[Downsizing Zeal] Props Twice-Yearly Used

What do you do with things you only use twice a year? What if, twice a year, they really impress people, but they’re irrelevant for the rest of the year? It’s easy to just put them away. Like holiday decorations, they don’t fit anywhere aesthetically – even if you found a way to display them, so should they be hidden away? I almost wonder if it could be potentially valuable to keep them visibly around, year-round?

I’ve never used the cooler, once symbolic for something, for cooling food or drinks.

I got it, and the rusty ammo box in the brown bag, for free. I got the camouflage netting as a recommendation in the week before we showed off Blah Blah and my editor of larger projects, J.D., got the newly-painted ammo box on the right. I ended up holding onto the buttons and business cards because I had the cooler and a car. I can think of more things we can add to the prop selection to bolster our next booth: an old school keyboard, dictionaries along with books featured in the game, and maybe more military theming?

I’ve found a place to store the cooler for the next six months until the next event.

The question becomes: How many more times will we demo Blah Blah? If we wrap up the game in another year or two, there’ll be no point in building up an extravagant collection of military memorabilia, unless we reuse our assets into a new, expanded game. Since I’ll be carrying the cooler, and I don’t want to be weighed down by many material possessions, I won’t be adding much more than the above to the collection. The cooler should, then, hold enough for all the props and anything extra like my water bottle.

That should be sufficient for its contents. Its function: a drink and book stand.

I might display the camo netting inside my bedroom. I am, however, enjoying the minimal aesthetic of white walls, but that might be the best way to store it. It’s cheap and fragile, and I don’t want it to get musty if I don’t open the cooler for a month or two. Let’s say the game concludes and we don’t work on another military-themed game again. With no use for the props, I can keep the painted ammo box as a nice memento of our successes, and give away the rest. My other teammates might want to keep the other props as mementos.

Until then, it will have a decent spot that won’t take up much space.

This essay and props should serve as an analogy for the projects we work on. I had a commitment to working on Blah Blah. It’s not a strictly-regimented commitment like a job, but it’s still a significant investment. Physically, I don’t have room to keep two sets of props. Mentally, I don’t have the bandwidth for thinking about two large team projects.

In this way, prop storage is helpful for focus.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: I’m planning to retrieve another carload or two of my stuff from my storage, and we just demoed Blah Blah, so this is all fresh in my head. I want to pack it away correctly, however, so no end-goal photograph in this essay. We’ll both see it later on.
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Above: My apartment with the cooler.
Below: The only good shot I got of the booth. An improvement from our last booth.
Written On: May 6th [45 minutes- headache]
Last Edited: June 20th [Blah Blah edited: It’s sad editing these, but it’s the best way to go.]

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