[Downsizing Zeal] What’s The Rush?

I’ve already moved. Other than some stuff in storage, everything I own is under one roof. Shouldn’t I have returned to writing fiction? If this move has taught me anything, it’s that I’m not attached to 80% of what I own. The sooner I get rid of that 80%, the sooner I can write with less stress weighing me down. With these overflowing material and minor financial worries, I can’t focus as well as I once could.

I can afford the apartment for the year-long lease, financially.

It’s just I look around at all this stuff and I realize that the reason why I’m living here isn’t that it’s a better spot for me to live in relation to gig-work or my writing career. No. It’s because it was the best place to store my stuff, and frankly, that’s just a bit too perverse for me to shed. The two-bedroom apartment-mansion has its perks, it’s just they should be luxuries I can shed after the lease is up, rather than depend on because of years of unchecked hoarding.

The second bedroom should be a writing office.

I’m currently writing in the living room, looking at these computers that are next on the donation/sell list, and it’s somewhat distracting to keep looking around from my “downsizing wall” to my bookshelves with things I care about less than the stuff in the second bedroom that acts as a storage room. These computers were cool for about a six-month period of time as I was putting together some kind of computer museum idea, but as that idea faded, so, too, should have the computers.

I want to see if these computers can net me some writing opportunities.

Otherwise, they’d go straight to the local computer recycling companies, just like many clothes and things went to thrift stores over the past few months. Everything I’ve donated has been everything that is only worth a minimal amount, if that, and so now I’m starting to put together an area for stuff that I want to try selling. I still have carloads to go before I can assess the full damage of my clutter to my lifestyle, but I can already feel like there’s just too much for me to own, especially if I want to start traveling and doing more with my writing than just staying at home and writing about what’s comfortable to me.

The next few months will be good for challenging my expectations.

I have a good downsizing pace on a daily and weekly basis. I can do weekly thrift store donations without too much inconvenience and I can pick away daily at the downsizing wall of things I don’t care about. After I’m done writing this essay, I’ll be addressing some of the easiest things. The computers will have their day to shine soon. I just need to type up the names or serial numbers of them, see if they’re worth selling, and if not, donate them quickly.

Their space costs good money.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Partially getting one essay a day done, which excluded a rowing essay, and partially a point made in the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Kondo thinks that tidying or downsizing should happen all at once, and while I can agree, there were certain nuances I wanted to explore, and finances are certainly the biggest. I want to move somewhere cheaper, or if within one year I’m comfortable with this housing price range, somewhere closer to the city.
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Photos: Just past my monitor are these computers. I took the second photo just now to show that. The reason why I’m being so open about my clutter like this is for external accountability and as a record of my downsizing so that by the time I’m moved out in March, I’ll have this sequel to Moving Zeal as a more honest look into a recovering hoarder.
Written On: March 25th [30 minutes]
Last Edited: First draft; final draft for the Internet.

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