[Moving Zeal] Start of Era

Goals require sacrifices. If I wanted to remain the same depressed, miserable, and terrible person I was years ago, I would continue those self-destructive lifestyles of decadence, clutter, and excess. If I want to experience more of life, write perhaps even professionally and on my terms, and have more autonomy in life, I must sacrifice some elements of myself that hinder progress in those directions. How will I do that? I guess with some resolutions…!

I have two: publish most of my old drafts and have a 5-point calendar.

Through my moving process, if there’s one thing I’ve learned most about what’s preventing me from advancing toward my goals and aspirations in life, it’s one thing: I don’t always complete what I start. This is a common problem for perhaps most people out there. We get some cool new toy and play with it until we’re bored, then we move on before we’ve fully exhausted everything we can learn from the new toy.

That stops [for me] now.

I have around 30 documents in my WordPress drafts section, and those were the ones I didn’t delete! I’ll never return to some, either because my writing style has changed significantly, or more hedonistically, I don’t feel like completing the thought. Why let them rot behind-the-scenes like this? Why not publish them online in a somewhat obscured area- if only so they don’t disrupt the “publishable” content?

Eventually, I’ll also publish first-drafts of certain essays.

When I’ve written on my smartphone, I’ll send myself a copy of the essay. If there were any major changes that aren’t overly embarrassing [or are], then I’ll publish them with a link or something. Unless it’s a raw TXT file, then you’re just going to have to deal with that.

Point two: a 5-point calendar called Wręća [vir-en-sha].

I did extremely well with writing daily in 2018, so as an extension of the Seinfeld Method, I wanted to develop the five major habits that I think will allow me to progress toward the life I want to live: write, read, exercise, clean, and advance [myself somehow]. Through codifying it with some silly name, I have to live up to the promise I set out. The day I wrote this essay, December 30th, not January 1st or the 3rd or whenever. It’s nearly 9 P.M. and I still haven’t completed these five tasks.

Three hours to do three tasks.

I spent all day cleaning, which somewhat counts as exercise and advancing a skillset, but it’s not quite enough. I weighed in heavier than last week, so I know I have to row. Who knows if I’ll be able to row on this same machine after I move in February or March? If I can’t, I must figure out something else to burn calories aerobically or anaerobically for 10 minutes. I did think about decluttering philosophies, but that’s not nearly enough. So after I’m done with this paragraph and next sentence, I’m off to read and exercise.

After drawing the introductory picture.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: I’ve been reading daily off-and-on for the past few weeks, and have been intending to do this for years. I made a list this morning of some things I’d like to do. Now it’s codified.
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Picture: Four random colors then I drew some stuff that innocently, incidentally looks like Mighty Collector iconography.
Written On: December 30th [30 minutes]
Last Edited: First draft; final draft.


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