[Moving Zeal] Downsizing Bettermove List

Now that it’s been about a year since I moved into the apartment-mansion, [a year for you, eleven months for me,] let’s look through the log I kept while I was moving. Since I was downsizing from a two-bedroom rental house with a basement I’ve been living in for over seven years, hoarding from day one, into a two-bedroom, it made for about two months of full-time work. It’s too bad it got so bad.

Before we look at the log, let’s consider my collecting changes.

A few hours ago, I sorted through some of the VHS tapes and DVDs I’d collected and nearly brought a third bag into my trunk to donate in two days. I’ll fill the bag later today. I now have my priorities in over for what I want to watch. Rather than just buy anything that seems halfway interesting, I’ll buy something and put it front and center for watching, reading, or otherwise consuming. If not, there’s no point.

Why buy something you never use?

That’s the question I should have learned years ago. If I had, then all this materialistic pain I’d suffered over this two-month period and over the year since then would have been lessened, but we don’t know about some things until they happen, and if writing and sharing these essays can help anyone avoid getting into the same situation I was in, then it wouldn’t have been worthwhile for me completely, but at least it would have been acceptable.

I’m more detached with things than I was last year.

Mainly in terms of objects themselves, but this also applies to people as well. I still have my friends and acquaintances, and I still appreciate their time. I’m just more critical of the time and energy I expend, where if someone is just going to drag me down, I limit what I share with them; time, energy, money, knowledge, or any other resource. I limit their residence in my mind palace. It’s been effective but I still have time to learn the nuances and ramifications of not being an open book.

I’m more critical of things now.

I played Half-Life and Lisa recently. They’re fun enough, but they’re not my favorites, so I dropped them. I may return to either one in time. There are just other games I’d rather be playing, books I’d rather read, or even just time I’d rather spend doing whatever I want. I don’t feel the need to be always engaged with something or another now. I can feel comfortable being idle with my thoughts for a few minutes as I look for what I want to do next.

I’m more accepting that I have to take care of myself.

During my two-month move, well more – this was just all that I documented, I frequently burned myself out for hours or days at a time. I had to clear out a massive amount of stuff as soon as possible. Given my resources and abilities, I did the best that I could, but part of the reason why I’ve been downsizing and selling so much now is that I don’t have the effort in me to spend the better part of three months moving. I was unemployed at the time. I am working full-time now. I couldn’t have done this in even six months working part-time, so every day, if I spend a few minutes chiseling away at the unnecessary, then I can keep what makes me happiest.

I’m more comfortable throwing things away now.

If an object has served its purpose, then I’m comfortable donating, selling, or trashing the item depending on the condition. I recycled some old paperwork that I held onto because it represented a small portion of myself I once was. There’s no need for things like that once we’ve evolved into different people. I’ll keep the things that remind me of the progressions in life, but the regressions can be downsized. There’s no point for me to hang onto negative memories. My imagination can dredge up those events whenever it wants, and if I didn’t learn the first time, well after the fifth or seventeenth time, maybe I’ll learn, or maybe it doesn’t matter?

I have regretted nothing I’ve gotten rid of since I started moving.

Sure, there are things that I would have liked to have kept, or liked to have sold for a profit, but all of the items I parted ways with were items that I had little to no interest in keeping. It’s through that process of detachment that I’ve learned to become attached to the things I truly care about, and those things I keep private, whereas everything else I don’t mind sharing after I sell it, because sometimes they’re interesting stories.

My only regret would be hoarding too much stuff.

Writing these three ebooks is my way of atoning for that excess materialism. I feel bad when I remember times I acquired things with best intentions but never did anything with them. It’s like I wasted its potential that someone else could have used. Oh well. The best we can do is fix the present, rather than wish to fix the past. If we can act in ways that will help us fix the future, that’s better yet, and that’s where buying with intention comes in. For someone like me, maybe I didn’t learn that because I never really had to worry about money [yet], so I could afford to be wasteful. Now I’m learning the value of conserving money, energy, time, and other resources that I once squandered. I may write another essay like this once I move out of the apartment-mansion. If I do, it will be over a lesser number of days. I’ve broken my addiction to materialism. Now, I use things I like, but I don’t let them use me. In that way, I’ve learned to appreciate things and life more.

Better to have learned that now than after some tragic event…


Monday, December 10 2018
– Realized I should probably start documenting this.
– Moved plush toys from the wood box to ZTSA2.
– Moved the wood box to the donation pile.
– Filled 003 box with X-Men toys.
– Cleared out the living room dresser:
— Moved the videogames downstairs.
— Moved the toys to the spare bedroom.
— Moved the dresser outside and destroyed it.
— That spot became the larger donation pile.

Tuesday, December 11
– Cleaned out the spare bedroom.

Wednesday, December 12
– Donated a box of miscellaneous stuff and furniture.
– Started the first LEGO box.

