[Downsizing Zeal] Flexibility of Moving

The more stuff you have strewn about, the fewer options you have for moving about. A laptop bag filled with peripherals and more is fine, if it’s all self-contained, because a bulky yet secured item can still be portable. If everything is unpacked, then you’re anchored down. This may seem obvious and even good, but for a writer, I want the flexibility to access bigger stories to cover than clutter. I’m just working toward it.

Downsizing and writing both start small.

I’ve published over 800 essays now. That’s over 800 projects begun and completed. If it takes me another 800 to become a professional writer, that’ll be fine, because where will the writing take me? In the area or out of state? As much as I’d prefer to have everything now, part of it is that I’m not ready yet.

I’m writing these decluttering essays for focus.

When I feel I’ve reached a good point in this possession project – where, like that laptop bag analogy, I could move at any time to anywhere I am needed – then I’ll wrap it up and move onto the next things. Or whenever I get bored with the subjects. There is still plenty to cover not just because there is still plenty to downsize but because there is plenty to write.

It’s 6:43 am in a hotel room somewhere.

I woke up after the first night of this event to a blatant nightmare interpretation of something at the apartment-mansion. I haven’t been able to sleep there well. Other than sleeping at an angle that caused a bit of a headache, I may have slept better here than back at my year-long home.

I’m aiming to clear out the spare bedroom.

Currently filled with boxes and racks lining the walls, filling the center, with items filling the aisles, it represents a decadence of my life’s materials and maybe even greed? One object flashed into my mind that was nothing but greed. Terrible me, back then.

The conflict is that I still care about much of it.

Or so I think… The more I go through these items, the less I feel like: “Wow, this is an item I need to keep.” The two boxes I needed to retrieve from storage took one hour to move during a rush-hour round trip. How many of the items in those boxes do I want to keep? Definitely not as many as I thought six months ago. One hour better spent writing, editing, or relaxing.

That will take time and focus to achieve.

The impatient me may want it all now. Why can’t I be a successfully published author, living the life I want, on my terms, and through my own means? Because I’m not there yet. I don’t have the skills in some regards and others to achieve those goals yet, but it will just be a matter of time. More essays to write, edit, and publish.

This one is nearing completion. There are hundreds or thousands more to write in time.[]

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Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Day two of this writing assignment journey.
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Photo: My laptop/writing bag on the hotel bed.
Written On: May 11th [32 minutes]
Last Edited: Other than some edits on May 27th, first draft; final draft for the Internet.
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