[Downsizing Zeal] No More Discographies

Two months ago, a local company that buys and sells music and such posted that they had received a partial discography: “Come grab some of the albums by the progenitors of Jet Rock n’ Roll, Guitar Wolf!!! No flight to Japan necessary![1]” This was the post that made me realize the full extent of what I want from life. I have a box full of Nirvana stuff, over a thousand CDs, but soon, not anymore…

I’m not sure if I’ll sell everything in the Nirvana box.

Since I only listen to these CDs in the car, and since cars probably won’t be including CD players for too much longer, at least without a USB port, I’m probably one of the last few hold-outs to still hang onto all these relics of the past. I wrote about this topic frequently last year as I was learning to downsize through my moving process. I haven’t revisited those older essays, and here I’m just clearing out my backlog, so if this is repetitive, then as it goes.

I have three main stacks of CDs.

I have the ones that are unsorted from when I packed them up in the move days, I have the ones I’ve unpacked and listened to since then, and I have the ones that I’m ready to sell. I should put together another set of CDs to sell at a significant loss to clear up space. Averaging $10 for 30 CDs I probably bought for more than $30 does seem like a bit of a burn, however, this was one of the many hobbies I got into before I realized that writing was my passion. This is just like clearing out my old computers or any of my other depreciated hobbies.

I will get rid of almost all of the …4-stars and below.

The easiest way for me to decide if I want to keep a CD or not is asking myself: Do I want to listen to this while driving for work? There are some CDs I own that aren’t for driving. I use albums such as S&M, Lateralus, and Artemis while I write. Those are exempt from that driving rule. Otherwise, for the other 90% to 95%, if I don’t listen to them in the car, when would I listen to their CD husk? I’ll keep the autographed CDs and I’ll keep my favorites.

Otherwise, not much more than, say, four boxes of CDs.

I don’t need over twelve. Many of these same CDs are legally available for streaming now, so if I want to listen to them once a year, or decade, I can. As I’d already written and deduced, selling or donating these CDs will not be disrespectful to the musicians because if anything, leaving them to collect dust without being listened to, becoming a burden of mine as a weight to carry, is a much greater sin.

I’ve freed up a table for selling things so things should go faster now.

Maybe soon I’ll take photos of some CDs and post them around, to see if anyone wants to buy them locally, before I ship them out to that company for pennies on the dollar. I’ll probably still donate the ones that are scratched up, the ones I got for nearly free, or the ones without any market value. I could take them to that local shop that probably sold through the GUITAR WOLF CDs, before I could figure out my schedule well enough to stop by to see what they had left, but I know that shops like that are probably struggling through this inevitability of old media collapsation as well.

At least with vinyl records, you have to make a listening area for them.

You have to build out a decent sound system to justify owning them, so you have to have some kind of investment in the hobby, outside of collecting printed paper like I had done before getting rid of most of my records during the move. Even cassettes are kind of an antiquated, quaint, and charming media to use a few times. But CDs? They’re just kinda there. They’re the format I got into music with, so I appreciate them more than records or cassettes, but why keep anonymous hundreds of them when you can keep your cherished few?

That post made me realize I didn’t want GUITAR WOLF’s discography.

Even if I could’ve stopped over to buy those, I’m just not interested in going for a complete set of almost anything anymore, now that I’ve found writing as a hobby of the most fulfilling variety. If it’s easy enough, sure, but it’s like with any videogame achievement. I’m picking FF7 back up so I can fully explore its world, but looking over all the quest objectives, I’m not interested in obtaining Aerith’s final limit breaks or anything that requires too much effort on my part. FF7 isn’t my favorite game.

I will still 100% my favorite games.

For everything else, if I can practice the game well enough to possibly attempt it, cool, otherwise, I’m not worried about it. Just like with CDs. I am no longer interested in paying top dollar for anything, unless it’s a fundraiser effort to get a new album produced, like the minibosses. I’ll give them money because I’ve appreciated their music for well over a dozen years now, and if I can help them get their album produced, then it’s like paying it forward to them. That’s the sort of thing I’m more interested in.

I’m not interested in owning a physical product that won’t even profit the band.

If I bought any of those CDs, it would have profited that used media company, not GUITAR WOLF. As much as I like them, I’d rather just buy a shirt from them to support that company itself, even if I never go there anymore.

My next step for downsizing all these discographies will be deciding which CDs to part ways with first, starting easiest to hardest, which isn’t nirvana.

Quotes: [1] Social medial manager for Al’s.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Clearing out my backlog. I took a screenshot of the post and then left it in my queue. I’m sorting through everything now so I figured I’d just jam on that emotion I felt when I saw that posting.
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