Thursday, December 13
– Made progress on the spare bedroom:
— Addressed the dresser mess.
— Bagged clothes to donate.
— Bagged clothes to give to D.
— Bagged clothes to try to sell, but ended up donating.
— Cleared up the walkways.

Friday, December 14
– Started a miscellaneous box to pack.
– Rearranged the living room to better access the donation pile.
– Destroyed the two-drawer dresser from the spare bedroom closet.

Saturday, December 15
– Continued filling the miscellaneous box.
– Cleaned up spare bedroom some more.
– Made the hallway into a staging area to move into storage.
– Made space in my bedroom for a staging area to move into storage.

Sunday, December 16
– Moved staging stuff into my bedroom.
– Moved more videogame boxes into downstairs boxes.
– Wrapped up the first miscellaneous box.
– Debated on where to put the TMNT plush chairs.
– Started the first paperwork box.

Monday, December 17
– Turned my bedroom into a staging area.
– Wrapped up ZPMA1.
– Started ZPMA2.
– Started ZTRB2.
– Cleared off the kitchen table.

Tuesday, December 18
– Folded down kitchen table wings.
– Worked on CD boxes.
– Wrapped up ZPMA2.
– Started ZPMA3.
– Put shoes in the dining room area to try them on.

Wednesday, December 19
– Figured out my kitchen table strategy:
— Clear off the kitchen table…
— Move to the side…
— Clear off the rickety table…
— Move into the dining room…
— Clear off the ironing board…
— Make room for the kitchen table…
— Fold out…
— Place packing boxes on top…
– Moved the dining room table into the spare bedroom.
– Put in the middle of the room for working on packing up things.
– Considered using the little rickety table as my writing table.
– Packed 1/3 of the ZPMA3 box.
– Turned the rickety table into my laptop desk.
– Tried out shoes for M.
– Moved paperwork from the living room into boxes.

Thursday, December 20
– Cleared off the ironing board.
— Made room for the kitchen table.
— Folded out completely.
— Placed packing boxes on top.
– Reclaimed move boxes.
– Ironing board was a mobile declutterer, but now is not.
– Thrift store run.

Friday, December 21
– Wrapped up ZTRB1.
– Wrapped up ZPMA3.
– Carload over to I.
– Cleared up space in the spare bedroom.

Saturday, December 22
– Gave stuff to D.

Sunday, December 23
– Cluttered the sorting table with new stuff.

Monday, December 24
– Deconstructed a shelf.
– K took two boxes and a rack.
– Donated a carful of stuff.
– Wrapped up TPMA4.
– Progress on ZTRB2.
– Cleared out some filing cabinets.

Tuesday, December 25
– Put more stuff for K to assess.
– Cleared out the yellow filing cabinet.
– Moved some milk cartons into the spare bedroom.
– Filled paperwork box, mostly.

Wednesday, December 26
– Cleared out my bedroom into the spare bedroom.
– Empied filing cabinets.
– Cleared basement of old, broken hardware.
– PC recycle run.
– Nearly cleared out the entire big filing cabinet.

Thursday, December 27
– No effort applied.

Friday, December 28
– Cleared out the filing cabinet.
— How can I get rid of it now?
– Moved out bags of clothes and toys.
– Emptied filing cabinets.
– Filled miscellaneous box.
– Filled LEGO box.
– 3 bags of clothes to trunk to donate.

Saturday, December 29
– Collected things to donate including a laptop bag.
– Filled miscellaneous box, somewhat.
– Plowed through my CD collection.

Sunday, December 30
– Nearly emptied my bedroom.
– Cleared off table 100%.
– Unboxed mint-on-card toys.
– Nearly filled miscellaneous box.
– Nearly filled paper box.
– Brought up wrapping paper/tape.

Monday, December 31
– Collected thrift stuff into my room with K’s help.
– Brought 4 PCs upstairs to pack.
– Cleared off shelves in living room.
– Living room system for K’s stuff to look through.


Tuesday, January 01 2019
– Packed up TV.
– Packed load for storage.
– Packed load for thrift store.

Wednesday, January 02
– Planned actions for moving project.
– Thrift store run.
– Destroyed TV stand.
– Destroyed 2nd dresser.

Thursday, January 03
– Cleaned living room mess.
– Filled ZPMA6.
– Started ZPMA7.
– Packed ZCRD4.
– Cleared out all MOC toys.
– Nearly filled ZPMA7 and ZTRB3.
– Moved lightbox to be wrapped.

Friday, January 04
– Packed Lightbox.
– Packed “under the bed” bins.
– Packed ZPMA7.
– Started ZPMA8 and ZPMA9.
– Packed ZTRB4.
– Started ZTRB5.

Saturday, January 05
– Filled ZTSA3.
– Didn’t start ZTSA4, deferring.
– Filled odds in ZTRB5.
– Completed MOC toys on the table.

