[Downsizing Zeal] Sacrifice Almost Everything

How much are you comfortable sacrificing to achieve your goals? What personal/professional comforts will you give up in order to do what you find most valuable? Would you give up a good paying job if it got you closer to your goals? Would you donate a childhood collection of pencils you’ll never appreciate again so that you could free up the time, space, and mental energy for everything else you want to do in life?

I’m not sure why I started collecting unsharpened pencils.

Probably the aesthetics of the patterns around the pencils, because they would have no function other than that, and since I’ve already destroyed my attachment to advertising packages, they mean next to nothing to me because evoking mild memories both sublime and somewhat negative.

I got mad once over having one of my pencils sharpened.

I’ve already donated a paper bag’s worth of pencils. I have a downsizing area now, so I can sit down at length and go through some tedious exercise like sifting through the contents of a box to determine what I want to keep. That area has about five boxes worth of pencils and other writing instruments.

By the time I’m done, I’ll probably only have one box left.

Looking at them in more detail, I can already see a number of pencils that I’m OK with donating. Or maybe I’ll gift them to members of a community group dedicated to gifting things away. It might be a good way to meet people, but I’d also have to overcome my shyness toward meeting people.

Regardless, it’ll be good to give these a second home.

I might have over 100 of these unsharpened pencils in this collection. Now, I only use pencils if that’s the only option available. I write via keyboard, and I have no preference on what kind of keyboard I write on, with the only exception to that being a keyboard that is responsive and not error-prone.

These should all go – and responsibly, at that.

Although short-term, I must deal with getting rid of this stuff, long-term, I will have less mental or physical burdens holding me down. When I move out of this apartment-mansion, I won’t have the space for moving in a bunch of stuff I don’t care about, even if somehow it represents a part of me.

Short-term investments in long-term dividends.

I still have more things to bring into the apartment from deep storage, so it’s not like I’ll be lacking in things to decorate the shelves of my storage room, and the effort now to get rid of the superfluous will mean I can bring in the stuff I had – late in 2018 – decided was the stuff I cared the most about.

This is all practice for learning about sacrifices.

Re-routing idle time into working toward my goals have paid off in opportunities I didn’t have last year or the year before. Sure, that means less time for comfort.

I’ll sacrifice almost anything to achieve my goals.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Exploring my thoughts about this childhood collection of pencils and writing about how these pencils could actually be, now, preventing me from accomplishing my goals.
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Photo: Artistic shot of one collection of pencils.
Written On: March 20th [30 minutes]
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