[Downsizing Zeal] Just Essential Records

I donated around 100 records some months ago. I don’t remember how many, just their overall mass. I kept my then-favorites, most of which I’ll sell off after I sell the records in this bag. I thought of bringing this to-sell bag along to my first Record Store Day, but they were too busy selling. It was fun walking through some music shops searching for my CD essentials – Nirvana and GUITAR WOLF – and walking away empty-handed.

I’d been curious about going to Record Store Day for years.

Every year, something or another would come up the week before, and I’d skip it. This year, having recently purged over 2/3rds of my record collection while actively purging my CD collection, it would be reasonable for me to be repulsed over the idea of ever returning to a music store, other than to sell off everything at once. However, These purges weren’t out of some hatred of the hobby or disinterest in the dedication of time and resources to maintaining these collections. I still like some of the records I have to eventually display and I still play CDs often enough.

It’s just now I focus on my essentials.

I probably wouldn’t have even gone, were it not for a friend that collects records, and, it was convenient to go. I’ve been meaning to get caught up in more zeitgeists; to live, to observe, and to include myself in the parties of individuals that consume popular items within media, and more broadly, culture, in order to understand cultures, popularities, and the priorities of those who go out and explore the Top 40 Experiences. I read through the list of records, read the articles proclaiming essentialities, and watched record-heads gush over their want lists. I had some hype.

With my friend’s want lists, handwritten, in hand, we record-store-dayed.

Our first stop was a local record label’s physical store, just obscure enough to warrant a phone call asking if they had (woken up early, probably from some 2AM show,) opened early. Some folks were already looking through exclusives, so I left my friend to find his essentials and wants while I did the same. I’m not sure how many more Nirvana bootlegs I want to collect, so after finding one of his top picks and one of last year’s exclusives to compromise for missing out on this year’s exclusive, I looked through some crates for GUITAR WOLF CDs, and we left.

I passed on some of the exclusives; my last year’s maybes, this year’s nahs.

Our next stop was a bigger record store that had a squiggly line of people crowding over a table, thumbing through the records, rowdily, while I thumbed through my essentials in peace. Nothing either. My friend completed his essentials list, got enough wants to be happy, and we considered it a success. I’m not sure I’d go next year. Convenience, a wider scope of stores, or something in my purview would convince me to go again.

I got all my essentials.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: My experiences downsizing aren’t exactly anti-materialistic propaganda, even though I feel like it sometimes, rather, it’s a sense of trying to figure out why I own so much stuff and focusing that down to the essentials.
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Photo: My “To Sell” bag of records, Cat Stevens being at the forefront, with a “this way up” box pointed sideways for fun in the background.
Written On: April 16th [90 minutes]
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