[Downsizing Zeal] My Ideal Apartment

My ideal apartment isn’t this one. Everything from the big things – like the neighbors – to the small things – the floor is uneven and I don’t like many of the aesthetics. Getting to a more ideal apartment will require me to figure out what possessions I can edit out. This apartment is also too big. I just want somewhere big enough for me to write, store my prized possessions, and work or entertain the occasional guest.

This space will look totally different when this essay publishes.

Probably not tonight. I’m knee-deep in editing a long essay and needed to make sure I wrote my own essay for today. Depending on how much progress I make, I’ll have more time tomorrow to put together a donation pile for Saturday, but I know I’ll have to make it soon because I don’t like how messy my living room has become. It’s not a huge deal to anyone except myself, but I’ve cleared out this space before and have really enjoyed the result. Right now, I feel easily distracted by work to do, and instead of remaining focused on my writing or editing, I’m idly brainstorming how I’ll address this issue or that.

I could solve this issue by writing in my bedroom.

In a more ideal apartment, where the floor doesn’t feel like it shakes whenever I write and I might even be able to row without concerning myself with bothering the neighbors, my bedroom would just store my prized possessions, clothing, and bed. It might be nice having a dedicated second bedroom to writing, and I might do that if I can clear out the storage room, but I don’t want to get used to that because then I’ll expect that in my next apartment, or, the one after that. All I would need is a secure space where, say, someone were to break in, then the laptop wouldn’t be an immediate target like it is now. I do put it away overnight or when I’m away, but still, having some kind of security in place might be nice.

Otherwise, there’s a deeper ideal for my apartment:

I want it to be significantly less “noisy.” Not just in terms of neighbors, who besides slamming doors, have been generally OK neighbors today, but in terms of having less stuff to distract my attention. I like writing in living rooms, in general, because I don’t like the idea of working in or near my bed. I don’t enter my bedroom at night unless it’s to change clothing or go to bed, so I wouldn’t do well with a desk in my bedroom, unless, of course, I find a killer deal but I have to rent a bedroom instead of a full apartment. Depending on the situation, that could actually be more ideal, but overall I’m doing my best as of the past few weeks to avoid focusing too much on the exterior while writing.

Once I’ve thoroughly decluttered, it’ll be a mental decluttering, too.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Just a quick essay capturing my feelings on my messy living room and what my plans are to do something about it.
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Photo: The piles of things to sort through this week before going up on the donation block.
Written On: March 27th [15 minutes]
Last Edited: First draft; final draft for the Internet.
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