[Downsizing Zeal] How Much More?

My scope with Moving Zeal was completing the move of a 7+-year hoarder. What’s the scope of this sequel ebook? Does it end when I’ve sorted through every box of miscellaneous things and either repacked or donated/sold them? Is it after I’ve taken down the downsizing racks and reclined into a mindset focused on writing fiction? Or is it after I’ve sufficiently detached from aesthetic materialism? Since this ebook is about learning, the answer is…

…after I get bored writing these essays!

I am an avid learner if banging my head into Unity to explore the codebase of Blah Blah tells you anything, but school bores me. I do well in 5-minute chunks. My brain is primed and ready to learn. I get antsy if the material is too difficult or too easy. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. That’s where, daily, when I plan my writing, I think about what I can write about that can be helpful for others. I’ve written quite a lot about self-confidence when I was learning to accept myself as myself and though I’ll still write an occasional entry here or there, I’m not “learning” as much so I don’t see much of a need to share.

I do still have some plans for this ebook before I wrap it up.

I want to bring everything over from my deep storage, which is limited in access due to weather conditions and timing, first. To do so, I must clear out space in the apartment-mansion to receive the remaining items. The old place was filled – 2-bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, basement, and garage – so I would have needed a 3-bedroom to fit it all at first. I’m at the point now where I can comfortably bring in a carload of stuff and not be tripping all over it. Obviously, the more time I have to clear out stuff, the easier it’ll be to fit in more stuff, but there’s a balance since I’m paying rent on the deep storage and I want to wrap up that bill.

Next: selling collections.

I don’t think I’m that interested in writing a whole ebook about selling. I’m not a businessman. I want to focus almost all of my efforts on writing. There are necessities of selling your brand that is true of every industry, but a day spent haggling down the price of some item is a day wasted. I’ll probably, therefore, include those sales in with this ebook as a sort of learning to detach from even things you think are valuable – if they are, and you don’t care about them, sell them.

Here’s when I plan to conclude this series:

After I’ve downsized to the point where I can feel confident that I can move out of this apartment-mansion into either a 1-bedroom apartment or studio, then I can focus the remainder of my lease – when not working professionally – on writing.

I imagine that will be another few months still. Unless these get boring…

Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Having missed my opportunity to go to the gym, work out, and come back (~45 minutes) to clean up before heading out for the day by 15 minutes, I decided to use that remaining time to write about something. I am trying to focus on moving one thing at a time when I walk from my writing area to the kitchen or bathroom. It’s effective because when I save my work at my computer, that “saves” a minor milestone in where I’m at with what I’m working on, so I can easily return to it in the mindstate I return with… When I look at these boxes, I’ll grab something easy that catches my eye and either throw it away or put it on the downsizing rack to consider in more detail later.
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Photo: I staged this one a bit more than it was before, but this is a box that needs to be sorted through, and I have hundreds of these, but obviously I don’t want to write hundreds of essays about looking at things and putting them away.
Written On: April 20th [28 minutes, including the end table bits]
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