[Sober Living] Facebook’s Alcohol Ads

Facebook must be paid a lot by alcohol companies to peddle their brands to everyone. I’ve tried every possible avenue to reach out to Facebook to tell them to stop their occasional sprinkling of alcohol ads within Facebook or Instagram, but they don’t care. Even with my understanding that advertisers as a whole don’t really consider the needs of the customer beyond how much money they can swindle, on average, it’s still frustrating to encounter.

Here’s how you’d theoretically turn off these ads. (Android)

  1. Open Facebook.
  2. Press the triple-bar Options.
  3. Go down until you see Settings & Privacy.

  1. Press Settings.
  2. Go about halfway down and press on Ad Preferences.

  1. Press Hide ad topics.
  2. There are a few options: alcohol, parenting, and pets.

None of them work.

I’ve checked around the rest of this area and I was surprised to find over 1,000 advertisers that had personal information about me. I’m sure this is in the terms of service of every company ever, where we give wholesale permission to hand over all personal information in the name of Big Data. I’m not completely against it. There can be certain uses for crunching that amount of data.

It’s just good being honest with your customers.

I shouldn’t have to wade through ad after ad about alcohol. No matter how many time I’ve reached out to Facebook, through all avenues I can consider, I’ve received no response. That said, I am an advertiser’s worst nightmare because I don’t receive or digest advertisements subconsciously. You can’t show me an ad for “The Good Life” brought to you by X and pique my interest.

I’m just writing this out of frustration.

There is a 1% chance that something could happen because of this essay, but most likely, it’s just me venting into the void. Rather than merely resorting to that, my next plan of action is to go through all 1,000+ advertisers and block all of them, then see how many advertisers pop back up.

If it’s frequently enough, nuke the whole fucking thing.

I use Facebook to socialize with my network of acquaintances, but I could probably browse Instagram through an ad-filter on my computer, and only keep it around to upload the occasional photo. Wading through all those advertisers seems like a waste of a perfectly good hour, and for what? More to appear? It’s just frustrating that we – alcoholics, addicts, and others – cannot trust in a company to do what they say they will about practices they promise.

Don’t fucking offer a service you can’t fucking provide.

If Big Money from alcohol companies have poisoned the well enough to corrupt everything, don’t even feign that there’s a chance for this to go away. Lump in cannabis advertisers. They’ll get to be just as bad. Both are selling the experience of irresponsibility, living a life different than your own, and consuming products. I don’t want anything to do with any of it. Yet here I am, with a 500-word essay about all this.

Fuck Facebook’s advertising department.

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Written On: February 9th [18 minutes]
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