[Downsizing Zeal] Try Other Paths

Similar to how when you’re working on a widget that won’t turn its regular route you have to tighten it to loosen it, in life going full-bore into certain tasks will grant you success, and sometimes more often perhaps, failure. Throughout this downsizing process, I’ve been learning to similarly adapt. If I can’t proceed with a particular problem, rather than continuing to go full-bore, I’m learning to look from different perspectives. Example: My downsizing walls.

These bookshelves were always intended as temporary storage.

In my initial iteration of Zeal, they would be a constantly changing backdrop when I might record video of me talking into a video camera. What they became in that Zeal was storage space for stuff to rot. Now, I’m using them to sort through one major collection of things at a time, but stuff that I don’t need to clear out to free space.

I had one blocker: This box of kitchen things.

This box accidentally prevented me from fully utilizing as many of the shelves as I had wanted because it occupied prime space unnecessarily. These shelves should be easy access for me to pick through casually. My other wall with the racks is for thoroughly dissecting one box at a time. It’s a logic I’m still refining, which might help me further, but these also aren’t permanent fixtures.

They will go once the clutter is wrangled.

Currently, the bookshelves wall holds the following collections: VHS tapes, computer peripherals, and CDs I’m spinning to consider whether I should keep them or not. I have stacks of CDs now that I bought cheap, like well enough, however, are not CDs that I’d love to spin again. If I never hear any of them again, I won’t be sad. I’m becoming inspired to start selling some of those CDs. If that goes well, I’ll sell more. If not, I’ll donate most of them.

This will free up more space to do more downsizing.

I sorted through my VHS tapes too long ago. They sat collecting dust. Even the ones I was “most interested in watching” haven’t inspired me to seek out ways to watch them, so, similarly, I’ll probably put them away to “keep” my favorites and donate or possibly sell the rest. They’re not that intrusive, more visual insidiously invasive, so I haven’t got around to doing that, but I might soon.

Until then, I’ll keep shuffling things around.

I shuffled my thoughts throughout the morning before arriving at the two stopping points I have for things that I don’t want to keep anymore. The “donation station” is self-explanatory, but the selling area is more elusive. Will I hoard everything until I start learning to sell to more than just stores for bottom dollar? Selling is a good skill to have, but buying and selling miscellaneous low-dollar items isn’t my idea of an ideal life, so I will just focus on selling things without much effort.

I’m planning to sell a dozen not worthless CDs soon.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: I must be feeling the itch of not wanting to be sedentary with my life. After I wrote this, I drove a few miles out of my way to see if I could shave a few minutes of time off my commute, all because I was impatient. I’m deciding whether I want to go hang out with friends this weekend or not. These are all paths that are cluttered with choices and regrets. It might just be a matter of trying certain paths until the most interesting one unobscures itself for me.
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Above: A shelf that’s remained stagnant for months.
Below: The result a day later.
Written On: May 30th [24 minutes]
Last Edited: First draft; final draft for the Internet.

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