[Downsizing Zeal] Space For Clutter

Having learned my lesson about materialistic mismanagement, I now have certain places in my living room for clutter in certain stages. This rack is the final stop before items go out for donations [soon: sales]. I’ve said my “goodbyes” to everything on this rack, so it’s easier to get it out of the door. There’s a nice psychological side effect to having a shelf like this: I compulsively want to fill this rack with stuff.

The rack is almost a magnet for clutter in its final stages.

I have more spaces in my living room that are terribly overrun with boxes of things to sort through. Boxes or bags filled with miscellanea that I could still care about. They don’t all need to sit on the floor, but they’ve congregated there without a better location available to them. Soon I’ll move another shelving rack up against this “downsizing wall” to act as a staging area for that sort of clutter. I have another rack that’s dedicated to miscellaneous boxes that can be used for transporting things.

At this time, just donations.

There’s a necessary element I never could have anticipated as I was writing Moving Zeal about selling things. You have to get used to the notion of saying your goodbyes to objects, some that you bought but never used and others that just don’t quite suit your needs anymore. Before the move, I thought way too much of this stuff was valuable, and though I didn’t like spending the money that I am for the size of the apartment I need for all this stuff, I thought of it as a necessary element to keep everything I wanted.

The moving process might have taught me how little some of this is worth.

I have another cluster of three boxes and one bag to go to the thrift store tomorrow, along with two boxes currently in my trunk, which is not something I would have imagined ever doing a year ago before this moving process ever started or even one month ago when I was still living in the old place. Since then, I’ve donated almost two carloads’s worth of stuff to thrift stores and I see no indications that I’ll reverse this downsizing process.

It’s a change in attitude and process now.

Before, I couldn’t have a dedicated space for queuing up things for review, let alone a final pass, because it was so crowded. Although I had sell piles, I never sold anything because they’d always be obscured from view and I’d quickly grow reattached. Now, I can clearly see a box of videogames I want to trade or sell this year, which needs to happen after I’ve cleared the space of everything with no resale value. I’m donating mainly thrift store finds that aren’t worth selling. Why let those items clog the pipelines? Soon, I’ll have a space for everything I want to eventually sell.

I just need to donate the stuff that’s cluttering that space first.

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Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Having just cleared off these racks for the first time in a week, I wanted to capture the excitement of having completed another step toward managing my unwieldly collections of collections.
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Above: I don’t like this shot as much, but it shows the tops of the shelves.
Below: A more dynamic shot, but you can’t see what’s on each rack, so it doesn’t communicate that these are empty racks.
Written On: March 29th [30 minutes]
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