[Downsizing Zeal] When And Where?

Last week or so, I moved some DVDs and other milk cartons to a spot that was previously occupied by a 4-tier shelf that I’ll be giving to a friend soon. When I looked over at those DVDs the other day, I saw Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and Apollo 13, and wondered aloud: When will I watch these movies again? Where will I watch either of these DVDs again? Without good answers, why keep them?

Asking questions like these help me decide what to keep and downsize.

The Final Fantasy movie was something I’ve enjoyed since I saw it in theaters in 2001, even against the critical backlash because it’s not a Final Fantasy game and for a science fiction movie it’s fairly generic. Its soundtrack features “Spirit Dreams Inside” by L’Arc-en-Ciel, which along with Nirvana and Offspring were some of my earliest exposure to rock music outside of casually hearing it on the radio. To that extent, I enjoy having a copy available to watch whenever I want. Would I still want a physical DVD if I were to acquire a Bluray or otherwise higher-definition copy?

I am beyond the point in life where I would want to own for completionist’s sakes.

The things I want to own are the things I want to be able to use. If I can’t use the items I own, why own them? Within the realm of collecting, that means that I am not quite interested in owning mint-on-card action figures, shrinkwrapped media, which could apply to media that is too valuable to interact with on any real basis. If looking at a disc could cause it to break, if moving an action figure in the slightest could cause irreparable damage to it, well, I know how that’s like with my spine having had so much issue throughout 2020, so I don’t need objects that remind me of my still-currently fragile spine…

If an object is not usable, isn’t it garbage?

Although shrinkwrapped media has plenty of potential, in order to use it, you must remove its shrinkwrapping, which means its resale value. I do prefer to buy new media compared to used media if the prices are similar, but I don’t mind owning a used copy of something if the prices are significantly different. I don’t need an action figure with accessories and I don’t mind owning movies that have been seen by others before. Of course, if I were to own either of these or the other many DVDs I own and they don’t work, then they’ve immediately lost their potential and possibly sullied plans, which is less likely if the media is new and in good condition.

I’ve meandered around the main questions of when and where somewhat.

Although I currently have no plans to rewatch Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be open to rewatching it at some point within the next five years. “Five years” is my casual scope for watching movies because that gives me a sufficient timeframe to work with and means I’ll have moved at least once, if not twice. Let’s say I move once every three years. I’m approaching my third year of living in the apartment-mansion, so in that five-year timeframe, I’ll have moved twice. This is a DVD I wouldn’t mind keeping through at least two more moves, since I have fond memories of having watched it, and when I think about it, I have no negative memories.

Apollo 13 is a movie I want to give a second shot toward and that’s about it.

I saw Apollo 13 in a timeshare when I was probably too young to appreciate it. It was boring. I can’t explain why exactly I own the DVD if I wasn’t impressed with it, other than I probably bought the DVD early into my collecting adventures because it was cheap, rather than now where I would only buy a DVD or movie because I want to own it. Since I own it, and I suppose to some degree it would be rude to donate or sell it now without giving it a fair shot after so many years of having decided to do so, I think I’ll only donate it now if it is at that five-year mark and I still haven’t watched it. At that five-year point, I doubt I’d ever watch it without a special occasion to give it meaning, such as if I were watching it as part of a hypothetical movie club or even a casual movie night.

If I look at my current days and plans, they don’t often involve DVDs.

That’s mainly because I don’t have an easy way to watch DVDs. If I had my big-screen TV hooked up to a device that could play DVDs, then I could go through my DVD collection and watch movies, even if it’s piecemeal. This evening, I mainly watched fun but inconsequential livestreams. It wouldn’t matter if I’d step away to use the restroom or write an essay, but to sit down to watch a movie is an investment of time and physical energy. This next year, which will either be my final year living in the apartment-mansion or my penultimate year living here, I would want to clear out everything that I don’t want, so that way when I do move out, it will be much easier for me physically and mentally.

Let’s say I popped in Apollo 13 and were bored by it.

It would be much easier for me to decrease my attachment toward the physical object that represents my ownership of the movie. That wouldn’t mean I would hate the movie. Only that at that point in my life, owning the movie wouldn’t be such a big deal to me. I could still watch it later, but it wouldn’t be something that I would want to own to have it more readily available.

That DVD may only have a two-year timeframe, or, until I start moving out of the apartment-mansion.

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Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Just a sideward glance was enough, I suppose, to think through this essay.
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Photo: Taken at a lower angle to get the DVDs more into the photograph.
Written On: 2020 November 07 [10:45pm to 11:26pm]
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