[Moving Zeal] Destroying Old Desk

I’m moving for the first time in years of collecting too much stuff. This weekly column will chronicle the tangible highlights along with discussing my efforts to unravel the mental and psychological knots that developed my hoarder mindset. This mindset may have centered around accepting bare minimums: I never really liked the desk I used in my seldom-used office, Zeal. It was just conveniently there. Destroying it enables the potential to build something better later.

Clearing off the desk’s first.

I get distracted by details if I’m physically anywhere without a clear plan, so I’m wandering over to Zeal in my mind. There is the old laptop that I attempted to use for writing, but found to be too slow for its efforts, so the first effort will be to retrieve any relevant data. Should I put it in storage for a year or donate it…?

Next are the physical ornaments.

Continuing my imagination’s wandering, all of the desk objects are of somewhat sentimental value, so they will go to a space I have for similarly sentimental desk objects. Books can go downstairs to be sorted. Notes… Hundreds of small, unrelated notes that will be difficult to track. Maybe I need to collect them in a notebook…?

Next is the mail stop.

Upcoming concert tickets, some legal documents, and old essay drafts can all go into relevant envelopes. Two books I need to return to a drifted-away acquaintance. The CD boombox can relocate somewhere nearby. Poster backdrops for my lightbox will be tricky to prop up just right- except, I do have an option…

This means I should move the lightbox up against the wall to secure the posters and keep it out of the way, which clears up space in the middle of the office for a sorting table. To summarize:

Goal: Clear Desk
1. Clear off computer
2. Put away ornaments
3. Relocate important documents
4. Move lightbox over
5. Reclaim new space
Results: 100% Successful

1. The computer has all but two inconsequential files removed from it. I couldn’t immediately decide if I wanted to donate it or not, so those files will be an effective “final check.” Though too slow for my use, it has some useful programs.

2. Everything went into their related piles.

3. The important documents scattered to where they should go, along with other financial or legal documents. The concert tickets, besides being available digitally to reprint, are nearby. I should get a lockbox or something more formal to store these documents.

4. The moved lightbox is an improvement.

5. I have an ironing board that I’ll be using as a sorting table. My next order of business is sorting through my action figure collection. I’ll bag, tag, and catalog them for long-term storage. This will free up space to address other clutter spots.

Though perhaps overindulgent for you, this was a useful exercise for me.

Some of my best thinking occurs during my writing process.
If you have similar problems, clutter or otherwise, find a route of expression.

I’m editing my clutter.

Quotes: None
Sources: My personal experience.
Inspirations: Continuing on the concluding thoughts, I’ve found writing to be an effective way to express my thoughts on an idea. Editing, for me, is coaxing out a better argument by removing the clutter.
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Above: Side-view of my former chaotic desk.
Below: Side-view of my lightbox. Didn’t want to show everything… yet.
Written On: June 29th, July 5th
Last Edited: July 5th

My big goal is writing. My most important goal is writing "The Story." All other goals should work toward that central goal. My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame some fear, which should have been today. I'm a better zombie than I was yesterday. I'm not better than you and you're not better than me. Let's strive to be better every day.