[Downsizing Zeal] Room With View

Before renting the apartment-mansion nearly three years ago, I decided to pay extra for the view. I had assumed, wrongfully so, that this part of the complex would be quiet. The other apartment was situated in the middle of the complex, so I imagine it could be even louder. Despite the continually noisy neighbors that I didn’t experience at my last apartment, at least I can now enjoy the view while writing, after furniture rearranging.

I also have a nice view of different clutter I need to rearrange.

The way I have my living room furniture arranged now, I have the three guest chairs situated in a L-style pattern so as not to obstruct someone walking from the front door to the kitchen, from the kitchen to the living room, or from the front door to the back bedrooms. One of the chairs could almost be removed once I clear out more space. I’m thinking of putting it either in the storage room or in my bedroom, depending on how the logistics work out. For now, I’m happy that I’ve done this rearrangement primarily because the old layout blocked the forced-air heater from distributing air throughout the living room.

It’s hard to say how much money I wasted on heating last year…

I could check the energy bills at the end of this year, compared to throughout last year, but I’m not overly interested in those details, I suppose. It’s just good to have solid heat airflow going into the rest of the apartment, to the point where – I’m writing this in fall – it feels at times too warm with the heat turned up a notch. There are days where I’ll wear a shirt, shorts, and have the heater off. Other days like today, I’ll wear a warm jacket, pajama pants, and have the heater off.

In the evenings, I’ll draw the shutters closed, but during the day I’ll leave them open.

The view doesn’t substantially add pleasure to my day or life, but it does encourage me to continue clearing out the many boxes I’ve collected in the living room, which you can see in the middle of the photo above. This is intentional. Almost all of these are mismatched boxes that can be used for donations or sales boxes. Now that I have easier access to them, and can see them out of the corner of my eye while I’m writing or doing other things while seated at my computer, I can think about how I might use a box or seeing this massive amount of clutter might inspire me to figure out how I can organize it or use the clutter for its intended purpose: to clear out other areas of the apartment-mansion.

I don’t need all of these boxes and I can always get more easily enough.

This area, full of boxes and clutter, is where I want to move all of my gym equipment. My two rowers and anything else that might be vaguely fitness-related could go there. I want to have my small TV there so I can play Wii games since the Balance Board requires a fair amount of space, the console is fairly physical, and I would like to have an area where I could either play Wii games, or maybe even watch some VHS tapes or other things while rowing. To do this, however, I will need to clear out almost all of the stuff that’s currently there.

The thing I’ve learned about clutter is that it’s most insidious when it ‘disappears.’

Anything can become clutter, even if it’s well-organized, if it becomes obscured. I have a box of PS2 games that I’m mostly considering selling that have sat above a box of CDs I’m mostly considering donating for about a year now. Both of these are almost obstructed by a few other things. If I see them often enough, I might feel inspired to actually do something about them, rather than let them continually take up space. That whole shelf, now that I look at it, could use reorganizing. The problem is that this is one small problem compared to the bigger things I have to deal with in life, from my own health, to bigger metaphorical fishes to fry in the apartment-mansion.

Still, many small problems like this add up to an inaccessible space for my gym.

After I get my health back on track, to the point where I don’t feel the need to publish updates every evening, I’ll use the evening slots to write about how my downsizing efforts are going. That will motivate me to make small changes daily, as writing about my health daily has helped me to address the myriad minor things that could cause major malaise. The morning slots I’ve reserved for downsizing essays will then go to media, whether it’s meandering through the media I’m considering downsizing, or even writing about things that I find pleasurable about life.

This will all take time, but it’s nice seeing a different view of both clutter and nature.

When I clear out the clutter, I can observe nature more, since I will have fewer objects obstructing my mind on a daily basis. I might not get as distracted by the many things that offer distraction if I spend this time now, over the year I will continue to live here before I move somewhere else, perhaps, to look at the many objects here and either easily downsize them, write essays to process my thoughts on why I like something but not enough to keep it, or put it back into storage in a more compact manner so as not to perpetuate the clutter cycle that has hindered so many of my thought processes throughout so many days. When that gym is done, I may even row while looking out into the trees of the minor forest. I don’t yet have my health back to even row at all.

Before I do, I’ll have made progress.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: I wanted to capture the thought of having moved my chair about two weeks ago into an essay, use the photo I took, and consider how this change could help me address the clutter in my life.
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Photo: Now you see what I see.
Written On: 2020 November 03 [9:07pm to 9:40pm]
Last Edited: 2020 November 03 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]
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