[Downsizing Zeal] Trunk-Load After Trunk-Load

Everyone wants easy results. They wanna lose 50 pounds, have the coolest stuff, and all right now! I want to enable myself to move somewhere astounding. Many places, actually. I want to see how it’s like living in Phoenix, Cincinnati, and Fayetteville, to name three of hundreds of cities. Doing so requires materialistic sacrifices. It’s not easy, although one box here, a donation run after filling up a trunk there, and eventually, I’ll achieve my goals.

I have three blank thrift store receipts.

I’ll be collecting a fourth one today for the trunk-load of stuff I’ll be dropping off. This stuff wouldn’t be worth the time to find a flea market to set up shop and we don’t have boot sale parking lots around here, so I’m opting to take the financial loss in the short-term for the long-term financial gains.

Besides, I’m leaving all the good stuff to sell later.

With this slow and steady progress, I can mold my life how I want it, rather than quickly moving into something inadequate. Yesterday, I took a nice walkabout in an area that seems affordable, quiet, and convenient. With the sheer amount of things I still own, it would be impossible right now to move there, but even if I stay in the apartment-mansion for another lease term, if that part of town still holds my fancy, I can move there.

Long-term, I want to live around the world.

I know my part of the world well, and over the next year or two, I want to expand that familiarity to many back alleys, humble towns, and day-trips around. I’ll focus on this once I’m in a more comfortable materialistic minimalism. Until then, small parts of my imagination are stuck observing the clutter I’ve scattered around the apartment-mansion.

I didn’t accept a random leaflet yesterday.

I didn’t buy spices I’d never fully use. It had an interesting concept, mashing two flavors together, but my cooking is utilitarian. I’ll make food I like and add allspice, cumin, or whatever I feel it needs. After considering the spice at length at the store, even though it was cheap, it was not worth being one more object to be concerned about.

I’m disinterested in expensive objects.

I will take care of my car, computers, and rowing machine. I wouldn’t enjoy these objects getting damaged, but I’d accept it, eventually, and would spend the required money to maintain them. Fourth on that expensive list: I haven’t used my TV since I taped it all up during Moving Zeal. I may someday. It won’t go to a thrift store trip just yet because although I don’t need it now, I’ll use it again sometime.

My trunk is full of things I never would have used.

Even given ten full lifetimes without responsibility, I would probably not interact or even consider again any of the objects I’ve donated. That makes remembering them for thrift store tax receipts… interesting.

I can’t even remember what I donated last week.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal experiences other than below.
Inspirations: I talked with a friend about places to move around the country. He provided the three examples above. I’m not sure when I’ll move out to any of those three locations. Maybe within the next five years? It depends on how well I’m able to sustain myself based on financial investing outside of working a 9-to-5 to get a majority of my income and not living with so much stuff to make it expensive to move anywhere.
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Photo: I’ve kept this board in my trunk through two cars, and it almost went with this most recent load of donations. “We won’t take the board.” “I didn’t wanna donate it…”
Written On: August 25th [24 minutes, mobile]
Last Edited: August 27th [Second draft; final draft for the Internet. For the edits, I substantially changed my predicted guess of donating everything during lunchtime. I wasn’t able to make that happen so I had to edit that out. I, then, wrote more about my TV.]
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