’ve posted it, I rarely return to make edits.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal and professional experiences.
Inspirations: I write essays like this when I’m having trouble with my direction in life. I don’t really get writer’s block, because my self-expectation is so low and I’m comfortable with my writing voice, so I can just slap sentences together. The blocks in life I get are in relation to acting in certain directions. So do I think differently than everyone else? Probably.
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Picture: I took a photo of all the items I was going to sell, but then I got sick with headaches, and that photo is buried somewhere. It wouldn’t add much to the essay to include that photo, since the photo is just a concrete example, whereas these are more figurative examples. It could be any five items I’m trying to sell.
Written On: 2020 January 01 [34 minutes, from 10:02am to 10:36am, while listening to There Is No Year. WordPress.]
Last Edited: 2020 January 01 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]
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