[Moving Zeal] Movies Per Year?

How many movies per year do you watch? If my RYM movie tags are as accurate as I think they are, I’ve seen 11 feature-length movies since starting Better Zombie in August 2016. Watching less than six movies per year means there isn’t much of a point for me to own an extensive movie collection, especially if I’m planning to live in apartments for the next few years. Just keep the essentials and sell the rest… right?

That’s where the long-term plan kicks in.

Whether in Seattle or abroad, I’d like to live somewhere secure enough for travel, spacious enough for collecting, and convenient enough where I don’t spend hours to commute for work or meet-ups. Within this abode, I would have my office – colloquially called “Zeal” that would house a majority of my collections. Whether that’s a spare bedroom in a suburban apartment, a desk in an upscale studio apartment, or, a storage unit or studio rental turned office, the primary question is the purpose.

Will “Zeal” be used for entertaining?

Other than having a dedicated space to focus on writing, eventually having a camera setup for live-streaming writing sessions, there’s value in having a dedicated space for meeting up with people to discuss writing projects. If that’s an afternoon jam over some ideas, it might be useful to have an entertaining space for people. The plot for Blah Blah will take inspiration from 80s action movies, so having the space to watch some cheesy movies as a team would be cool.

Why not watch cheesy movies on cheesy formats like VHS and Laserdisc?

The quaintly archaic inefficiency of flipping over a large analog disc randomly mid-movie can’t be replicated with the ultra-efficiency of digital streaming services. The gabled mess of tape wear can only be intentionally recreated digitally. Just like vinyl records, cassettes, (books?), and other outdated media, their purpose now, not just for “Zeal” but for society going forward, might be a way to look back on where we’ve been, what experiments we’ve tried, and our experiences.

The question becomes: how many?

Collection curation is serious business. How many lifetimes will it take to play all the videogames I own? For my Steam collection, alone: a dedicated 111 days and 15 hours! How much room do I have for that movie I might watch once every ten years? These philosophical questions are at the root of my collecting habits going forward. Between writing this essay and publication, I should have gone through my movie collections and made a first 10% editing cut.

Because remember those 11 movies I watched?

I watched a majority of them digitally or on DVD; only a few on VHS. None on Laserdisc or HD-DVD. Not really worth investing much space or time to… right? Especially since their only utilitarian value movies serve to me, as a writer, is exploring story contextualization.

Outside of that identity, movies are a nice way to unwind.

It’s just I’m usually bored by them. Exercises in overextended patience.

Unless specific context instills curiosity.

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Sources: My collecting experiences.
Inspirations: Writing essays like this is the most effective route I’ve found to solve problems. The essay proper might not have derived a satisfyingly succinct conclusion, so here it is:

Your collections should match your interest. I casually enjoy these formats, so I should only have casual collections.

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Photo: A casually curated box.
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