[Selling Zeal] My Neighbors’s Collections

One compromise I could make with my collections is doing what my neighbors just did. They kept the media and recycled the abundant packaging. I can respect that mentality. Maybe they like the movies but not enough to peruse their packaging? For me, if I don’t care enough about the movie to own its entire packaging, why own it? I suppose my lifestyle is one where I naturally favor new experiences rather than infrequent rewatches.

Though I am significantly less beholden to packaging, I still like certain containers.

There were two empty videogame cases in this box that I can resell. I doubt the Disney cases are worth anything because that’s a different collecting market. Videogame likers like “the entire package” from boxes in nice shape to all the inserts whereas Disney likers probably just like watching the movie in the background.

I’m closer to a videogame liker with this example.

I’d rather have 20 games I like with their complete packaging than 100 incomplete and butchered games. I can afford the shelf space for things I like unequivocally but if there’s any hesitation then it should go. What’s the point of owning things you’ll never incentivize yourself to interact with on even a casual basis.

That, for me, determines my level of ownership.

I like Tron so much as a weird experiment that I’d own an empty box of it for a while – was my old mentality. My new mentality might still do that until it came time to sort through the DVDs, then I’d keep the better packaging, keep the paperwork and either possibly sell or donate the packaging.

These daily decisions are helping me to become more decisive.

Like answering endless hypotheticals, the more I explore my opinions on keepers versus tossers, the more I can work toward a streamlined life where I won’t idly decide what to do or how to act. Practice and exposure on small scales like this can help on larger scales. If we’re indecisive about what to do with some DVDs at home, how can we decide what to do during a tricky situation at work?

My trick is not becoming attached.

I was excited to see these DVDs as I was recycling some things. Free stuff! I might get a profit out of the videogame cases and empties, or maybe not? It’s still just one of those examples where I am still beholden to materialism, and though fine enough on small scales like this still tells me I should be careful – unless I want to find myself with a massive collection of something because it was opportunistic and free.

I think it’ll be fine.

I spent a few minutes in the morning looking through everything to decide what to keep. That I didn’t want to keep everything is a good sign. I’m only holding onto certain objects until I can sell, donate, or recycle them myself.

I’m not attached to the objects because they exist – like I would have felt in year’s past.

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Inspirations: Serendipitous encounter. I don’t really dumpster dive on a daily basis, and other than clean cardboard boxes, this is the first thing I’ve grabbed so far, but I’m halfway tempted to do so more often. The empty DVD cases are in my trunk for an upcoming thrift store run. As a brief glimpse into my writing inspiration process, I might come up with an idea throughout the day I’ve already written something, so there’s about a day to gel, so that way when I’m able to write I can just blast my thoughts out. Sometimes, I have nothing in mind. It’s nice when I can latch onto certain ideas on days like these, but I try not to rely on such serendipitous ideas. I actually had another idea I was leaning into, but this took precedence.
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Photo: I’m not going to dox myself. I also did the shameful act of moving the box before taking the shot. I was overcome with passion for acquiring these new objects.
Written On: June 12th [27 minutes]
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