Sunday, January 06
– Empied table and partially fill ZTRB5.
– K approved a batch of stuff to donate.
– Filled table for ZPMA8.

Monday, January 07
– Emptied table for ZPMA8.
– Emptied firesafe box into ZPMA8.
– Emptied a milk carton.
– Filled recycle box.
– Recycled smaller boxes.
– Seeing progress in the spare bedroom.

Tuesday, January 08
– Cleared out more miscellaneous paper boxes.
– Cleaned floors in the spare bedroom. They weren’t too dirty.
– Wrote a draft post for the 9-drawer dresser on craigslist.
– Posted CDs for sale on craigslist.

Wednesday, January 09
– Put DVDs on CD/DVD shelf.
– Cleared out the living room somewhat.
– Went through three milk cartons.
– Regained access to the old shelf.
– ZTRB5 was nearly full.
– ZPMA8 was nearly full.

Thursday, January 10
– Wrapped up ZTRB5.
– Started ZTRB6.
– Moved miscellaneous boxes into the old shelf corner.
– Staged milk cartons to shrink wrap.
– Put all DVDs on CD/DVD shelf.
– Stacked all milk cartons to clean, shrinkwrap.
– Shrinkwrapped two milk cartons for the prepping process.
– Thrift store run.
– Sorted DVDs #-D.

Friday, January 11
– Packed Bluray and movies into ZMBRY.
– Packed DVDs into ZMDV1-8.

Saturday, January 12
– Packed up some MOTU and Tron toys into ZTRB6.

Sunday, January 13
– Packed up Tron: Legacy toys into Zodac’s big box.
– Sifted through stuff to donate with A.
– Loaded up his car with 4 boxes of videogames and some misc.
– Half loaded my car with thrift store donations.

Monday, January 14
– Moved donations to garage

Tuesday, January 15
– Started filling a crate with cassettes.
– Carload full of boxes over to storage.

Wednesday, January 16
– FF7 toy box to ZTRB7 and 8.
– Filing cabinet to living room.
– 5 boxes of cassettes into milk cartons.
– 3 paper boxes freed up for MOCs?

Thursday, January 17
– Packed Granamyr.
– Packed ZTRB6 through 8.
– Nearly filled ZTRB9.
– Strategizing packing books.

Friday, January 18
– Packed multiple boxes of books.
– Emptied cans.
– Cleared out some space in the spare bedroom.

Saturday, January 19
– Packed a box of hats into deep storage.
– Moved shelf into spare bedroom.
– Sorted through miscellaneous boxes.

Sunday, January 20
– Wrapped up ZPMA8.
– Car load of stuff over to storage.
– Brought dresser outside.
– Brought filing cabinet to garage.
– Loaded car with donations.

Monday, January 21
– No effort applied.

Tuesday, January 22
– Donated car-load of donations.
– Cataloged remainder of my CD collection.
– Completed ZACB7. Started 8.

Wednesday, January 23
– Moved chair from closet to living room.
– Packed 3 boxes of books.
– Loaded car for scrap metal run.
– Filled trash can.
– Dismantled metal from dressers outside.
– Packed 5 more boxes of books.
– Reorganized downstairs shelf contents by content.

Thursday, January 24
– Emptied car load of scrap metal.
– Except the iMac monitor.
– Motivation, gone.

Friday, January 25
– No effort applied.

Saturday, January 26
– No effort applied.

Sunday, January 27
– No records found.

Monday, January 28
– No records found.

Tuesday, January 29
– No records found.

Wednesday, January 30
– No records found.

Thursday, January 31
– Packed a box of books.
– Emptied trash bins.
– Collected books together.


Friday, February 01
– No records found.

Saturday, February 02
– No records found.

Sunday, February 03
– Emptied all garbage and recycle bins.

Monday, February 04
– Cataloged all boxed books.
– Cleared off most of the sorting table.
– Filled most of the next miscellaneous box.
– Moved empty boxes to top of shelves.

Tuesday, February 05
– No records found.

Wednesday, February 06
– No records found.

Thursday, February 07
– Cleaned up the living room.
– Put away most archival materials.
– Taped up ZTRB9, started ZTRC1.
– Filled up trash can.

Friday, February 08
– Brought up all books to potentially donate.
– Boxed six boxes of books.
– Organized most bags strewn miscellaneously.
– Cleared off some if the sorting table.
– Started ZTRC2 for loose action figures.
– Condensed comics to free up a shelf.

Saturday, February 09
– Cataloged more boxes of books.
– Took down almost all posters.
– Took out two boxes of recycling.

Sunday, February 10
– Moved boxes and tables into the corner.
– Cleared out the small dresser in the living room.
– Sorted through all those drawers.
– Nearly filled one miscellaneous box.

