[Downsizing Zeal] Hands In Pockets

Even with the antibacterial soap to disinfect your hands, the grime permeates into every pore of your skin, and this all just feels so raw. I can see why thrift shopping appealed to me so much. Broken toys for a broken soul. Now that represents a time and a place. I’ll still look. I keep my hands in my pockets now, one on my wallet to remind me of value, the other on my SOAK[1].

Take a photo or take it home?

I’d rather take the photo unless there is something valuable about it – a childhood memory generator, an esoteric book, or something a da kine. I should keep gloves in my car for such days when I’m feeling a little lost, a little nostalgic for those years when I’d spend without fear, or a little wistful about exploring my old stomping grounds.

There is never anything great.

I’ve found some cool things, of course, but nothing life-changing. I mainly went to fill in gaps in my life with materialism. Now I’ll go with a few broad objectives in mind – specific fiction novels, interesting books, or anything noteworthy – and leave the rest.

It’s nice browsing without buying.

It’s like how easy it is to overeat to the point of obesity, we can easily overspend to the point of having a household oppressed with materialism. We just need to learn to eat and buy responsibly. If I liked this weird Hulk-type character, and earnestly could use or enjoy it, I should buy it. If not, I should leave it, which is what I did.

If I later want this figure, I could buy a better version.

One with, I don’t know, the full body. Cleaner. With all accessories. The funny thing is, I don’t even know this character’s name, and I own hundreds of semi-broken toys like this. It’s a weird sort of thing to want things like this. I don’t think I’ll ever be like that again. Even when I start doing toy photography again to help tell “The Story.” I won’t need things like this.

Thrifting was a good reminder of that.

I am a different person from the one that hunted down the pieces of that MOTU puzzle. He is still a part of me and deserves the occasional opportunity to browse for things, but he should be reigned back. I’ll basically tell myself: “OK, now, if you want this, you have to really want this.”

If I can’t justify it, I keep my hands in my pockets.

If I’m interested, I’ll look it up on my SOAK[1] to see if I have it, or, how it might fit into my life. The physical transaction with money similarly provides just enough friction where I can ask myself if this object is worth more than the amount of money I’m trading in. In the present, maybe, but in ten years? Not often.

I didn’t physically acquire anything thrifting at two thrift stores yesterday.

I did, however, acquire emotional satisfaction.

Quotes: [1] An IDKFA acronym phrase for a smartphone.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Wanting to revisit some of my old materialistic haunts, I wasted about two hours, and all you got was this essay.
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Photos: The bins that day.
Written On: September 18th [21 minutes; 9:36am [Even with…] – 9:45am […the rest], 12:10pm [It’s nice…] – 12:13pm […I did], 2:27pm […If I wanted] -2:36pm […outro]; mobile]
Last Edited: September 20th [Edits for print included changes to the intro and outro. I also added in the name of the character. (((((I used to collect Hulk stuff. Now, it’s like videogame stuff, in that I like it, but I don’t care that much about it. I play videogames, but I’m not obsessed over videogames.))))) Anyways, second draft; final draft for the Internet.]

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