Monday, February 11
– No effort applied.

Tuesday, February 12
– Moved milk cartons to the closet to store socks.
– Moved concert shirts to the spare bedroom.
– Bagged stuff for K to take easier.
– Freed up two racks downstairs to move up.
– Filled 1 of 4 white boxes with PC boxes.
– Moved mirror and stuff to leave behind in the basement corner.

Wednesday, February 13
– Got info on TV to donate.
– Most likely will donate it…
– Unhung all of the MOC toys on the bedroom wall.
– Packed up sticker collection.
– Unhung Hot Wheels collection.
– Cleaned up the kitchen counter.
– Moved the third rack into the bedroom.

Thursday, February 14
– No effort applied.

Friday, February 15
– Moved up two racks.
– Moved up Hot Wheels collection.
– Moved up pens, pencils, etc.
– One rack for boxes and bags.
– Another rack for pens, pencils, etc.

Saturday, February 16
– Filled ZTRC1, 4, and 5.

Sunday, February 17
– Filled car with book donations.
– Moved up stuff to keep.
– Emptied rack to bring up.
– Brought out dresser thing.
– Brought up another rack.
– K took a carload of stuff.

Monday, February 18
– Cleared out two dressers of clothes.
– Bagged up all aforementioned clothes.
– Took out one dresser and all drawers.
– Reallocated space for paper shredder.
– Shredded bag-full of documents.
– Used up many plastic bags for clothes.

Tuesday, February 19
– Donation run.

Wednesday, February 20
– Moved out dresser.
– Shredded 1 bag of paperwork.
– Moved VHS tapes to the old dresser spot.
– Moved up as much as I could over 12 hours.
– Moved up the big and small racks.

Thursday, February 21
– Physically exhausted.
– Made my plans for the next few days:
— Friday:
– Carload to A.
– Shrinkwrap anything sensitive.
– With time remaining, box up stuff for Saturday.
– Find promissory note.
– Carload to I.
– Everything from the bedroom.
– Books are a lower priority.
– Fill racks in the living room for K to review.

Friday, February 22
– K picked up a carload of stuff.
– Rearranged for drop-off with I.

Saturday, February 23
– Sorted through records and VHS.
– All VHS tapes to paper bags.
– Loaded up car for thrift store run.
– Loaded up the trunk with books.
– Rearranged spare bedroom.
– Boxed up ZBR16.
– Shredded all remaining secure paperwork.

Sunday, February 24
– Packed the rest of the car.
– Packed ZTRC6 and 7.
– All wall MOC boxed up.
– Dropped off carload with I.
– K picked a carload.
– Put out cans.

Monday, February 25
– Cleaned house to prepare for move-out.
– Started boxing up CDs and Hot Wheels.
– Drove down to the promissory note signed.
– Dropped off a box of stuff to donate.

Tuesday, February 26
– D picked up some flooring from the garage.
– I took out the dresser in the garage.
– Cleared out the back room.
– Old computers to the work bench area.
– Everything else upstairs.
– Or attempted, before getting overwhelmed/exhausted.

Wednesday, February 27
– Went to the new apartment complex for the first time.

Thursday, February 28
– Packed.


Friday, March 01
– No effort applied.

Saturday, March 02
– Got the apartment keys.
– Brought three carloads over to the new apartment.

Sunday, March 03
– Brought another carload over to the new apartment.
– K took some stuff and we did his final walkthrough.
– C helped me bring over three truckloads.

Monday, March 04
– J helped me bring over three truckloads.

Tuesday, March 05
– Moved stuff.

Wednesday, March 06
– Moved stuff.

Thursday, March 07
– Moved stuff.

Friday, March 08
– Moved stuff.

Saturday, March 09
– Filled up my car.
– M stopped over to help pack.

Sunday, March 10
– Last carload from house
– Last unpacking into the apartment

Monday, March 11
– Completely moved out.
– Left keys and voicemail.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: In order to clear the clutter of my past, I must address my past, and some of these more unsavory memories might be difficult for me to return to, however, if the draft is incomplete then I must complete it – by either writing an essay as I did here to frame the content, publish it as-is, or delete it. Also, “Bettermove” was the name of the Trello board where I kept all this information. When I move again, I would probably write these notes into another format for easier note-taking and note-sharing, but we don’t know until we try.
Related: Check out all the essays in this trilogy.
Photo: Where I wrote in the old place for most of my moving time.
Written On: 2020 February 09 [23 minutes, from 12:44am to 1:07am. Gdocs.] 
Last Edited: 2020 February 14 [Minor adaptions from Gdocs. Second draft; final draft for the Internet.]
My big goal is writing. My most important goal is writing "The Story." All other goals should work toward that central goal. My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame some fear, which should have been today. I'm a better zombie than I was yesterday. I'm not better than you and you're not better than me. Let's strive to be better every day.